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This Hurts: Twitter Kicked me Out for No Reason! Can You Help Me and Follow my NEW Twitter Account?


Twitter – A New Start

God knows why, but Twitter decided to suspend my account (no motivation given).

Of course I filed an appeal, but almost 2 weeks later, Twitter still ignores me.

The suspension makes no sense.

It is frustrating that overnight some random algorithm kicks you out. It is frustrating to lose a 20,000 members strong community build over 8+ years of blogging. It is frustrating not to be able to talk to Twitter directly. It is frustrating to have lost contact with friends I have made on Twitter in all these years.

But I have never been that kind of guy, who let’s himself down. So let’s start again, from zero, just like 8 years ago.

And only you, can make it an amazing new start. How?

And What If…

And what if the old account gets unblocked again at some point?

In that case, I will again use my old account and do not use the new one any longer, to avoid you get the same news twice in your feed.

Make Me Dream

I have always felt to be part of a special community here on FujiRumors, and I felt honored to be able to offer you all a space to share our Fuji Love here on FujiRumors.

And today the day has come, where I need your help more than any other day.

I hope you can show me once again how amazing this community can be, by giving my new Twitter account a rocket-start :).

Thanks guys… for everything!

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