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Trusted source says there will be KAIZEN Love for Fujifilm X-E2… with a new AF-system + X-E2 Rumor Recap


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So let this be our FujiRumors Firmware Day!

After the announcement of the firmware update for all X-series cameras and the XF 50-140mm here, and telling you why you should still keep faith, that the video button on the X-T1 will become a Function button here, it’s high time to answer to all those X-E2 shooters, worried that the Kaizen Love for their camera is over.

Let’s start with a little X-E2 rumor-recap, and then share the new rumor-entry:

  • After the announcement of X-T1 FW 4.0, Fujifilm France answered to X-E2 shooters on May 25, that there will be a Firmare update also for X-E2 – READ HERE
  • Sources told to FujiRumors on June 3, that this firmware update will come in about 6 months – READ HERE
  • On June 18, a new source told us it will indeed come by the end of this year, and bring the new AF-system – READ HERE
  • Finally, Fujifilm itself confirmed on July 24: the X-E2 firmware will come by the end of the year. They did not mention which features it will bring, though – READ HERE

And right now we have a new rumor, coming from trusted source:

  • A new Firmware update for X-E2 will come, that will bring a new AF-system to X-E2 cameras

With multiple confirmation from Fujfilm itself and now also from trusted source, I guess we can have high hopes that an X-E2 Kaizen firmware will see the light within 2015. But keep in mind: the Firmware will only be released, once it’s bug-free. This means delays can always happen, even in the last second… just remember what happened with the Firmware of the original X100.

stay tuned,
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