[UPDATE – The Silver Color will be the Same] Fujifilm X100VI coming with Slightly Darker Silver than X100V

[UPDATE: We have been informed that the silver color will be identical. I did share the rumor because it came from several sources, some of them also right in the past. But now we got solid information about it being the same color.

So either something I don’t understand right now is going on (for example, could the limited edition X100VI have a different color? Or anything else I just don’t understand now?), or all the others were simply wrong. But I will correct the rumor now, because the regular silver color is still available.


It’s already a tough question in life: silver or black?

And well, the question will get even tougher on February 20. Especially for those, who usually go all-in with the all-black cameras.

Because, as I have been told, the Fujifilm X100VI will come with a new silver color that is “slightly darker” than the one we are used to see on X100 cameras so far. This color will replace the standard silver color we were used to get so far.

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Forget About Fujifilm X-Pro4, X-E5, GFX100SII, X-T40, X80 & Co: the Only Camera Coming February 20 is the Fujifilm X100VI

What’s Coming

No, we will not hear anything about the Fujifilm X-Pro4 on February 20. Nothing.

And nothing also about the Fujifilm X-E5, or X-T40 or X-T300, or X80, or GFX100R.

The truth is this: the only camera to be announced on February 20 will be the Fujifilm X100VI.

I guess the Fujifilm X100VI is just too important for Fujifilm and it’s best that it does not get any distraction from other cameras on launch day.

Many of you guys might have seen it coming, due to the lack of rumors about other cameras.

But FujiRumors will make sure that the lack of rumors about other cameras will end soon ;).


But this does not mean we can’t get any surprises on February 20.

I still hope (no rumor) that Fujifilm will give us a new X mount roadmap, or makes major Kaizen firmware announcements, or they could even announce new lenses considering the fact that our sources said the X100VI is the only camera coming on February 20 (and we have leaked images of future XF lenses already months ago). But to be clear: as of now, I have not received information about other gear to come on February 20 (which does not mean it can’t come).

And Fujifilm has also teased a major XApp update, which hopefully might also be announced on February 20 (not a rumor, just a hope).

But they could also show us protoypes of gear to come.

As far as I can remember, at every X Summit something happened that I did not see coming, and I am confident that also this time we will get some surprises.

So definitely stay tuned on FujiRumors on February 20. We will cover it all, and you won’t miss anything.

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Viltrox Lens Roadmap 2024 Released

A couple of times a year, Viltrox releases a lens roadmap. And now we got the first one for 2024.

On the list we can see:

So far nothing surprising, as these are lenses that have already been teased since a long time and in some cases we could also see the first images of those lenses.

In the past, Viltrox has also teased zoom lenses coming, but so far they have not added any on the roadmap.

All Viltrox X mount AF lenses currently available:

via 独立摄影师联合会

TAKE NOTE: Fujifilm X Summit to Start February 20 at 12:30 AM New York Time (February 19 at 9:30 PM in San Francisco)

I have received a couple of question on when exactly the X Summit will start, and I realised I never really shared the time with you guys.

And the time matters, because for some of you the X Summit won’t happen on February 20, but actually on February 19.

So here is the time:

  • February 20 at 12:30 AM New York Time
  • February 19 at 9:30 PM San Francisco Time
  • February 20 at 6:30 AM Berlin Time

And here is the roadmap of that day:

  • Fujifilm X Summit Live Coverage on FujiRumors
    live video and summary, screenshots, recap on the FujiRumors blog
  • Fujifilm Live Blog
    Reviews, first looks, samples, all collected in one single article on FujiRumors and constantly updated with latest content

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And if you want to support my work, feel free to use our affiliate links to preorder your gear. It won’t cost you a single penny extra, but stores will value back to FujiRumors a small commission, and this will allow us to keep this blog running.

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Tamron Will Launch Six Lenses in 2024, and here are the Three Patented Tamron APS-C lenses

Tamron has shared its financial result. In there, they write that they will launch six new lenses in 2024, as highlighted by SonyAlphaRumors.

And in future they might even launch 7 lenses a year.

Of course Tamron covers many mounts, so don’t expect all these lenses to come for Fujifilm.

But there are some dedicated APS-C lenses that Tamron has patented and I will share down below for you.

Feel free to let us know your favourite of the three.

Patent Articles

Available Now