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Now it’s My Turn: 3 Firmware Updates I wish for my Fujifilm Cameras (Includes Stop Self Timer Reset!)

My favorite lens on my Fujifilm X-E3 is definitely the XF 27mm F2.8

My 3 Little Firmware Wishes

When it comes to firmware updates wishlists, you guys are simply unbeatable and give Fujifilm a terrific feedback.

But today it’s my turn to give a little contribution, in the hope (well, I actually know it) that Fujifilm will read this.

If you agree with me, then please comment down below. The more we are, the better Fujifilm will listen.

I won’t ask for the “big things” (such as internal F-log my X-E3 or 120 fps for my X-T1), but for 3 “minor” things, which, if fixed, would simplify my shooting experience A LOT!

1 – Keep Self-Timer Enabled

FujiRumors photographing sunsrise on my mountains (this is the spot) with my amazing Fujifilm X-E3 and my lovel Sirui T-025x

I want that all Fujifilm cameras keep the self timer setting saved, even when I switch off and on the camera again.

I am often in the situation, where I have my X-E3 on a tripod, grab a picture, then move around to find different compositions. While I move and search, I turn my camera off in order not to waste battery life.

And every time I switch the camera on again, I must remember to enable the self timer.

That’s annoying.

FR-readers told me the Fujifilm GFX saves the self timer even when the camera is turned off and on again. Copy that on all other X-series cameras, NOW!

Or give us at least the option to choose if we want self time to reset or not, if turn off/on the camera.

2 – Ability to change color of the focus frame

The Canon EOS R, also the Nikon Z6/7 earned quite some flack on the internet.

But flack or not, the Nikon Z6/7 has one feature, that I also want on my Fujifilm camera: the focus frame (the little square we move around on the screen to tell the camera where to focus) turns red when you half press the shutter button! That makes it immediatly better visible in the viewfinder.

Usually the discrete white/green box works well, but in certain conditions it happens that I simply can’t see, where my focus frame is. So I toggle randomly around until I can finally see it.

The red color is often more visible (that’s why most of us have focus peaking color set to red).

3 – Addition of RAW files to Auto Mode

In full Auto mode my X-E3 (and other X-series cameras that have the Auto feature) the camera saves images in JPEG only.

2 examples why this is useful:

When I handle my X-E3 to somebody else, sometimes I switch it to full Auto for his or her convenience. However, I’d like to have a RAW file too, even if it’s not me taking the pictures (it’s my camera and my SD-card, and I want RAW+JPEG).

Also, a FR-reader told me how he set up the camera for long exposures, all full manual, and suddenly a beautiful bird came and rested shortly on a stone nearby. Without messing around with the settings, the FR-reader quickly switched the camera to Auto and grabbed a picture of the bird before it flew away. And while in this case the Auto mode allowed him to capture the decisive moment, he would have loved to have the RAW file of that image too.

SPAM FUJIFILM if you Agree with my List

I am 100% sure that Fujifilm offices all over the world will read this article as soon as it goes online. So they got the point ;)

However, it never hurts to contact Fujifilm directly via their online form. Here is the contact form for USA.