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Fujifilm X-T2 with Dual SD-Card slot (both UHS-II compatible) + Clarifying the Heat-Thing with the new batteries!


july 7

6 months of X-T2 rumors… and in a few days it will be finally here! But ’till then, the rumor work is not over.

So here are 2 more details I’d like to share with you (and they come from 2 different sources).

  1. The Fujfiilm X-T2 will have dual SD-card slot (nothing new), but the source says both will be UHS-II compatible (on the X-Pro2 only 1 is UHS-II ready)
  2. I told you several times about the new batteries, which should solve the heat issue and allow 4K shooting. And that’s what they will do: they’ll manage heat better. Now, it’s rather technical discussion, but it might be possible that the batteries actually don’t really create less heat, they just manage/dissipate it better. The source also gave me a more technical explanation, but I think all we have to know is this: the new heat managment of the new batteries will prevent overheating and allow 4K shooting.

So, that’s it. I’m quite exhausted, but still alive, and excited… and ready to push you to July 7, when, finally, the X-T2 will be presented to the world!

stay tuned,
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