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Tony Northrup Fujifilm 2019 Predictions: Fujinon XF 400mm2.8, 70mm1.0, 16-55mm1.8, 50-120mm1.8 and 16mm1.0


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Fujifilm 2019 Predictions

It’s time for gear predictions!

Techradar started here, by predicting the Fujifilm X-Pro3 and maybe also the Fujifilm X100F successor in 2019.

Now it’s time for Tony and Chelsea Northrup to predict new gear.

Tony says he noticed a trend at Fujifilm, which is making full frame equivalent fast lenses (XF200mmF2, XF8-16mmF2.8, XF33mmF1.0). Hence, according to his predictions, Fujifilm will launch:

Over a year ago, I told you that Fujifilm will NOT launch more than 2/3 X and 2/3 GF lenses a year (at least not until they finish to expand their lens factories).

And since Fujifilm already has 2 lenses scheduled for this year (the XF16mmF2.8 and XF16-80mmF4), I’d not expect more than 1 “surprise” lens to come (if any).

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