Hot! First image of the new Fuji X-A1 X mount camera!


What you see on the picture is the soon to be announced Fuji X-A1 camera. It will be the new entry level X-mount camera. Unlike the X-M1, it won’t have an X-Trans sensor (and also not the X100 sensor), will come in a lot of colours and will be sold by big retailers on the web and big general stores.

The camera should be announced very soon. Stay tuned!

  • Alex

    Come on, I’m tired to wait for X-Pro2 or X-E2. Any information?

    • Alex

      Yo,I’m Alex and I don’t waiting X-Pro2 or X-E2. Get out you fake Alex :)))

    • Alex

      I am Alex too. What the hell am I doing? :-P

      • Alex

        Alex is a Canon addicted, he likes to troll Fujirumors. GO ON 5D MKIII

        • Alex

          I’m Alex too. How do we Alex Alex the Alex?

    • With the new upgrade are not necessary X2 Pro or X2 E, X1 and X1E are now like new cameras very fast and super good

  • Hi Patrick !

    Well done ! You’ve got the picture ! It looks like an X-M1 with color….

  • tim

    Looks like Fuji put lots of design effort into that one ;-)

    Any sensor details, it could be really interesting to compare against the XTran models. Could be a real hit actually. I was hoping for a bright red camera so I can find it easy in my pile of black camera junk.

    Did they drop any other features over the M1? (Is there anything left to drop?)

    • Alex

      It’s probably just a cheap sensor body to accept X mounts. But I’m with you, wanna see the comparison.

      • MJr

        I don’t think anyone still manufactures ‘bad’ apsc sensors, so all that matters is that it takes x mount lenses at a decent price. Probably available in a normal ‘color’ too. So if they don’t cripple it much or anything compared to the X-M1, it might be a good deal. Maybe it’s exactly the X-M1 only a different sensor and body colors, that’d be great.

  • Ian

    Hmm is it just a photoshop job? It would be kind of funny if it turned up with the Sony 16MP sensor that is in almost every other camera ever made. That would make an interesting comparison.

  • grappo

    this makes 0.0% sense.

  • Gilles

    Am I the only one who finds a retro styled camera in bright colors a strange mix? Not my cup of tea…

  • Lucas Mall

    I understand the need to widen the x-mount audience.

    Yet the choice between an X20 and X-M1 seemed ample enough.

    Oh well, I’m assuming this model is a no-brainer production-wise after the X-M1……. so lets hope there are no more distractions for X-Pro2 and X-E2 :)

    • Lucas Mall

      And, for that matter, the XF 10-24mm.

  • Hi,

    Didn’t you hear any news concerning the rumored X100 FW Update?


  • MdB

    Well if it is genuinely cheaper than an X-E1 it might be worth looking at unlike the X-M1. Here hoping that it is an X-M1 minus tilt screen and X-Trans… And that’s it. Make it $499 body only and they’ll have an excellent entry level model on their hands.

    • tim

      The competition has this to offer:

      Olympus Pen E-PL5,AF 14-42 II for $600 or less, with 16MP, stabilization, fast focus and touch screen.

      So $499, which would not surprise me either, sounds similar to the $429 Fuji wants for the 27mm – nice, but the competition is doing the same (or better) for less.

      • MdB

        Nah, $499 body only, $599-$649 with 16-50mm. Wouldn’t be hard.

        • tim

          Without a touch screen … I don’t think price will matter. I guess, it could have a touch screen.

          This is a Media Markt special … and that means XX pixel, XX zoom, Touch Screen, 1080 Video, WIFI and other easy to comprehend features. That’s about all this market cares about. Even 24MP could be possible.

  • jonnie

    Hi, im at a complete loss as to relvancy of this camera. For me the x-m1 should be the entry level (although for me this camera is not great in use, those dials are way to close and cramped for me), unless this thing is dirt cheap i feel its a waste of time as it will be swallowed up in the pit of cheap csc’s which will also probably have a better feature set (Epl5/ Epm2). They should now be thinking more about supplying the promised lenses, 23mm and 56mm. Cheers j

    • Lucas Mall

      My only guess is that it’s cost effective and easy to produce the X-A1 by just whacking in a different sensor.

      If that’s true, then why not.

      • jonnie

        Hi, the market they are entering with the X-A1 and the X-M1 is incredibly competitive and the only way to make in-roads in this sector is to have something to differentiate from the competition, both of these cameras, i feel have lost the essence of why i bought into the fuji system, manual control dials, aperture and ovf/ evf, at least the x-m1 maintains the superb image quality of the xtrans.

        Other cameras which will be in the similar price bracket will offer more to someone wanting to step up from a point n shoot. I believe that fuji have knocked this up quickly and easily with no thought or expenditure, but in reality there will be much better cameras in the price bracket and this will be bargain bin fodder within 6 months. I guess i am not the target market for this camera. I am waiting patiently for the lens roadmap, which came out a year ago, to be fully realised, distractions like this X-A1 can only mean a delay in further lenses as they stretch themselves too thin with their manufacturing capabilities. Cheers j

      • WT21

        Plus, the X-A1 is at the bottom to protect the price points of the XTrans sensor cameras. I already scratch my head at the pricing: XM1 new: $699. XE1 used: around $650. XE1 used prices might go up with the XM1 launched, and X-A1 could protect the xtran series from bottom-feeding pricing pressure.

    • MdB

      So how is the E-PM2 / E-PL5 better than X-A1 / X-M1?

      • Rudy

        Fast AF and sensor stabilization. Though I would not bother with any of this entry level garbage.

  • Gilles

    X-Amateur 1
    X-M 1
    X-Enthusiast 1
    X-Professional 1

    What the M stand for ? Moderate ?

    • MJr


      • tim

        Reminds me of Japanese motorcycles … 4 manufactures all putting out about the same product with names like CB-R CBR CB YZR YZX GSX GSXR KR KR1 KZX and whatever … only significant difference between the models was the colour.

        The spec sheet from year to year was “new for 2004, 41mm forks … new for 2005 43mm forks … new for 2006 41mm forks”. Yeah, really, I think Leica has a point after all :-) There is no way for this Japanese approach to make money.

    • Colin

      M means “mini” or “mobile”.

    • Dr.S

      then X100 is what?

    • lamanta


      • Calking


    • XM11

      M = mature i.e. senior photographers whose eyesight are so bad they can use an EVF/OVF any more. lol.

    • Gabriel

      Milf camera ? For shooting kids and pet :)

  • Andrea

    we make the assumption that with the sale of these fuji can invest in new projects more serious ….. let them work, I am confident :-)

  • E.J. Peiker

    Seems like the Nikon J1 concept or some of those Pentax mirrorless cameras. How’s that working out for them? Fuji should stick to what they are good at, making enthusiast oriented mirroless system cameras and the X100s. And fix your distribution and marketing problems in NA already!

  • Godzooqi

    Ugh, I just don’t care. I want an Xpro2 already…

  • Is it from a trusted source? Looks a lot like somebody “coloured” an X-M1…

  • MJr

    If it’s cheap i’ll take it. Start stocking up on Fujinon lenses for when the X-E2/X-Pro2 come. ;)

  • SmartAlecs

    M for Mugs

  • SmartAlecs

    M for Muppets. LOL!

  • Renato S.

    I’m willing to buy a X-M1 while I wait for the X-E2 but for that I need to see manual controls on video and 1080p24. How long until the X-M1 kit with the pancake lens?

  • voiceofcheese

    I know it’s silly but for me this new body and the new plasticy zoom cheapens the X-system and therefore reduces its allure.

  • Al

    I’m waiting for a plaid or paisley camera

  • Paul

    Fuji Rumors, you need to up your rumor gathering. SonyAlphaRumors is talking about new NEX’s, full frame mirrorless…exciting cameras for pros.

    You need some fresh release dates, specs on the XE1 and XPro1 successors…you’re getting spanked by SonyAlphaRumors ;)

    • Me

      He is SAR, on the other hand, so it’s not a big deal ^^

    • lamanta

      Fujirumor where is my 23 1.4? and a decent AF? fujicrap sonywin

  • apw100

    Come on Fujirumors, this is obviously just an X-M1 painted blue. You can even see apparent defects in the paint on the dials. Sad

    • admin

      ok, we will mark your comment and when you will be proved wrong we will talkl again ok? :)

      • apw100

        Fair enough! ;)

  • Karrerin

    I think it’s a fake. Come on Fujirumors.

    • admin

      Wanna bet something?

      • Jack

        Yes. If he’s wrong, you give me a new X-E1. If he’s right, you give me a new X-E1.


        • lamanta

          if you were both wrong you give me a phase one

  • David B

    clearly looks like photoshop because it looks exactly like the camera next to it, just covered in the ugliest possible color.

    • MJr

      Actually everything about it but the shape is different. ( highlights/shadows/texture )

      Unless somebody managed to cleanly remove the leather on a second camera and then photoshop it perfectly .. it was made this way.

    • admin

      That’s how the X-A1 is! An X-M1 clone that comes in different colors and a different sensor.

  • Alex

    I think it look fine just need little tune


    • Tom

      It will be an interesting experiment. Some people actually prefer the Bayer over the Xtrans. It’ll be interesting to see which one sells more. And will it have a rendering similar to the X100 with it’s Bayer and it’s analogue looking images.

      • hervan

        bayer != analogue looking images

  • danzika

    where is my 23 1.4??????????????

    • MJr

      Q4 this year, like it has always been.

  • lamanta

    and this????? fuji green

  • Roeder

    It’s just another camera. Your more expensive x series camera gives you no membership to an exclusive club.

    Anyone who says this detracts from the series has their head up their ass. That’s like saying the D3200 detracts from the D4 as a pro camera. Get over yourselves and go take some pictures.

    • lamanta

      Im a leica and sony man, no thime for this jokes

  • Dantesan

    This is great news. Leica makes cheap cameras for people who dont know any better too. The more of these they sell the more money they have to put back into R&D. Don’t you want Fuji to have the kind of money Nikon/Canon do so they can make more lenses available (therfore increasing the amount of used lenses available for cheaper?)

  • Mike

    i don’t like it…the next iphone 5s do it better (imho)

    i would like to see x-pro 2 news

  • R yu

    I think it’s photoshopped. Just look at the outline of what used to be the metal and leatherette from the x m1. There is no clear indentation. Plus the xa1 letters look superimposed.

    • Bemused

      So why is the camera’s reflection also blue?

      • R yu

        Err… Photoshopped

        • R yu

          And I think the blue cast comes from a box actually than from the camera.

          • MJr

            Yea you’re just kidding yourself with all this.

          • R yu

            Probably you just need to practice in photoshop.

          • R yu

            Probably you just need to practice in photoshop. Have you seen Alex’s post.


  • Ross

    How can it be called an X-Series camera if it doesn’t use the X-Trans sensor??

    This makes no sense… I thought the X-M1 was already an entry level camera.

    • admin


    • deng

      Because it is ultimately the “X” Fujifilm camera.
      Just like the X100 which did not feature the X-Trans sensor either.

    • Anonymous

      You have to distinguish between three things: X-series, X system and X-Trans.

      The X-series is Fuji’s name for a collection of mostly retro-styled cameras with different types and sizes of sensor: X10, X20, X-S1, XF1, X100, X100S, X-M1, X-E1, X-Pro1.

      The X system are interchangeable lens cameras, and the system is defined by having the X-mount. In other words, not all X-series cameras belong to the X system, only X-M1, X-E1 and X-Pro1 (so far).

      X-Trans is a certain type of sensor that is used in some X-series cameras (X20, X100S, X-M1, X-E1 and X-Pro1), whereas X100 used a Bayer sensor, and X10/X-S1/XF1 use an EXR sensor. Fuji have never defined the X system, or the X-series as a whole, as only using X-Trans sensors.

  • Umlüx

    this.. this is.. just.. eeew

  • Peter

    so, to summarize some thoughts: hmm, ugh, eew ;-)

    honestly, if it was Aprils fools day, I wound not wonder

  • Chris

    Waiting for X-Pro2 or X-E2.

  • Don Dranport

    Won’t have Fuji’s awful X trans sensor tech. I might consider getting one, then.

    • Lucas Mall

      Really? What is wrong with Xtrans?

      • MJr

        It’s great, but far from perfect.

        • Lucas Mall

          And far from “awful” then.

          Most of the issues I’ve heard people raise can be resolved by using software that properly imports the raw files.

          Previously, older software could mess it up considerably (well, if you’re a pixel analyser)

  • ryan

    What’s up with Fuji? I go to the M43 rumor site and the talk is about two new high-end bodies about to be released. PDAF on sensor. Upcoming f/2.8 wide and normal zooms from Olympus and third-party manufacturers. New f/1.2 and f/1.4 portrait lenses. On Fuji rumors, the talk is about cheap, blue cameras. Or *gasp* it’s a fake blue camera. I want to like the Fuji-X system, but the pace of development is really lagging here.

    • ryan

      Forgot to mention, and a f/0.95 portrait lens (manual though).

    • Anonymous

      Fuji started building their system from the top, with high-end models, while m4/3 did the opposite. They are just filling the holes in their respective systems.

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