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Why, Fujifilm? Three (Minor) Fujifilm Errors that Defy Any Explanation


We talk lots of good stuff about Fujifilm. And that’s right so, as they deserve it.

And yet, not everything Fujifilm does is right all the time.

In the past, I did run over 7 major errors Fujifilm did (or is doing) and wrote a dedicated article about it:

Today I’d like to focus on three errors that are for sure minor, but they are annoying anyway and show that sometimes Fujifilm really does not think it through.

Fujifilm X-H2 and X-H2S – The Filter

The Fujifilm X-H2 and X-H2S are super high end powerful top of the line amazing cameras.

But for some mysterious reason, Fujifilm thought they should waste space on the PSAM dial and print “FILTER” on it. Yep, those advanced filters (Toy Camera, Pop Color, etc) I never use and I guess 99% of you also never touch (or did not even know existed).

I have no idea why on earth Fujifilm decided that those filters are so important on high end cameras that they should even print it nice and big on the PSAM dial.

Note to Fujifilm: on the Fujifilm X-H3 and Fujifilm X-H3S, print something way more useful on it rather than “filter”.

Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 (MKI) – The Invisible Markings

I own the Fujinon XF10-24mmF4 (MKI), use it a lot and have taken tons of images with it.

The problem?

Despite being a constant F4 zoom, Fujifilm has not put any markings on the aperture ring!

This makes totally no sense and still today I find it incredible that nobody at Fujifilm realised that until it was finally released and people started to complain about it.

Luckily they fixed it with the Fujinon XF10-24mm F4 MKII version, but for owners of the older version, the only way to know on which aperture we are, is to watch the LCD/EVF and check out the aperture there.

This is certainly not a big deal for some, but for many like me, who love vintage controls and to quickly check settings before we even switch the camera on (which is possible thanks to dedicated dials and markings), that’s something annoying.

Camera Remote App

Now this could be a long rant, if we’d look at the entire App.

So let me focus only one aspect.

I own this App since it was launched. Originally it had a white theme with the words written in black. But at some point Fujifilm decided to give it a graphic redesign and I am sure it was aimed to make the experience on the App even more annoying than it already is.

In fact, they replaced the white theme with a dark one, which would not be bad per se, but the problem is that they used grey letters on the dark grey theme, which made reading words harder than it was with the old App.

Over time they have improved this a bit, but still today I consider the very old App superior in terms of visibility compared to the new one.

I have no idea how the heck Fujifilm could think that the graphic redesign done that way was a good idea.

And You?

And what if you should point out some minor things Fujifilm messed up with? Which ones would be your picks?

But try to focus on stuff that is not so obvious and big, as for example the fact that they kept their X mount closed to third parties for way too long, hurting the system overall, as more lens options draw more people into the system. That was a huge error, but we try to focus on small “curiosities”.

Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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