The Mystery of the Third Registered Fujifilm Camera for 2023 – A Possible Answer! (Speculation, not Rumor)

In 2023 we have so far spotted three Fujifilm registrations, with 2 items still to come

  • FF220002 = Fujifilm X-S20
  • FF230001 = very likely Fujifilm GFX100II
  • FF230002 = yet unknown

We know for sure that one of the yet to be released items will be the Fujifilm GFX100II.

So what could be the second one?

I’ve read all sorts of speculations, from the Fujifilm GFX50R successor, the Fujifilm X-Pro4, Fujifilm X-E5, Fujifilm X-T6, Fujifilm X-T40, Fujifilm X80, Fujifilm X-H3, Fujifilm X-H3S, Fujifilm X100VI or X200 and more.

But those “rumors” appeared also ahead of the X Summit on May 24, and of course none of it materialized.

Here on FujiRumors we avoid to share fakes for traffic and SEO. That’s why all we rumored so far for 2023 were the X-S20 (code name FF220002) and the Fujifilm GFX100II (probably the FF230001).

So yes, there is still one piece of gear, the FF230002, that should come this year. But which camera will it be?

Again, I have absolutely no rumors about other cameras coming in 2023, so an idea came to me:

What if it’s not a camera?

What if it’s something else?

Because keep in mind that these registrations don’t say anything about “cameras”, but about gear that uses some sort of WiFi/Bluetooth frequencies.

So here is the thing.

One of the gear registered in the past was the FF210004, which is not a camera, but the vertical file transmitter grip FT-XH, which unlocks the camera-to-cloud feature on these Fujifilm X-H cameras.

So, with that in mind, and given the lack of rumors for another camera coming in 2023, I see three options:

  1. Fujifilm will launch a new camera with the code name FF230002 in 2023, but FujiRumors simply does not know about it yet
  2. Fujifilm will launch a new camera with the code name FF230002 in 2024
  3. Fujifilm will launch an X-H alike file transmitter grip along with the GFX100II on September 12, and the grip has the code FF230002

Now, I don’t have rumors about any GFX100II file transmitter grip, but I have rumors about the GFX100II having an optional (and not integrated) battery grip, which could make option 3 likely.

Sure, also option 1 and 2 are still open. Especially if on September 12 the GFX100 II will come without any file transmitter grip.

But as we documented here it usually takes Fujifilm not more than 4 months (in two cases only it took them 6 months) to launch a camera after the registration has been spotted. And since the FF230002 registration appeared back in June here, the likelihood of a 2023 launch is very high.

And sure, there can always be a surprise camera. Maybe scheduled for launch later this year, maybe in November (X-T5 was launched in November too). I am just a rumor site and don’t claim to always know everything that will happen in the Fujifilm world. But maybe you remember the famous Fujifilm camera roadmap shared by Fuji Spain, in which they displayed two “disruptive” cameras coming for 2023. Well, if that roadmap was accurate, then the X-S20 and GFX100II would be those cameras and we can’t expect anything else coming this year.

But if that was the case, if nothing else would not come in 2023, then don’t worry, because as we already told you, the start into 2024 will be bombastic ;).

Fujifilm X-T5 Shortage Continues

Back in November Fujifilm annonuced shortages on Fujifilm X-T5 cameras.

The shortage affected mostly Asian countries and the X-T5 stock in North America and Europe has been pretty stable until now, where you can easily find the X-T5 in stock.

Only the silver X-T5 is market as temporary out of stock at BHphoto, but they expect itback in stock in 1 or 2 weeks.

Sadly in some Asian countries the situation is not as good, where, as reported by asobinet, the X-T5 is still very hard to find in stock.

Sigma 23mm f/1.4 and Sigma 100-400mm f5.0-6.3 for Fujifilm X Officially Announced – Reviews and Pre-Orders

Sigma has just officially announced the Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN  and the Sigma 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 for Fujifilm X Mount.

All Sigma X mount AF lenses:

Sigma X Mount Launch Coverage

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Sigma 100-400mmF5.0-6.3 and Sigma 23mmF1.4 Announcement Imminent – Price Leaked and Better Specs than Sony Version

A new source contacted us via the revived rumor box (using a nickname, thanks!!!), and has passed us the information that the announcement of the Sigma 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 and Sigma 23mm f/1.4 will happen in just a few hours.

It also gave us the following details:

  • 100-400 with 5 stops stabilization (1 more than E- and L-Mount)
  • 999€ (100-400) and 499€ (23mm) in Europe

Thanks to our new source for sharing this. You’ll be elevated to trusted source status in a few hours ;). Feel free to keep up using the rumor box and your nickname for future rumors, or also contact me via in case you want to interact with me so we can talk rumors behind the scenes. Many thanks again!

The Sigma 23mm f/1.4 DC DN was pre-announced back in April here, whereas the Sigma 100-400mm f5.0-6.3 DG DN OS was first rumored on FujiRumors here.

All Sigma X mount AF lenses:

BREAKING: This is the Name of the New Film Simulation Coming September 12

According to our trusted sources (thanks!) that the new film simulation coming September 12 will be called REALA.

The Reala film stock (sold with the name Reala Ace and Reala Superia and discontinued in 2012), was a aimed at professional and enthusiast photographers and it was Fuji’s first film with 4th layer technology for exceptional color accuracy, especially in fluorescent lighting (no greenish cast). The 4th layer technology would make also the 400H film so popular.

The original film was very loved by wedding photographers and seems to be ready to make its comeback in form of a new film simulation.

Let’s hope it will find its way in as many older Fujifilm cameras as possible. But so far I have no rumors about any firmware updates in this regard.

Fujifilm X Summit September 12 at 5 AM New York Time
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