Fujifilm Starts Discontinuing Fujicolor 100 and Fujicolor Superia Premium 400

Fujifilm will stop shipping the following film by the end of March 2020.

From now on, Fujifilm will sell the film only separately, and no longer in packs. Not a good sign for future of these films.

Notice of end of sales of some photographic film products

February 7, 2020

Fujifilm Imaging Systems Co., Ltd.

Thank you for using Fujifilm products regularly.

FUJIFILM Imaging Systems Corporation (President: Toru Nishimura)
will discontinue the sale of some photographic film products due to a long-term decrease in demand, which has made it difficult to provide a stable supply.

I am very sorry, but I would appreciate your forgiveness after careful consideration of the situation. We look forward to your continued patronage of Fujifilm products.

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FUJIFILM to Raise Photographic Film Prices in June and End Some Film Sales in December

Price Increase after June

Fujifilm will raise prices on photographic film after June. Affected are:

Color negative film (135)

Professional negative film (135/120)

Professional negative film (120)

Reversal film (135/120/CUT)

Film with lens (135)

  • Fujicolor photography disposable camera

End of Sale in December 2019

Some film options will no longer be sold:

Color Negative Film

Film with lens

Fujifilm Statement
(google translated)

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