Fujifilm X-T2: No Touch Screen :: X-T1 Vs. X-T2 Size Comparison :: about the New Lock Mechanism on the Dials!


X-T2 No Touch Screen

Sometimes (very rarely actually) it can happen that I take for grated something that maybe for some of you isn’t, and that’s what happened in this case. So I’ll catch up now and say: the Fujifilm X-T2 has no Touch Screen.

For now, the Fujiflm X70 is and remains the only X-series camera featuring a touch screen.

Given the fact that the Fujifilm X-T2 will have a nice little joystick, the lack of Touch Screen on the X-T2 won’t really be much of an issue for most. The AF-point selection is really comfortable (and precise) with the joystick… and you don’t have to move your eye from the viewfinder to select AF-point with joystick.

Maybe the touch screen is more relevant, if you plan to shoot a lot of video with the X-T2 (which shoots 4K). At least I’ve found the touch screen quite comfortable when shooting video on my old Panasonic GF3.

I guess Fujifilm wants to keep the X-T2 at a certain price point, and including the touch screen would have made it more expensive.

X-T1 Vs- X-T2 Size Comparison

I’ve already shown you a real life X-T1 Vs X-T2 size comparison here. But now that more X-T2 images have leaked here, some FR-readers made their own comparisons. So did FR-reader exkeks in the comments to this post. And the comparison confirms: the Fujifilm X-T2 is bigger.

New Lock Mechanism

One more X-T2 detail I should share with you is about the new Lock Mechanism on the ISO and Shutter dials.

As you can see from the 2 X-T2 images I’ve leaked here, the lock buttons look different compared to the one we find on the X-T1. And the very good news (at least for me) is that it also works differently!

Let’s speak frankly: the current operation of the ISO dial on the X-T1 is, for many, a pain! That’s why many dreamed of an ISO-unlocker (like this one). Having to press the button every time you want to change your ISO-value can be cumbersome. Moreover, the dial is not thick enough, so that touching and changing inadvertently the little Drive dial underneath the ISO-dial is way to easy.

Things are a little better with the X-T1 Shutter dial, which you can turn to any value without keeping the button pressed… but only until you get to “A”. Once on “A”, the shutter dial blocks. Press the button to unlock again.

But the good thing is, that Fujifilm listens to our feedback, and takes care also of these little details, so here is what they did to fix it:

  1. the ISO and Shutter dial are now thicker. It won’t be that easy anymore to touch and change inadvertently the small dials underneath
  2. a new lock mechanism that should work this way: when unlocked, you will be able to turn the ISO/Shutter dial all the way through all the values all the time. It will never block. Of course you have still the option to block the dials to any value you like.

So, that’s it… for now :-)

stay tuned… July 7 is X-T2 day!
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Fujifilm X-T2 :: Full Specs and Image LEAKED! :: 30 Minutes of 4K recording (with vertical Grip) + 325 AF points!

As always a few days before announcemts, our Japanese rumor friend digicame-info is able to leak the images and specs of upcoming products… and in this case it’s the Fujiflm X-T2 :-)

They basically confirm all the rumors shared in the past 6 months here on FujiRumors.

Moreoever, we now know it will shoot 4K up  to 30 minutes (with grip) and have more AF-points than the X-Pro2 (325 Vs. 273)

X-T2 announcement July 7

Full Specs Google translated

– 24.3MP CMOS sensor
– Image processing engine X Processor Pro
– Video 4K30fps. Full HD60fps
– Video of the bit rate is 100Mbps
– The maximum speed of the shutter is 1/8000 seconds. 1/32000 sec electronic shutter
– Synchro speed of the flash is 1/250 seconds
– AF 325 points can be selected intelligent hybrid phase difference AF
– The body is in a magnesium alloy, improve the durability of the dial. Dust and water specification
– EVF is 2.36 million dots. Refresh rate 100fps
– 3-way tilting 3 inches 1.62 million dot LCD monitor
– Dual SD card slot. UHS-II support
– AF-C custom settings
– ISO range is ISO200-12800 (RAW)
– Wi-Fi built-in. Remote shooting correspondence. Instax Share printer support
– 16 kinds of film simulation modes, including the ACROS
– That can customize the settings screen “My Menu”
– Normal / boost mode switching
– 14bit RAW lossless compression. Camera RAW development
– Exposure compensation +/- 5EV
– 256-segment metering (multi-spot average, spot, center-weighted)
– Interval Shooting
– 13 kinds of creative filter
– The battery is NP-W126S. The number of possible shots 350 sheets
– 3.5mm microphone jack. 2.5mm remote terminal. USB3.0 terminal. Micro HDMI terminal
– You can use all of Fujinon X mount lens group

  • When the vertical position power booster grip use of the option, can use a plurality of battery at the same time, continuous shooting is speeding up, the shooting interval, shutter time lag, the image disappearance time is shortened. In addition, 4K of recording time is extended up to 30 minutes.


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Fujifilm X-T2 with Dual SD-Card slot (both UHS-II compatible) + Clarifying the Heat-Thing with the new batteries!

july 7

6 months of X-T2 rumors… and in a few days it will be finally here! But ’till then, the rumor work is not over.

So here are 2 more details I’d like to share with you (and they come from 2 different sources).

  1. The Fujfiilm X-T2 will have dual SD-card slot (nothing new), but the source says both will be UHS-II compatible (on the X-Pro2 only 1 is UHS-II ready)
  2. I told you several times about the new batteries, which should solve the heat issue and allow 4K shooting. And that’s what they will do: they’ll manage heat better. Now, it’s rather technical discussion, but it might be possible that the batteries actually don’t really create less heat, they just manage/dissipate it better. The source also gave me a more technical explanation, but I think all we have to know is this: the new heat managment of the new batteries will prevent overheating and allow 4K shooting.

So, that’s it. I’m quite exhausted, but still alive, and excited… and ready to push you to July 7, when, finally, the X-T2 will be presented to the world!

stay tuned,
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LEAKED :: See the First Image Taken with Fujifilm X-T2!

first Image taken with Fujifilm X-T2


that’s what I see when I open the image with ApolloOne

Fujifilm X-T2 Image Leaked

I’ve tried to inform you as good as I can about the upcoming Fujiflm X-T2. And thanks to our sources, I think we did a quite good job. But something was missing: the first image taken with Fujifilm X-T2 leaked on the internet… and every great rumor-marathon just needs at least one :-)

Luckily I have very attentive readers, and one of them just send me a link to this dailymail article (thanks Marc SolarSky). Marc took a look at the EXIF data of the image showing a father that fans his son during a hot L.A. Dodger game (see the image and EXIF), and he noticed that it was taken with the Fujfiilm X-T2.

The image has been taken by Richard Vogel, Photo Editor for the Associated Press. Richard Vogel is also on Instagram. I wouldn’t be surprised if some images there are taken with the Fujifilm X-T2, too :-).

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