Shutter Sound Comparison Fujifilm X-T4 vs X-H1 vs X-T3 vs X-T2 vs X-T1 vs X100V

Since this post is about shutter sound, I would like to introduce it with the words of Tiziano Terzani:

“My life changed on the 30th of April 1975 [Note: last day of the Vietnam War], because on that day – when Americans flew from the roofs of Saigon – a skilled Vietnamese thief was able to steal a Leica M3 of an American. I met him at the market of Saigon a few days later and bought that camera. Wonderful. Simple. For 100 Dollar! It became the camera of my life. […]

The nice thing of that camera is, that it is very easy to load the film, that’s very important. […] You keep it around your neck, turn, open, insert film, close and – trum-pum! It’s ready to use. Easy. And once you selected shutter speed, aperture, black & white, 400 ASA, you take the picture. You simply cannot do anything wrong!

And then there was an almost erotic aspect, I mean, you put this camera for example at 1/125 and when you take the picture it makes a “cloc-cloc” that is such a joy to hear!”

Cloc-cloc” or “click-click” or “flap-flap“. Whatever the sound is, I agree with Tiziano that pressing the shutter button and hear it sealing the moment is a joy.

And now, after this introduction, let’s see how the shutter sound of the Fujifilm X series evolved over the years, thanks to a video by nyphotog2006 you can see below.

The comparison is between:

To me, the Fujifilm X-T4 shutter sounds even a tiny bit more quiet than the Fujifilm X-H1 shutter, which is rather impressive!

Then he throws a Fujifilm X100V into the comparison, but that’s like cheating, as it makes almost no sound thanks to its leaf shutter .

Cultural Sidenote: I love the books of Tiziano Terzani, and highly recommend you to read them. They also made a movie out of one of his books, it’s called “The End is my Beginning“. If you have some spare time, it’s worth to watch it. The actor playing Tiziano is Bruno Ganz, an absolute gigantic actor, who played iconic roles in film history, like the Hitler in Downfall and Wings of Desire of Wim Wenders.

Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware Update in Spring/Summer will Bring “a Significant Number” of Fujifilm X-T4 features to X-T3

We just had to debunk a rumor, about an imminent arrivial of Fujifilm X-T3 firmware 4.0.

We confirm, the firmware is NOT coming soon, hence the screenshot you see in this post with the firmware update list, is 100% fake. Fujifilm is NOT currently editing the firmware page to release a new firmware very soon.

Here is the rumor we received from sources (thanks):

  a significant number of the new features in X-T3 successor will be introduced to X-T3 via firmware updates in the spring/summer

So, there will be eventually one, but the wait is definitely longer, and Fujifilm is NOT editing their firmware page right now, as the firmware has still to be developed. So no need to format your SD-Card, fellow X-T3 users ;).

But the day the firmware comes, what could be the features? Easy to upgrade should be:

  • digital image stabilization
  • new film simulations Classic Negative and Bleach Bypass
  • AF Range limiter, Clarity adjustment, handheld HDR feature
  • 240 fps

But that’s all just speculation from my side. Nobody knows the precise features yet.

The Fujifilm X-T4 will be announced February 25/26 (depending on your time zone here)

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FAKE: No Imminent Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware 4.0 Update Coming

The screenshot above showing a Fujifilm X-T3 firmware 4.0 has been sent to me by so many FR readers today, that I simply must take position on it, or my phone will keep up ringing with messages about this firmware.

The screenshot has been shared on fujirumors comments here (original post on dpreview, but since then been removed).

So let me say it clearly: there is NO imminent firmware 4.0 for Fujifilm X-T3 coming, as the screenshot suggest.

The firmware has still to be developed, so it’s impossible Fujifilm is setting up the firmware page for imminent release now. The firmware will come much later, could be as late as summer, and the features have not yet been decided.

I hope that was clear enough.

Look closely, and you’ll see down below how easily something like this is done ;)

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Fujifilm X-T4 vs Fujifilm X-T3 vs X-H1 vs Sony A7III Accurate Size Comparison

Here is an accurate size comparison between the Fujifilm X-T3 and the Fujifilm X-T4.

As you can see, Fujifilm managed to put IBIS into it without making it that much bigger.

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Size Comparison Below

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