Fujifilm GFX GAS ALERT: “It’s a Beast!” :: Fuji GFX Beats Pentax 645z :: GFX + Otus 55… and A LOT of Sample Images!


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I’m sorry guys, but these days are GFX days. But don’t be afraid… X-stuff is coming very soon… and I think you will like it A LOT!

I can’t think of a better place in these days to know everything about the GFX, than our hyperactive 8,000+ members strong Fujifilm GFX facebook group. It’s simply astonishing how active GFX owners are sharing their images and impressions every minute. Thanks guys :-)

Oh, sure, it’s a closed group, but since I’m a kind guy, I will take some tidbits from the group and share it with all of you. You’re welcome ;)

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shared by yslphotos here: Hi all. I did a comparison shot between the 645z and the Fuji GFX50s at my apartment. Same ledge, same place. Metering is the same, center weighte Variables are as follows.

  1. The Pentax 645z photo was shot with a 19mm equivalent and the Fuji at 24mm.
  2. The Pentax 645z settings were ISO100, 90s exposure, F8. Fuji was ISO 100, 30s exposure, F8. Used a light meter to figure out the exposure.
  3. The timing is 2 am vs 8 pm (about 6 hours difference) after a cloudy evening. 2014 vs 2017 (if it matters).
  4. DNG vs OOC JPEG (at this point can’t compare the RAF).

Findings from the community in the comments:

yslphotos.: CA more noticeable on the Pentax lenses over the same area
Jensen: Fuji won!
Johnathan L.: Fuji look nicer

Less CA on the Fuji

_ _ _

shared by 陈. here: GF63F2.8 – or maybe a few randoms~

_ _ _

shared by 陈. here: Fujifilm GFX GF63F2.8 – For streets maybe?

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Fujifilm GFX Vs. Canon 5D MK IV – Resolution :: GFX Sample at ISO 12,800 :: X100F Roundup

GFX image at ISO 12,800 on flickr

Fujifilm GFX: USA BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUKParkCamerasUKPCHstore AUS: CameraPro

GFX, 120 f/4 Macro, 1/125, f/22, ISO100 at GFX Facebook Group

Fujifilm X100F
USA BHphotoAdorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUK, ParkCamerasUK, PCHstore AUS: CameraPro

Fujifilm GFX Vs. Canon 5DS R Vs. Sony A7rII: “Incomparable. GFX IQ Far Better Than My Canon. Dynamic Range Surpasses My Sony”

Fujifilm GFX Nr1 Seller at BHphoto!

Fujifilm GFX First Looks

As many of you guys, I’m also waiting for GFX reviews. Right now it’s still quite early, but we already have a bunch of first impression shared here in the live blogging. And new ones are coming in. So here are two more:

Adrian C Murray owns a 5oMP Full Frame Canon 5DS R and also the Sony A7RII. He had quite some time to make deeper tests on the GFX and published his First Impression here. Some excerpts:

  • Fuji GFX Vs. Sony A7RII Vs. Canon 5DS R: While the digital resolutions of both these cameras [GFX and 5DS R] are similar I did notice that the actual image quality was far better on the 50S. So much so that I’d pretty much say the two cameras are basically incomparable […] The 50s offers far more dynamic range than I’ve had on any of my Canon cameras and also surpasses my Sony A7Rii
  • AF SPEED: I was happily surprised with the autofocus […] I was able to obtain focus on some of the most difficult subjects in the world, children. Not just any children, but hyperactive toddlers. While I probably wouldn’t do any sport shooting with this camera, it’s autofocus is still very capable in the right hands.

Stuff.tv that has spend a few hours with the GFX. Here are some excerpts of their first impression:

  • Full-frame photographers watch out – there’s a new high-end champion to get jealous over
  • IQ: With the right lighting and camera settings, you’ll get billboard-quality shots right off your memory card – especially as the GFX shoots in 14-bit RAW, which is perfect for capturing wide dynamic range.
  • AF SPEED: Motion wasn’t a problem, tracking two dancers as they moved across the frame and delivering crisp shots every time […]. It really is amazingly fast. […] I’ll need to see how it deals with faster action
  • Tethering: The GFX 50S will do tethered shooting with Adobe Lightroom, too – as long as you buy the optional Pro plugin.
  • Initial Verdict: It’s smaller than full frame DSLRs from the likes of Nikon and Canon, but packs in a larger sensor, and is arguably easier to use. Fuji’s fantastic control layout is easy enough for newcomers to learn, and instantly recognisable for anyone stepping up from an X-series camera. […] The GFX 50S might be the camera that pushes medium format into the mainstream

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“The Panasonic GH5 is A Workhorse… But Fuji’s X-T2 is Far More Attractive and Fun to Use!” (Reviewed.com)

Reviewed.com tested the brand new Panasonic GH5 (BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama). It’s a hell of a camera, but here is what they think compared to the Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2:

$2K pricing […] For that kind of money, you’re easily looking at a full-frame Sony A7, an awesome Fujifilm X-Pro2 perhaps, or maybe even a really great full-frame DSLR like the Nikon D750.

Function over form means it’s not amazingly designed
There’s no doubt that this is a workman-like camera. If you were hoping for something cooler-looking, then you’re going to want to look elsewhere. For instance, Olympus offers its jewel-like PEN-F for a lot less, and for my money, the Fujifilm X-T2 is far more attractive and fun to use. Since most cameras are really great these days, style is something to consider.

If you don’t love the way your camera handles or looks when you’re shooting with it, then what’s the point?”

Review at cameras.reviewed

This is one of the recurring themes, when people test and use Fujiiflm X-gear… these X-cameras are simply a joy to use and they look great. So feel free to tell us in the comments, how important are for you look and handling when you purchase a new camera.

Graphite Silver Fujifilm X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama /

Graphite Fujifilm X-Pro2 + XF23mmF2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama

Travel Photography – Fujifilm X-Pro 2 vs. Canon 5D Mark III


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guest post by Andy Gawlowski – worldwidewax.chfacebookinstagram

Travel photography demands high technical performances of a camera. A suitable camera should be able to reliably deal with constantly changing lighting conditions (dynamic range, ISO-performance, white balance) and react as fast as possible to spontaneous moments and movements (autofocus), just to mention the most important requirements. Among the “must have” of such an all-rounder camera are anyway colour-balanced and sharp photos.

Since the market launch back in 2012, I have been shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III and numerous prime lenses from Canon. The 5D delivers excellent picture quality, is fast-paced, and has a very good ISO performance for most situations. It comes quite close to such all-rounder. However, throughout the past four years I often met and exceeded the limitations of the 5D, which drove me crazy at times and brought me somewhat to the point of despair. These weaknesses include in particular its size, its crazy high weight (12kg in total with all lenses) and its poor dynamic range.

For my trip through Morocco in October, I got the opportunity to photograph with the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 to test the camera thoroughly. I have been wanting to try a mirrorless-system for a long time. Nonetheless, a full frame mirrorless camera would be no option for me. Full-frame mirrorless offers zero advantages compared to full-frame DSLRs in lens size and weight (only the 70-200f.2.8 weights 1,5kg!). So if you have a bag full of gear, the only area where you can save space and weight is the camera body alone which isn’t a big benefit. Initially I was very sceptical towards the idea of changing from a full frame to a supposedly weaker APS-C system. Given my high expectations regarding picture quality, I could hardly imagine that an APS-C camera could nearly keep up with a full frame camera.

My resume after travelling for two weeks with the X-Pro2? I’m just about to sell my entire Canon gear and switch to Fujifilm. Here are the reasons.

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