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Top 3 Cameras Fujifilm Should Make for Instant Success (X and GFX)


We recently told you that Fujifilm is preparing a huge start in 2024:

Now, of course most of the talk and speculations in our previous articles was gravitating around successors to existing camera lines.

And it makes a whole of sense to focus on refreshes of current cameras, nothing prohibits us to dream big and think and completely different cameras.

So what I will do is to share three cameras that I think would turn out to be an instant and massive success for Fujifilm.

And I am not talking of weird and risky concepts. I am talking of cameras that would sell very well for sure in my opinion.

So, let’s go through them and let me think what you think about.

Also, feel free to drop your own ideas in the comments.

Top 3 Cameras Fujifilm Hasn’t Made Yet

Fujifilm GFX in X-T Style

What’s the by far most successful camera in the X series?

Right, it’s the X-T line.

And why, Fuji, why don’t you simply apply this winning formula to your X series?

Why don’t you give us an X-T styled GFX camera?

And look, you’ve already have thought about such a camera. You even showed it to us in form of a mock-up back in 2019.

Trust me, also medium format shooters will LOVE vintage controls.

And as a GFX shooter myself, I’ll sell whatever GFX I currently own to get a GFX cameras that looks like my X-T5.

So Fuji, please don’t fall slave of the PSAM mainstream with your GFX lineup.

There is nothing to be brave by offering a vintage GFX X-T styled camera. There is only to cash in money, lots of it. Starting from my own money that I will happily throw at you to get one myself

Fixed Lens GFX

Once again, look at what’s popular in the X series, and simply apply that to the GFX series.

And the X100 is incredibly popular, just like the X-T line.

Make it Full Frame?

It’s an option. But even better, make it medium format!

I know one of your top managers said that would be an option if it had a compact size.

But look, the current mirrorless GFX100S is already smaller than some mirrorless Full Frame cameras out there.

The technology should be there to make it small enough. Not like the X100 line, but certainly smaller than the Fujifilm GFX50R for example.

An idea: keep the body as small as possible by not using IBIS but put OIS in the lens instead.

Monochrome X-Pro

Initially I was skeptical about this one. But after I have seen how even the latest Pentax K-3 III monochrome DLSR seems to be selling like hot cakes and is often out of stock, I concluded that the market for such a camera is far from being saturated, if even Pentax is extremely successful with one.

Now imagine a monochrome sensor in a Fujifilm X-Pro camera. It would instantly become one of the sexiest monochrome cameras on the entire market and pretty much a sure home run for Fujifilm.

  • Ricoh imaging announced that Pentax K-3 Monochrome sales greatly exceed expectations and suspends orders – press release here

Bonus Cameras

There are certainly lots of other cameras, that could be successful.

As an owner of the Fujifilm XQ2 myself, I always thought that a 1 inch pocketable camera (XQ3 or even X40) could be a lovely addition to the X series lineup.

And what about you?

Which camera do you think should Fujifilm make that would guarantee them a good success?

Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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