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GFX Technologies #6 – The New Color Chrome Effect: Both a Goal, and a Beginning :: GFX Vs. Sony A7rII & More


Color Chrome Effect

The 6th episode of the GFX technologies series is now online. This time it’s about the new color chrome effect:

  • The development of Color Chrome Effect is derived from a reversal film: fortia. The film was introduced to the market in 2004 with the catchphrase “Higher contrast and more vivid color than Velvia
  • no matter what you do in Velvia mode, it will never turn into fortia
  • When expressing colors such as red, orange, yellow, or yellow green in high contrast, high brightness tends to exist. If contrast and brightness both reach their peaks, there is no room for tonality. As a result, the image becomes very flat. But by analyzing the light and information received on the sensor surface, one can detect slight gradation. Color Chrome Effect uses this to create tonality while maintaining high contrast. As a result, an image is achieved without losing its depth.
  • Side effect: processing power is required. Even the X-Processor Pro needs about 1.0 sec. to process the Color Chrome Effect. If you are single shot user, then this is not a problem. But you cannot shoot continuously or set it to AF-C mode.

Read the whole story at fujifilm-x

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