Which Fujifilm GFX Camera Would You Like to Get Next? VOTE NOW

We published an article, where we reason about the future for the GFX series. A future, to say it once again clearly here, I have no idea about due to the lack of rumors, which tends to make me believe that nothing GFX camera related is coming in the foreseeable future.

And yet, this won’t stop a rumor site from having fun making speculations, or should it? I just need to make sure that you guys get a clear indication from my side that this is a speculation, not a rumor.

So what’s the speculation?

For the reasons we explained in this article, we look at the following cameras:

  • Fujifilm GFX100S/R with 102 MP stacked BSI sensor
  • Fujifilm GFX150S/R (or GFX160S) with 158 MP non-stacked BSI sensor
  • Fujifilm GFX100S/R MKII (same sensor of the current GFX100S but with new processor)

The comment section on the original article was vivid, as well as over at our Fujifilm GFX Facebook group.

So I thought we could try to nail the whole discussion down to one brutally short survey: which GFX are you potentially more interested in?

And yes, I know we don’t know if they will ever come. We don’t know the features nor the price they’d have if they’d ever come. We don’t know about possible design differences. We know nothing.

But we are a rumor site. And and as such it does not hurt to add a bit of lightness and fun to it by speculating on Fujifilm’s future.

NOTE: “S” models listed below are SLR styled models and “R” models are rangefinder styled models

As of the next GFX camera, I'd be more interested in... (NOTE: "S" models are SLR styled and "R" models Rangefinder styled)

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VOTE NOW: Are You a Fujifilm X-T Shooter? Tell Us if You Own also the Vertical Battery Grip

We shared the rumor coming from a new source, that the Fujifilm X-T5 will be the first X-T camera that won’t offer a vertical battery grip option:

After we shared our rumor, some said this will totally cripple the X-T line (which is Fuji’s by far best selling line).

That made me wonder how popular the vertical battery grip really is among Fujifilm X-T shooters, so I thought I could launch a survey about it.


  • if you are a Fujifilm X-T camera user (X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4)
  • … and ONLY if you are a Fujifilm X-T camera user…

… feel free to vote the survey down below.

I am a Fujifilm X-T camera user and...

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Laowa 10mm F4 Cookie Mirrorless APS-C Lens Leaked

The first images of the Laowa 10mm f/4 cookie lens by Venus Optics leaked at the Chinese platform weibo. It’s designed for mirrorless APS-C lenses.

Some might desire a faster lens, but keep in mind you’d have to sacrifize its lovely pancake size for that. You can’t have it all I guess.

You can always go for the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D if you desire something faster.