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Where is the XC 15-45 Lens Compatibility for older X cameras? Digital Rev X-A5 with XC15-45 Review – UPDATE


Fujifilm X-A5 and XC15-45 Review

First off, Digital Rev just shared their Fujifilm X-A5 and XC 15-45 Hands-on Review.

Regarding the camera they say it feels plasticy. No surprise, though, and also no dealbreaker, since the X-A camera line sells better than any other camera brand in some Asian countries (yes, even better than Canon, Sony and Nikon).

They also talk about the Fujinon XC 15-45, and complaint about its performance in video mode.

And yet… the X-A5 (whose development has been outsourced by Fujifilm), will again sell strong.

Fujinon XC 15-45: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama
Fujifilm X-A5: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

XC 15-45 Support for Older Cameras

NOTE: According to Rico Pfirstinger, all cameras are full compatible with the XC15-45 and no compatiblity update is needed

NOTE 2: The Fujifilm X-A3 and X-A20 got a firmware udpate for full compatibiliy with XC 15-45. Such an update is still missing for the X-A2, which has the same flippy screen of X-A5. I get requests by readers owning the X-A2 for Fujifilm to add support for it.

Until today, Fujifilm always did it like this: shortly before or right at the day of the official release of a new lens, Fujifilm delivered a firmware update to add lens compatibility to Fujifilm cameras.

However, the last updates back in February 2018 just added XC15-45 support for Fujifilm X-A10 and X-A3.

Now the camera is shipping and falling into hands of X-shooters worldwide… and still, I can’t see any new update at Fuji’s site.

Now, I assume that newer cameras come already with the proper firmware support for this lens, but what about older cameras? Believe it or not, dear Fujifilm, there are X-shooters out there who still own and use older cameras (like me with my X-T1), and we would like our cameras to support this lens too.

I hope Fujifilm will deliver soon a firmware compatibility update, and if not, then we would like an official statement where you tell us which cameras will support this lens and which ones not.

So guys, you know FujiRumors is Fujifilm’s by far favorite place for online feedback… so if you would like to see XC15-45 support also for your camera, then let Fujifilm know in the comments.