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Pinhole Pro X 18-38mm Zoom Lens for Fujifilm X on Pre-Order


Following the huge success of the Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Pro S Series, US company Thingyfy just launched the new Pinhole Pro X 18-36mm zoom lens for video and photo on kickstarter here.

The Pinhole Pro X 18-36mm is the world’s first ever pinhole zoom lens, bolstering Thingyfy’s line-up of professional pinhole primes, designed specifically for video production and art photography.

It will be available for Fujifilm X mount, as well as Sony E, Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony A and Micro 3/4.

Already available for Fujifilm X:

Demo videos about the new Pinhole Pro X 18-36mm can be found on kickstarter here.

The campaign has just been launched, but it already raised 5 times the requested goal. As usual, you get backers discount on kickstarter.