Loawa 17mm f/4 Zero-D for Fujifilm GFX Sample Images (Price $1,249)

Laowa 17mm f/4 Zero-D

FujiRumors already shared the leaked Laowa 17mm f/4 Zero-D specs and price back in May here.

Today’s leak from China does not add anything new to the known specs, confirms the already leaked price of $1,249, but I share it because it adds a few sample images.

Hence, for the technical data, MTF charts and lens design, check out this article of May. For the sample images, just go to the bottom of this article.

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Lens Specs and Samples

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Fujifilm APS-C Crop is Cr&p and These Images Prove Only Full Frame Delivers – #photosfujicanttake

Tuscany: Look at that terrible Dynamic Range // Dolomites: what a pain those horrible colors // Woman + Kid: that 56/1.2 rendering just destroyed every portrait

Fuji Crop is Crap

How often have we heard influcencers says that Fujifilm is not a professional system, because it is not full frame.

How often have super talented photographers, who hide behind anonymous forum accounts with no portfolio, said that Fujifilm APS-C is not good enough to keep up with their immense talent and creativity.

How often have professional photo reviewers given scientific proof that Fujifilm APS-C can hardly beat an iPhone in terms of image quality.

How often have we heard about how impossible X-Trans files are to edit.

How often have we heard youtubers complaining about the slow manual controls on Fuji cameras, making it impossible to take pictures, because you have to spend half an hour turning dials before pressing the shutter.

And today I will prove, that they were all right!

In the spirit of one of my favorite Fuji blogs,, I will list below a series of images, so horrible and painful to the eyes due to the limitations of the APS-C sensor, that you will immediately agree with forum experts, that APS-C is not for Pros.

If you are brave enough, check out the images below.

There is everything wrong, the colors, the dynamic range, the noise, the moments.

Thanks to all members of our gigantic Fujifilm X-T group for providing us these samples.

NOTE: is your sarcasm detector switched on? ;)

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Godox V1 for Fujifilm Firmware 1.1 Released

The Godox V1 firmware 1.1 has been released on July 23.

  1. To improve the heat protection system.
  2. To adjust the control methods of LED.
  3. To solve the problem that the FEC value will be double when the camera flash is attached on the camera

You can access the Godox firmware download page or directly download the .rar file here.

I remind you that the new Godox G3 firmware upgrade software is now available and is finally compatible with MAC.

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LockPort XT3 HDMI Port Saver for Fujifilm X-T3

The Fujifilm X-T3 is a very capable video camera, actually one of the best featured mirrorelss cameras for video currently on the market.

Now LockCircle released the LockPort XT3 HDMI is an HDMI port saver for the Fujifilm X-T3 camera system (there is one also for Fujifilm X-T2).

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X-T3 Rumors, News and Community


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Laowa 17mm f/4 Zero-D for Fujifilm GFX Coming Very Soon: Widest Fujifilm G Mount Lens Takes 86mm Screw Fitler

Venus Optics officially launched the Laowa 17mm f/4 back at Photokina 2018.

After several delays, the lens is now ready for the final release, which, according to Venus Optics, will happen within the next few days.

Jonas Rask has already teased in his GF50mm first look that he is testing a wide angle lens. So expect to see a first hands on to come from Jonas.

The Laowa 17mm f/4 Zero-D will be the widest lens for Fujifilm GFX and will take 86mm screw filters, so no need to carry around bigger filter holders systems.

Laowa 17mm f/4 Zero-D: VenusOptics, BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

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