BREAKING: Fujinon XF27mm f/2.8 MKII will be Weather Sealed and Have Aperture Ring

We already told you back in July 2020, that Fujifilm would launch the Fujinon XF27mm f/2.8 MKII.

Recently we also told you that this lens (among lots of other stuff) will be announced on January 27.

And today we have more :).

The Fujinon XF27mm f/2.8 MK II will have:

  • weather sealing
  • aperture ring

I’ll buy it… and I won’t tell my wife about it ;).

I’ll just sell my old 27mm first and she hopefully won’t notice that the new one has an aperture ring. Smart, huh? And if she ever asks, you guys nicely back me up and say in the comments the XF27mm always had an aperture ring ;).

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BREAKING: Fujifilm GFX100S with 3-Way Tilt Screen (and NOT a Fully Articulating Screen)

I don’t why, but this morning my inbox was bombarded by people asking me the same question: will the Fujifilm GFX100S really have a fully articulating screen?

So let me adress this now: No, it won’t!

The Fujifilm GFX100S will have a 3-way tilt screen like the one on the Fujifilm X-T3.

Some Vloggers will still complaint in their first looks on January 27 that they can’t shoot medium format handheld selfie videos, but I guess most of the other medium format shooters will be just fine with this solution ;).

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BREAKING: Fujifilm GFX100S, GF80mmF1.7, X-E4, XF27mmF2.8II, XF70-300mmF4-5.6, New Film Simulation Coming JANUARY 27

Yes, I know. A mysterious FF200003 camera registrations has been spotted and is said to be announced on January 29.

But trust me, nothing will happen on January 29.

What you want to do, is to tune in on January 27, because that’s when Fujifilm will have a huge announcement day.

And don’t expect “just” one camera, the FF200003 to be announced.

In fact, I hear we could get all this on that single day:

I will continue to check the list, and I will let you know in case there is something to add or remove to it. Until then, take that as the “official” FujiRumors announcement list.

Anyone out there, who had a new years resolution to resist better to GAS in 2021? Well, on January 27 you’ll be seriously tested :D.

As always, if you liked months of breaking and exclusive rumors, then feel free to join us here on FujiRumors on January 27 for an epic live blogging.

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BREAKING: Fujifilm GFX100S will be a Bit Smaller than Fujifilm GFX50S

We told you back in early December, that the upcoming Fujifilm GFX100S will be “about as big” as the Fujifilm GFX50S.

Well, according to information I have received from trusted sources, the Fujifilm GFX100S will be actually “a bit smaller” than the Fujifilm GFX50S!

So let’s sum it up:

Just back in 2019, IBIS was the single most important reason why Fujifilm had to make the Fujifilm GFX100 so big. Now Fujifilm was able to minaturzie the mechanism to a point, that they can fit it into a much smaller body.

That thing looks better and better, the more we find out about it!

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DON’T PANIC, the Fujifilm X-E4 has an EVF!

Yesterday I reported that the Fujifilm X-E4 will have a flip up screen, similar to the one you see on the Fujifilm X70 and Sony A6400.

When I shared that rumor, I also shared an image with an X-E4 mock-up I made (not the real camera) and two images of an X70 with tilted screen, so that you guys can see immediately how the X70 screen works.

The image I shared was the one you see above. The two smaller cameras on the right show the X70 (and you can read it also printed on the top of the camera).

But for some reason, especially over on facebook, lots of people thought that this means the X-E4 won’t have a viewfinder. But what you see on the left, are two images of the X70 (it’s acutally also written on top of the camera). But probably, scrolling fast and giving just a rapid look at it, people misudnerstood it for a leaked X-E4 image.

And since 24 hours after that rumor, some people still say “oh, X-E4 has no viewfinder“, I feel I need to address this in a dedicated article. I mean, I don’t want anyone to go around in forums and spread the word that FuiRumors said the X-E4 has no EVF.

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