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Nissin Postponed High-Speed Sync. Support for FUJIFILM to Mid-May (Firmware Update only via Nissin Official Service Center)


Press Release 1

Nissin Marketing Limited announces the High Speed Synchronization function (HSS) will be available for existing Nissin flash users in mid-May of 2017 (for Nissin Speedlight Di 700 A, Air 1, i 60 A, i 40 )

We noticed a high-demand from our customers regarding the use of HSS function in Nissin products on Fujifilm cameras. Therefore, we have planned to provide firmware update service to existing Nissin flash owners in enabling the HSS function*.

For more details, please contact the local Nissin products distributor in your region. Their contact information is listed on your Nissin product packaging and/or your guarantee card.

*The firmware update process can be performed in the Nissin official service center only. Customers who are unable to bring the Nissin products to our service point may need to bear the delivery expense, this depends on the sales condition of reseller / distributor in the different regions.

via Nissin

Press Release 2

Notice and apology of postponement of high-speed sync. Support for FUJIFILM

We are informed that the high-speed sync schedule for Nissin Speedlight Di 700 A, Air 1, i 60 A, i 40 Fujifilm will be coming soon, but we will inform you that it will be postponed to mid-May.

The reason for postponement is that it took time to prepare for development of compatible firmware and because there was a significant change in specification during development. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience caused to our customers waiting for correspondence.

I would like to apologize again for the delay of the guidance of this case greatly.

We will strive to be sincerely able to respond as soon as possible.

via Nissin

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