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NEW FIRMWARE will bring faster shutter speed (1/32000), better movie capabilities, faster AF and more (new source)


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As you might have already read here on Fujirumors, a trusted source told me that a new firmware for the X-T1 will come.

Now, also a new source told me about it and shared some details. Keep in mind that also this source just told me about an X-T1 update… but personally I hope this doesn’t exclude the possibility that other X-cameras will be updated, too.

Here the rumored features:

  • shutter speed will increase from 1/4000 to 1/32000

  • better movie capabilities

  • faster/better AF (including phase detection on instant AF)

  • some other minor improvements (like new film simulation modes)

  • firmware updates will be released in October and December

Is an electronic shutter coming via firmware update? Now that would be an update worth of the word “KAIZEN” :-).

It’s a rumor, from a brand new source, so take it…. CUM GRANO SALIS.

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