Save up to $ 913! Fuji X-superkit deals now also at B&H…. until March 31!


 photo bhoffer_zpsad27f9bc.png

After Adorama, now also BHphoto has some interesting Fuji X-superkit deals. This offer expires on March 31!

So, for example you can save $ 825 if you select the first bundle: Fujinon 35mm/18-55mm/60mm/18mm Lens (includes free Fujifilm 39mm Protector Filter2 x Fujifilm 52mm Protector FilterFujifilm 58mm Protector Filter, value $88)

Bhphoto deals: X-E1 (silverblack) / X-PRO1

The other Fuji X-deals are:


ADood photo Xe1ado_zpsf9460c18.png

You can save a lot if you buy, together with the X-E1, the following Fuji X-mount lenses (black version offer / silver version offer). [Fuji XF18mm (save $300) / Fuji XF35mm (save $300) / Fuji XF60mm (save $175) / Fuji XF18-55 (save $200)].

You can save a lot also if you buy, together with the X-PRO1, the following Fuji X-mount lenses (click here to go to the offer). [Fuji XF18-55 (save $300) Fuji XF18mm (save $150) Fuji XF60mm (save $175)].

There are also two bundles:

1) X-E1 with SD-card, spare battery and more with a $120 rebate  (X-E1 silver bundle / X-E1 black bundle)

2) X-E1 with Bag, spare battery and more with about $110 rebate (X-E1 silver bundle / X-E1 black bundle)


Fuji authorized reseller Cameralnd has a deal on the X-E1 kit in  Black (Click here). You save $200. For $1160 you can purchase it also at bigvalueinc here. Find more deals via slidoo (click here).


There are some 3rd part reseller that offer the following bundles:

– X-E1 kit bundle offer. Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens (Black), Deluxe Gadget Bag, Battery, Flexpod, Filter Kit, 64GB SDXC (for $1.400 click here)

– X-E1 kit bundle offer: Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens + 16GB, Filter Kit, Case, Full Size Tripod, Cleaning kit Accessory Package (for $1.248 click here)

– X-E1 kit bundle offer: Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens (Black), LowePro Case, Battery, Flexpod, Filter Kit, Wide Angle, Telephoto Lens + 64GB SDXC (10) Deluxe Bundle (for $1.450 click here)

– X-E1 kit bundle offer:  Fujifilm X-E1 with 18-55mm Lens 64GB Deluxe Bundle Kit (for $1.350 click here)

See them all here.

P.S.: And if you are waiting for the new Fuji X-cameras…

X100s: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUK

X20: AmazonUS (blacksilver) / BHphoto (blacksilver) / Adorama (blacksilver) / AmazonUK (blacksilver) / ebayITA


  • David Cartier

    This is very attractive pricing and should pull more into the X system.

    Personally, the X100s announcement has put me off purchasing an X body until the X-trans II is incorporated. Also, I hope they might be working on a smaller/cheaper body with optional EVF (though likely not purist enough for Fuji) – I would buy this AND an X-Pro2.

  • Richard

    I, like many others, like Fuji Color. I would prefer Fuji to make a full frame DSLR instead of waste time in this low end non DSLR camera field.

    When people go for non-SLR, it is for the small size and for portability. Professionals would only use it for some areas or as a second camera(not to replace DSLR). so there is no market for Fuji XPros. Leica was there in 1950’s when 35mm SLR was not there yet. Leica got into financial problems once Nikon Pentax got into quantity production

    In the current XE1 camera, no VR inside body is a major down side compared to the competition(namely Olympus EM5). Fuji need to sell XE1 with a quality standard lens at $999 to really get people into the door. Sorry the BH specials would not get new buyer interested.

    For me: I have been eyeing on Fuji S5 vs S3. DSLR is more a main stream camera. optical finder is the best compared to the best of electronic finder.

    Pentax may fly if Pentax can get the things right with a full frame DSLR in LX size and with a pancake lens. With 43mm pancake it would be as small as if not smaller than XE1+ 35mm/F1.4 lens.

    Is Full Frame important? Yes. We all want it if money is not a limiting factor. Users want the best and biggest possible frame within limit of budget and weight.

    Just look at how many Bronica ETRS 645 SLR sold in the film age. Bronica sold far over 1/4 million 645 SLR, mostly to hobbyists. One set of 645 SLR was over $2000 in 1990’s when typical 35mm SLR was under $500 and pro models were at $1000.

  • y3k

    Richard please go, and buy something big for you…

    • Richard

      I bought more than 10 Digital cameras in the past several years. I know cameras and photographic industry far better through my 30 years of collector history. I had one of the best Leica Rollei zeiss Canon Pentax Nikon Olympus etc collections before I stopped. So I can say with valuable feedback for Fuji. Yes, some do not like to listen just like those couldn’t believe earth is not flat.

  • c0ldc0ne

    “there is no market for Fuji XPros”

    You are not very good at trolling, are you?

    • Richard

      Discussion needs facts and historical evidence. Your post did not contribute anything.

    • Richard

      The sales volume for X-pro is poor, Fuji can’t recover tooling cost. Fuji needs to and have to go Full frame DSLR for the next round.

      Fuji made money on X100 unexpected, now lost money on Xpro and XE1 so far. Proof is in the sales volume.

      • David Cartier

        Richard – if you want quantity over quality, please go back to Canon and Nikon, from whence you came. If you look to many of the more creative artists working today – you will find Fuji is their chosen instrument of choice. Your words are wasted here because they are born of a vitriolic subjectivity based on some kind of pissing contest mentality. Please – enough!!!

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