RUMOR: Upcoming Fuji Flash made with METZ… and some more specs! (anonymous source)


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the Fujifilm EF-42 is one of the Fuji flashes available at the market. More flash units are needed…. a new flash could come in spring 2015

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An anonymous source with nick-name (thanks) just shared with us the following information: The new (still just rumored) flash for the Fuji X System will be made with METZ. The features? Guide number 52, off shoe TTL, ABC grouping and to be announced at the CP+ in Japan (February).

This rumor confirms (partially) what shared earlier about this flash. In fact, previous rumors talked about wireless control, but the guide number was said to be 50. And as you might remember, a trusted source told us that it will be released in spring 2015. Another reminder: it is said to have HSS capability.

The anonymous source also confirms what Fujifilm told us back on the 24th of July: the XF90mm and the XF140-400 will be released at the end of 2015. It also said that the X-PRO2 would feature an 24MP sensor.

Message to sources: you can contact Fujirumors 100% anonymously via rumor box (maybe using a nick name so that I can eventually recognize you in future) or via email at fujirumor [at] Feel free to make my X-PRO2 rumor sleuthing a bit easier ;)

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  • theone

    ah, was hoping this would happen in time for the wedding season.

  • jojo
    • CoffeeWithChris

      I just came to leave the same comment. Who knows how this will change things though because they do make more than just flashes.

    • Well, the production is still running. As far as I know the main problem of Metz is TVs, where they just can’t compete with Samsung, Sony and LG.
      I don’t know the numbers but I guess the Flash-Segment is fine. Maybe a new investor comes along, maybe a competitor buys it. Worst case is they shut it down some time in the future, but let us hope for the best.

      • andif62

        I doubt producing some camera flashes for Fujifilm could save them…

        • No objection there but I don’t see how this is related to my comment.

  • J J

    So, maybe they’re just rebranding this one. Seems to have the rumored specs already….I think….

    • A flash with touchscreen for the camera with no touchscreen? What an ergonomic marvel!

    • Oh my I hope not!

    • Andrew Hope

      Yeah, great idea Fuji, add yet another crap flash unit to the group of already shit flash units. Looks like I’m buying the Nissin i40 then!

  • Florence Griffith

    well I need a flash now…I have the nissin i40 coming tomorrow…looking forward to testing it out

  • Jack Flashlight

    I doubt if this will come true.
    Didn’t Metz went broke a few weeks ago?

  • sghound

    metz is broke

  • About time to get off-camera TTL – for some of my work, it’s essential. HSS not so much. Although we don’t know if it’s gonna be based on an existing model, I would like to see something like those lithium powered Godox flashes. One of those babys hold as much power as 4AA+8AA battery pack! With multiple flashes & triggers, battery management is a serious overhead. In fact, I was hoping Fuji would go with Godox or develop something similar.

  • Arnold Newman

    I hope these end up being radio controlled and not just optical.

    • Ash

      highly doubt it

  • Ash

    If Fuji wants us to buy this rather than a Nissin i40 then they need to give out some concrete details. The silence is deafening. Also, didn’t Metz just file for bankruptcy?

  • JZ

    Metz filed for insolvency about 3 weeks ago…

    • Herve

      That’s what I remember too. That’s not looking good…

  • TTL is nice, HSS is nice, but what I really want from Fuji on the flash front are these two things:

    1) Ability to shoot with flash in drive mode;
    2) Ability to use second-curtain sync with any flash/remote.

    You know – things that have been possible with other cameras for 25 years or more.

  • Dave

    Hey Patrick…fujirumors guy…regarding the 4 lenses to be released in 2015…Luminous Landscape video taped and have on their web site interviews with Fuji at 2014 Photokina. It is posted in 2 parts, the second part talks of when the 2015 lenses will be released. I am not sure why the release of these lenses would be much of a rumor, Fuji spelled it out very directly.
    Here’s a link.

  • Serge S Frolov

    That does not fill me with confidence that we will ever see a good Fuji flash…
    I want a retro tiltable flash for my XPro1, the huge “paparazzi” bounce flash looks and balances so badly on it. Nisson i40 is cute but it is not retro…

    Plus i use the thumb grip, and i hate that I have to take it off for flash or triggers. would love for someone to make a thumb grip with functional hotshoe,

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