Next X-E1 video review.


Here is the next X-E1 video review. Take a look at it or read the review at digitalcameraworld (click here).

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Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

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a white debut with the X-E1 and 18-55 lens! “on-snow” review



Federico Frugoli sent me an email with his first X-E1 impressions. Here is his review (see his website here).


I’m Federico Frugoli, an Italian photographer, and I wanted to share with you my first impressions of the X-E1. I’ve passed my first week end with it in the mountains. So I woke up early, and climbed the beautiful mountains. There was a lot of fresh snow, and I tested the X-E1. Here are my first impressions:

-Body and lens built quality are very good, surely superior to my micro43 Lumix!

Excellent ergonomics, even for my big hands (I’m 2 meter high). There are no problems with too small buttons or buttons you could press inadvertently.

-The EVF is perfect. I read about a lag, but I didn’t noticed it.

The 18-55 is impressive to what belongs the lens flares. I’ve never possessed something like this. The Fujinon lens is almost perfect!

-The AF is not as good as the micro4/3 Lumix. Also my 3 years old GF1 is faster and in bad light conditions the X-E1 is sometimes hunting for the focus for too long. It’s not a problem for my needs, but for someone else this could be a problem. Fuji has to improve this!

-What belongs the focus, I’m working slower with the X-E1 than with the Lumix. And I can’t change the exposure comp once that the focus is locked! With the Lumix exposure is always calculated in real time and visible in the LCD/EVF. With the Fuji you have to half press the shutter button to do metering calculation.

-Out-of-cam JPEG quality is impressive!

-High ISO performance is great

-The “Q” button is very useful

-Good battery life. I’ve read about a bad battery life, but it’s quite good to me… and batteries cost less than Panasonic batteries

-The live histogram is quite difficult to read. I was used to that of the Panasonic, where you could also change the position of the live histogram on the LCD/EVF

-The exposure comp dial is not resistant enough. You risk to move it inadvertently.

-Impressive dynamic range!

That’s it for now,

keep up your good work

ciao, Federico

To see his first snow-walk in the mountains and read his impressions and see his gallery, click here! (click here for the translated version) For the film simulation pics click here!

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X-mas gift ideas + San Disk Extreme price drops



Today I woke up, early, as usual, but when I looked out the window I saw, that for the first time this winter, the whole little village where I live was covered with snow. What a view from my window at the last floor, over all the white roofs and mountains! Everything was so silent in the dawn. Some warm light flickered in the houses of my neighbours and the smoke of the chimneys rose up into the dark grey sky. It’s maybe the first time, after all the really hard works of this last time, that I realized that soon X-mas is here. And I still didn’t purchase any gifts. But I don’t want to put myself under stress again…

Coffee and Mac, check the web… and I immediately found x-mas blog post! It’s a nice list for all those, like me, who have photographer friends, and are looking for an interesting gift. Compacts, CSC, DSLR, Lenses, Accessories, Books and more.

Well, for obvious reasons, I excluded expensive cameras from my gift list. I’m still saving money to purchase for myself the… But it’s interesting to see what mingthein included in his list.

So you’ll find the X-F1, which he calls “superb”, and perfect for non photographers who don’t do any postprocessing. There are price drops (see here this post) right now on this cam, so hurry if you’re thinking to buy one.

The X-E1 is not in his list. He says that “truth is I haven’t spent enough time with either to form an opinion. There are things I like, and things I don’t, which mean that I can’t make an objective recommendation either way.”

Also the Accessories are interesting. A cheaper but useful present. I’ll just pick out one of the mingthein list. Look at the price drops on the fast San Disk Extreme PRO and the slower SanDisk Extreme HD sd cards at amazonUS! You can save 66% on the Extreme PRO 32 GB version here and purchase it for $ 69! You can save even more if you purchase this card through B&H (click here). Thanks to Josh who told me about the B&H price through facebook!

So read the full list at

But also petapixel made his list of what should not miss under the X-mas tree. PetaPixel Photography Gift Guide 2012 includes the X-E1 and much more!

And here an accessory that could be useful for the everyday use of your X-E1. I looked for a hand grip for the X-E1 (see worldwide hand grips for X-E1 here). There are not many until now. The hand grip will add a bit of weight to your camera, but some reviews says that the X-E1 is too easy. So maybe this is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course there are some for the X-PRO1 also here.

So, hope I made your gift-hunting a bit easier.

Have a pleasant day… it’s time for me to go in the snow!


P.S.: and don’t forget the book “Mastering the X-PRO1 (X-PRO1 Handbuch)”. I’m sure X-PRO1 photographers would appreciate it. It’s still to have with a 47% rebate at AmazonUS.

PPS.: share your gift ideas in the comments!



18-55 in stock at ebayUS + Mastering the X-PRO1 on the way to NY!


Now also ebayUS has the 18-55 lens. click here to see all the lenses available on ebayUS via slidoo and here at Adorama (click here).

And for those who preordered the book “Mastering the X-PRO1“: a freighter is right now crossing the ocean and shipping the books to New York! It shouldn’t take long, and you’ll have your copy.

Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

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X-TRANS potential unlocked? Phase one confirmes X-series support


This could be a really great news!

Lionel12 of the Phase One Crew writes in this forum (click here): “Let me be a bit on lim here, all you Fuji lowers – look for next Capture One release – real soon now.

This is his answer to all the Fuji X photographers who are waiting for Capture One to support the Fuji X-series RAW’s.

I’m sure you agree with dogmatheque when he says: “This is great news. I sincerely hope you overcame X-trans difficulties. Can’t wait to wave silkypix goodbye.”

Now, we have to wait, and hope that Capture One “tamed” the X-Trans files and that we can finally enjoy the full potential of the X-PRO1 and the X-E1!

So let’s hope they made a better job than Adobe… we will soon have the answer!

Thanks to David who wrote me an email and directed my attention to this forum!