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Help Request: Anyone with Contacts within Twitter?


As you know, my almost 20,000 members strong Twitter account has been suspended.

It seems to be a permanent suspension, apparently I was misleading you all the time. Whatever this means.

Talking to Twitter is impossible. You get just some automatic messages you can’t reply to. So no way to figure out what’s really going on.

So I bother you one last time, just to ask if anyone of you reading this lines either works on Twitter or knows somebody working there, who could eventually help me out.

If so, feel free to contact me at:


It might seem not so important for many of you, but for me it’s 8 years of hard work to build up a community, that goes lost overnight.

If you can’t help with Twitter contacts, then you can do another thing:

*NEW FujiRumors Twitter – The old One has been BANNED for NO REASON!