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Voigtländer Nokton 23mmF1.2 X Additional Specs and Images


Yesterday we reported how Cosina, in addition to the current Voigländer Nokton 35mm f/1.2 X, is about to launch also the Voigländer Nokton 23mm f/1.2 X.

Now Cosina has published the main specs and a new product image (see above) of this lens at their website in Japanese, which I now report here on FujiRumors machine translated.

A large aperture quasi-wide-angle lens with the latest optics using one double-sided aspherical lens and two abnormal partial dispersion glass. Although it is a compact size, it has excellent resolution from the aperture opening, and large blur due to the large aperture of F1.2 can be obtained.

Just as the 35mm version, also this one has electronic contacts to transfer certain information such as EXIF data.

I love the look of this lens, and actually also of the Voigländer Nokton 35mm f/1.2 X. And although I am tempted to get one, I so far have not treated myself with one, since I’d pay for features (the electronic contacts) that do not work on my Fujifilm X-E3.

This is why I got the much more affordable TTArtisan 23mm f/1.4, which you can see attached to my X-E3 here.

At the bottom of this article you will also find which Fujifilm X cameras are currently supported.

Specs & Supported Cameras

focal length 23mm
Caliber ratio 1:1.2
Minimum aperture F16
Lens configuration 10 elements in 6 groups
angle of view 63.2°
Number of aperture blades twelve sheets
The shortest focusing distance 0.18m
Maximum magnification 1:4.9
Maximum diameter x total length Φ59.3×43.8mm
Filter size Φ46mm
weight 214g
lens hood Dedicated hood included
aperture ring Equipment (manual aperture)
electronic contact there is
Communication function 1 Exif information support
Communication function 2 Focus check: Supported
Communication function 3 Parallax correction: Supported (X-Pro3)
Communication function 4 In-body image stabilization: Supported (limited to models with in-body image stabilization)
Communication function 5 Shooting distance linkage display: Supported

Body Firmware X–H1 v1.10 or later
X-T4 v1.00 or later
X-T3 v1.00 or later
X-T2 v4.10 or later
X-Pro3 v1.00 or later
X-S10 v1.00 or later
X-E4 v1.00 or later
X-T30 v1.00 or later

via Cosina

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