Fujifilm GFX Announcement on January 19

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The Fujifilm GFX will be officially announced (with final specs and price) on January 19. Yep, just along with the X100F and X-T20.

The rumors shared so far, indicate a price tag around $8000/8500 for body, lens and EVF.

  • Fujifilm GFX :: Current Pricing About $8000 (body + lens) – New Source – Read here
  • Local Store lists Fujifilm GFX 50s for “about €8000” :: More Fujifilm GFX Hands-On Reports – Read here
  • Fujifilm GFX Listed for Sale for $8,500 (with lens) at Vietnamese Fuji Premium Reseller – Read here

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Fujifilm GFX :: “Addictive Image Quality.” ** Is the G-System Completing or Competing with the X-system?

Fujifilm continues to tease the Fujifilm GFX at their channel… and they uploaded a bunch of new “Fujifilm GFX Challanges” Videos.

One of the questions is, if the Fujifilm G-System can replace the Fujifilm X-system. For studio work, Itaru Hirama says that the G-system will become his main camera, and the X-series will become his faithful back up. From a wedding photographer’s perspective, you can check out Nathan Sans video, where he says the GFX will be his camera for some specific moments and very special photos, where he wants to deliver to the client the ultimate image (such as the posed portraits of the couple) and for the rest he will use his X-Pro2. So, overall, both system (the G and the X) seem to compelete each other.

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  • Piet Van den Eynde (Travel) took the GFX out on the streets of India. He’s blown away by the sharpness, loves the incredible dynamic range, and being an X-shooter, he immediatly feels at home using the GFX – Video here. There is also an article about the GFX in India at
  • Itaru Hirama (Studio) uses the GFX in studio… but in a rather original way… a photographic jam sessions let’s say. He was impressed by the bokeh of the GFX and loves the fact that he can make very large prints. The GFX is compact and versatile. The GF lenses are stunning at every aperture. For professinals, the GFX completes the Fujifilm system. It will become the main camera of Itaru Hirama and the X-series will serve faithfully as a back-up. – Video here
  • Yinghui Wu (Landscape) takes the GFX out on a rainy day on the seaside and on the mountains. It’s a landscape photography pure video, with no talk, “just” images. – Video here
  • Natan Sans (Wedding) says he will continue to use his X-Pro2 for spontaneous and fast photos, which grab the moment. But he needed also something with maximum quality for specific photos and poses… the Fujifilm GFX. An excellent, and light, camera to work with, so he ends up holding it on hands all the time. AF points are all over the sensor, which makes photographing moving subjects easier compared to other Medium Format systems. Addictive image quality. When shooting weddings, he will use the X-system in situation, where he has to be really close to the couple without being to intrusive, but in some specific moements, for some very special photos of his clients, he will use the GFX. – Video here
  • Serkan Günes (Landscape) takes the GFX into the extreme conditions of the Lapland, searching for the perfect light. He does not talk about the GFX, but you can see how he works with the camera basically covered in snow. Weather sealing seems to work just fine, but it wonder how long the battery last in the extreme cold. – Video here
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“Fujifilm GFX as Affordable as Possible. We Want to Expand the Use of Medium Format to Current Full Frame Users!” – Fujifilm Manager Interview

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The Interview

Cinema5d shared a 16:00 minutes long interview with Fujifilm Manager Takeshi Ueno. It is mainly focussed on video. You can see the full interview at cinema5d. A few excerpts:

  • Fujifilm thinks that their APS-C cameras satisfy 80% of its customers. But landscape photographers requested higher resolution. So they developed the GFX.
  • Target User: Professional photographers, mainly fashion or commercial, portrait photographer in photo studios or landscape and architecture stills photographers.
  • Due to the performance of the sensor (sensor readout not fast enough), it can’t shoot 4K, but Full HD. […] The camera is ment 80-90% for shooting stills. […] But with the next generation of sensor (with 100+MP), Fujifilm would like to improve video functionality, including 4K.
  • Lens linup: “The MF sensor is large, the image circle of the lenses should be big. Light need to hit the sensor in a uniform manner, so accuracy is required for the manufacturing process. They need a higher degree of design and assembly accuracy than on current lenses. We will be trying to produce this kind of lenses. […] We will mainly be developing bright prime lenses for the line-up. Special considerations are resolution and smoothness. […] Lenses are the key to bringing out the performance of the sensor, otherwise the potential of the sensor is wasted.”
  • Fujifilm is designing lenses with enough resolution for a sensor withj 100+ megapixel.
  • Currently, Medium Format is very expensive. We would like to expand the use of medium format to more people, such as full-frame users interested in medium format. For users like these, we would like to introduce it at the most affordable price possible.”


Fujifilm GFX :: “Autofocus? It’s Almost like Working with the X-system” (VIDEO)

Pål Laukli is working with a pre-production Fujifilm GFX, and in his video shared at Fujifilm Global here, he says:

  • If you are used to the X-system, then you will get used soon with the GFX.
  • Shooting tethered is possible
  • JPEG with amazing color depth, very sharp, the skin tones, and X-System feel.
  • Having worked with many different Medium Format System, it was a pleasure to see that the focussing system on the GFX is almost like working with the X-system [NOTE: he does not specify if the AF speed is similar to the one of the X-E1/Pro1, X-E2/T1 or X-T2/Pro2. But it’s safe to assume it could eventually match the speed of X-series cameras with only contrast detection AF, hence X-E1/Pro1… and franky, that alone would already be quite awesome for a MF camera].
  • All the optics delivered a special feeling.

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FIY: The footage was filmed with FUJIFILM X-T2 in 4K quality

Fujifilm Manager: “We Imagine a Smaller Fujifilm GFX with Global Shutter […] Global Shutter Will Change the Industry” (+ make Leaf Shutter Useless?)


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LuLa Fujifilm GFX Interview

Kevin Raber from Luminous Landscape had the opportunity to interview Fuji Guy Billy and Fuji Manager Makoto Oishi. You can see it here.

Some interesting aspects I can highlight for those, who are in a hurry and can’t watch the Video right now.

Adobe Support + Adapters

Billy and Oishi mentioned several times that, thanks to the Fujifilm GFX development announcement, Fujifilm can already discuss with other manufacturers and software companies and work early on supported products for the GFX.

So they say that Fujifilm is already talking with Adobe for support and that adapters are possible, even for leaf shutter lenses, made by Fujifilm or third-party manufacturers.

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Sensor Made by Sony?

Kevin asks if Fujifilm uses a Sony sensor. Billy says that the sensor is highly customized, from the microlens to the silicon process. They do not mention Sony.

Why Focal Plane Shutter + Global Shutter

Kevin also asks what about the future evolution. Will we ever see a GFX with even more megapixel.

Billy’s answer: “The focal plane shutter design allows the GFX to be expandable. So the current lenses, whatever sensor technology comes down the road, will still be capable and that’s one of the key benefits of going with the focal plane shutter.”

And what about the global shutter? Is Fuji looking at this possibility? Fuji Manager Oishi answeres: “Of course we know about the global shutter, and it will change the photography world. Of course we expect it, but currently we don’t have any ideas, because we don’t have that sensor.” Billy: “When the global shutter sensor comes to be, it will be a big change just to the whole camera industry, taking away all the limitations of current electronic shutters.” Oishi: “We always imagine: if the GFX has global shutter, so we can imagine something new. A smaller body. And we also always imagine our X-series with global shutter.

So to me they seem quite confident about the future of the global shutter… and once it will be part of the GFX system, many out there will be happy to have invested in smaller, less complex and cheaper GF lenses due to the lack of leaf shutter, that work perfectly with the new global shutter.

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