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Confirmed: crazy X-deals start tomorrow, August 25! Save up to $1,050! (+ just two X100S in stock at eBay)


Act fast and let the love affair begin now! Only two X100S are in stock now at normal price at [shoplink 15850 ebay]eBay store cameraland here[/shoplink]

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Confirmed: crazy X-deals reloaded

They will be back. As I already told you a couple of days ago, Fuji will offer instant rebates on the XF lenses. Switch to the X (X-E1 or X-PRO1) and here is what you can save (the lens-deal is stackable, so the amount of savings depends on how many lenses you purchase):

[shoplink 12891]XF 18mm[/shoplink]: save $300
[shoplink 13829]XF 27mm[/shoplink]: save $150
[shoplink 12889]XF 35mm[/shoplink]: save $150
[shoplink 12890]XF 60mm[/shoplink]: save $250
[shoplink 12887]XF 18-55mm[/shoplink]: save $200

As soon as the deals go live I’ll notify you also via facebook and twitter. Stay tuned!