The Day After: focus peaking on the X-E1/X-PRO1


FR-reader George is one of many photographers who updated the X-camera in order to get the focus peaking. Now he posted his “interim conclusion” on his website as it is “not fair to make complete judgment without more time using the feature“. He tried this “welcome addition” on his X-PRO1 with Voigtländer Color Skopar 35mm f2.5. Read his blog post here.

EVF: “The focus peaking white lines seem to be visually much less obvious than the lines in the X100S at normal magnification. Highly textured surfaces or contrasty edges give the best results, while obviously peaking lines are hard to see on white/bright edges. Unfortunately that last bit is important as the EVF is quite contrasty. This makes it quite difficult to determine the plane of focus accurately.  The X100s is much easier to use in this regard, but so long as there is a single colour I think this will always be a limitation on the Fuji implementation. Zooming in to 3x or 10x magnification and then focusing works really well, there is no doubt as to what is in focus.”

Keep in mind that at the Fuji event in Canada the reps said to vkphoto that more focus peaking colours will come in future… this would make it even more useful. Read again this KAIZEN post here.

Patrick (FR: facebook, twitter)

focus peaking: X-PRO1 with Voigtländer Color Skopar 35mm f2.5


Already? 23mm, 10-24mm and 56mm prices&pre-order at ParkCameras (UK)


 photo xf23mm_zpsde11779b.png

UK-store Parkcameras has already listed the upcoming XF lenses (23, 10-24, 56) as available for pre-order and marked them with price (notice that the store wrote 56mm f/1.4 but on April 17 Fuji update the roadmap and said it will be f/1.2). So here are the price tags of Parkcameras for all the XF lenses… from the most expensive to the cheapest.

XF 56mm £799
XF 10-24mm £799
XF 14mm £729 – (£689 at AmazonUK) … ($899 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 23mm £679
XF 55-200 £599 (£649 at AmazonUK) … ($699 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 18-55 £499 (£479 at AmazonUK) …. ($699 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 60mm £465 ………………………….. ($649 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 18mm £429 ………………………….. ($599 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 35mm £429 ………………………….. ($599 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 27mm £379 ………………………….. ($449 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)

Thanks FR-reader Ray for telling us about.

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 photo xflenses_zps7bb5dbfc.png


techradar X-M1 hands on review (and pre-order at AmazonDE)


 photo X-M1_zpsb4de7bd2.png

Comfortable in the hand, the buttons and dials have a high-quality feel, the LCD “doesn’t seem to suffer excessively from reflections or ghosting.” About the AF techradar says:

“We were only able to use the pre-production sample Fuji X-M1 in the confines of an office with relatively low, flat light, which doesn’t do the contrast detection autofocus system any favours. Nevertheless the camera managed to focus the lens on every subject we pointed at and with reasonable, although not super-quick, speed.”

They also tested the X-M1 in their labs so you can check out the resolution and sensitivity results. They compared the X-M1 with the Sony NEX-3N, Fuji X-E1Olympus E-PM2 and Panasonic GF6.

Check the graphs, see the samples and read the hands on review here at


And as I told you in a note of the firmware-post (continue to share your experience with the new firmware there) German FR-readers can now pre-order also the X-M1 kit (or body only) here at AmazonDE.

X-M1 (body only or with 16-50mm)USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonDE

XF 27mm – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalRev / Pictureline EUROPE: AmazonDE / DigitalRev / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA XC 16-50: WexUK / PCHstore


First real image of the XF 23mm?


 photo 23_zpse2276947.png

Is this the first real image of the XF 23mm?

I’ve just received an email from FR-reader Dean. He spotted at top of Fuji’s new roadmap page an image of an XF lens with distance scale… and it’s definitely not the 14mm (specs&price).

The 14mm has a filter tread of 58mm, but on the edge of this picture there is a clear 62 designated for the filter thread. And so far other than the 14mm there is no other lens with a distance scale.

Is this the new XF 23mm expected to be released in October? Take a look at it here at Fuji’s roadmap site.

Thanks a lot Dean for sharing this information with Fujirumors.

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DEAL: AmazonDE X100 Blitzangebot reloaded (14:00 Berlin Time)


 photo bl_zps78ee6005.png

Again? I just noticed on the FR-dealsrunner sidebar that AmazonDE is offering again a “Blitzangebot” on the Fuji X100! It seems that the 22% price drop of last week (click here) was not enough to convince people to buy it. I’m curious to see how low AmazonDE will go this time. We will know it very soon at 14:00 CET. Click here to see the deal.

To see how you can get a free XF18mm lens in UK/ROI or win a X-E1+ 18-55 (phoblographer) check this FR-post here.

P.S.: Continue to share your experience with the new firmware at the firmware-post here.