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1) You can now save 8% ($50) if you purchase the black X20 at AmazonUS here. You’ll see the price of $549 once you add the item in the cart.

Fuji X20: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

found via dealsrunner.

2) Think Tank just lanched the new TurnStyle Sling Camera Bag. Check it out at BHphoto and Adorama. See if you can find it also at your Amazon here or at your eBay.

The Think Tank TurnStyle 5 holds Mirrorless Camera & 2 to 4 Lenses

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First organic sensor to be used in cameras from late 2014 early 2015.


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Fujifilm press release

Fuji innovated the camera industry by developing the X-Trans Sensor. But the future seems to be a based on the “organic sensors”. The new technology promises among the others “Industry’s highest dynamic range of 88dB”, “higher sensitivity than conventional sensors” and “ range of incident angle expanded to 60 degrees for faithful color reproduction“.

One source told us that this is still far away from being implemented in X cameras. If all works fine we can expect the first camera to feature that sensor in late 2014 early 2015 only.

Last year in a Lenstip (Click here) interview Fuji said that the super high quality organic sensor (that we hoped to be inside the X PRO 1) will not be find any use in the short term. It’s still too early for a real use on cameras.


X-M1 reviews roundup (admiringlight and more), XF 27mm first impressions + X-M1 kit deal


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still missing: at the major stores the X-M1 black body is available only combined with the kit lens. At AmazonUS here you have to pay $50 extra for the black body only via third party reseller. Just two more available.

price drop: at dealsrunner they found the first price drop on a DEMO X-M1 kit at eBay here (save $70). ACT FAST, just 2 more available!

cameraland X-M1 kit deal (just 2 available)

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X-M1 (body only or with 16-50mm)USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalReveBay / Pictureline EUROPEeBay / DigitalRevAmazonITA / AmazonDE / WexUK / PCHstore

XF 27mm – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / DigitalReveBay / Pictureline EUROPEeBay / DigitalRev / WexUKAmazonDEAmazonITA / PCHstore XC 16-50eBay / WexUK / PCHstore

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– In depth X-M1 review at admiringlight here. From the conclusions: “I didn’t think I was going to like the X-M1 that much. I really prefer to use an EVF where possible, though I’m not completely averse to using a camera without one. They modified the truly outstanding old-school control scheme, and I didn’t think I would like that at all. Then, when I picked up the body, it felt quite plasticky. Yet, as I used the camera, I found myself really, really enjoying it. It’s by far the most responsive X-series ILC to date, the small size and outstanding image quality, combined with a well thought out control scheme has made me quite happy to grab the X-M1 and go shoot. Focus peaking works very well on the rear LCD, I enjoy using Wi-Fi to quickly share high quality photos, and certainly, the image quality seriously impresses. I actually found myself enjoying the X-M1 more than my X-E1 in most situations. It’s not all puppies and rainbows, of course. The autofocus speed still noticeably trails its competitors, though Fuji has made good strides over the past year to bring it up to a speed that is generally acceptable for most shooting.”

thedigitalcameraworld review here: “Fuji cameras can’t really compete with Olympus and Panasonic cameras in terms of focusing speeds, but nevertheless, the X-M1 is quick enough for the majority of situations. Both start-up times and shot-to-shot times are also very quick. We had pretty high hopes for the X-M1 with its proven sensor. Happily, we have not been disappointed by image quality, with shots containing plenty of detail and bright, punchy colours.”

– X-M1 review at trustedreviews here: “What the X-M1 may be lacking in specification – as well as in the value stakes – it more than makes up for it with striking design and the standard of image quality. If you’re in the market for an entry-level CSC, it’s well worthy of consideration.”

eyalg X-M1 review here: “The X-M1 would have been a tremendous hit, if only it was treated by Fuji as a photographer’s camera, rather than a checked flag in their lineup or a gadget to show off with. Some of these mistakes can be mended by future firmwares – adding AF/MF control to the AF button, adding an option for the silent mode to use the electronic shutter, adding all existing film simulations, as well as B&W filters. Sure, they managed to pull off a great technological achievement, and introduced a compact mirrorless camera with terrific photographic capabilities, but they left something out while doing it – the essence of the X family. The sensation of sheer greatness. Close, but no cigar.”

– rolandrim X-M1 impressions here: “Oh, I really have to rant about this. The X-M1 is the 3rd iteration of the X series bodies, and although I applaud Fujifilm for making constant improvement with each new camera and also bringing new firmware updates to improve old ones. There are somethings that still has not changed. I have not seen anyone ranting about this so far, but I am sure I am not the only one. Why on earth does Fujifilm thinks that +/- 1 stop exposure bracketing is enough??? Even before the days of HDR photos, all DSLR I have shot with allowed at least +/- 2 stops of exposure bracketing. Does Fujifilm know that HDR photo processing even exists?? Please, please, please give us at least +/- 2 stops, preferably even 3 stops exposure bracketing! It is all software really, I am sure Fujifilm can easily add this in new firmware!”

XF 27mm first impressions at thephoblographer here: “So far, we’re overall very impressed with the quality of this lens. It seems to be a bit too expensive for our tastes, but it surely doesn’t overall deserve to be bashed. While it had some quirks, it has some excellent positives such as stellar image quality, pretty fast focusing, and an itty bitty size to match.”

– And after reading all these reviews, if you think it’s the one camera that meets your needs, in this unboxing video you’ll see what’s inside the box and a size comparison X100 vs X20 vs X-M1 at the end of the video. (source PCHstore)


APS-C battle: X100S vs RicohGR vs Leica X2 vs Nikon A vs Sigma DP1


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image courtesy: mobile01

This one is a tough battle: X100S vs Ricoh GR vs NikonA vs Leica X2 vs Sigma DP1 Merril!

It’s a comprehensive comparison with a lot of sample images: portrait, ISO, sharpness, moiree, bokeh and much more. Take your time to compare all the sample images and decipher the google translated text version.. Check it out here (translation) and then vote your overall favorite camera in the poll.


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