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Switch to the X for weddings: “A full switch from Nikon? It’s something I wasn’t expecting, but the X-T1 is so enjoyable (and better)”


Lukas Gisbert-mora is a professional portrait and wedding photographer, who used the Nikon system for 15 years. Then, one day, he bought the Fujiflm X-T1 for his personal use… at least that was his intention. But after three months (and 20,000 shots) he made, to his own surprise, the full switch to Fuji:”this is something I wasn’t expecting! […] I’ve never experienced something so enjoyable.” He now shoots all his weddings exclusively with the Fujfilm X-T1, enjoying the smaller and discrete X-system:

At wedding, you have a camera smaller than some of the guests’ camera. […] That’s technology, things get smaller.”

Sure, the camera and the X-system have its quirks. Lukas talks about the lack of flash, video capability (improvements coming with the December firmware), the battery indicator is unreliable, it’s not a sport camera because the continuous autofocus is a little unreliable (50-50 to get the shot)…. but there is so much else that he loves on this camera, that he sold all his Nikon gear and didn’t regret it at all.

The single focussing is surprising fast, “one of the best I’ve used“. He keeps his camera in single focus mode because it is so quick to focus and take a picture, even with the XF 56mmf/1.2 wide open and a shallow DOF:

At the dancing floor at a wedding, when I compare my shots taken with the Nikon, and a Fuji, I could actually see that the Fuji was performing better“.

Another big PRO is the EVF and the ability to see, in real time, what you’ll get in your viewfinder while you change your settings:

You can be much quicker in taking the shot than using a DSLR which is great especially at weddings, when you can’t miss the moment.

He then talks about the Fujinon lenses, which he apparently prefers over all the Nikon lenses he used before. In fact, he says that:

The construction of the lens (the 56mmf/1.2) is simply the best I’ve used, superbly made. […] Between all my Nikon lenses, I can find differences in color and contrast, while with Fuji, between the €1,000 lens 56mm and the €400 lens 35mm, the color and the contrast are pretty much the same. This consistency in color and contrast between the Fuji lenses, which is really important for the workflow.”

The combination Fujfilm X-T1 + Fujinon glass delivers, according to Lukas,”a picture quality better than on my Nikon D3s […] I find the Fuji better handling the natural light, than my Nikon.”

So he ends up recommending the X-system especially to wedding and portrait photographers, and if you shoot a lot manually, because “working in manual, it’s probably the best experience I’ve ever had with a camera.”

Look at video here on youtube.

Oh, and Lukas specifies in the comments that he isn’t sponsored by Fuji and he doesn’t get anything from them… it’s just his personal opinion matured after 3 months of intense use of the Fujifilm X-T1. Do you agree (or not) with his conclusions? Share your experience with the Fuji’s at weddings/portrait in the comments down below.

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