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“Where is the Video-Function Button for Fuji X-T1?” :: About X-T1 Firmware 4.10, and why you should still keep faith :)


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So, I woke up at about 4:30 AM today, checked the emails on my iPhone 5, and saw some emails from fellow X-shooters (thanks!) alerting me: “the New Firmware is out“.

I switched on my MacBook Air 11“, checked the details of the firmware and… no, the X-T1 Firmware 4.10 did not gave us X-T1 shooters the ability to place another function on the video button.

I wrote a blog post for FujiRumors, launched a thread at the Fuji X Forum and went to sleep again, confident that the source could still be right with the 7th function button for the X-T1

… and here is why:

You might or might not remember, that already back in early August, I’ve spread rumors saying that, after the amazing FW 4.0, the Kaizen Love for the X-T1 was not over. In fact, I got a hint that another Firmware is right now in the works, maybe to be named Firmware 5.0.

And I have elements to trust this rumor. There should indeed be more Kaizen love for the X-T1. What I’m trying to find out at the moment is which changes/features it will bring and when exactly it will be released. And I’m also trying to find some fellow X-tester willing to share the Beta-Firmware-file with all of us :) .

So what I think is this: the customizable Video Button will come. It will be one of the features of Firmware 5.0 (if Fuji will number it 5.0). In my eyes, the source just mixed up things a bit. It knew about the new FN-button via Firmware, but confused FW 4.10 with 5.0.

Sure, Firmware 5.0 will tell if I’m right with my assumption. And if I am, then also the second part of the rumor this source shared, the new rumored lens roadmap, could still be correct. If not, then sorry guys. I’ll try to fix it and give you a more reliable rumor about the next Fuji lens roadmap.

However, even if the source is right, and just mixed up FW 4.10 with FW 5.0, fact is that I told you that FW 4.10 will bring the customizable video button. This is why I’ll move it right in the “wrong rumors” section of my big rumor overview. I’m merciless with myself. So this rumor will join the other few wrong rumors, like the Adobe tethering update, that I said will come in August, but came 3 days too early, on July 29. Wrong is wrong!

stay tuned,
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