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[UPDATE: no FF, but APS-C] Fujifilm says they will show “full size sensor” cameras at Photokina


– – – – – [UDPATE: Fujifilm corrected the typo. Read more here.] – – – – –

Fuji launched a special Photokina site here. The strange thing, spotted by mirrorlessrumors here, is that Fuji says they will show Photokina visitors “high image quality with a full size sensor“.

Now type “full size sensor” in google, and look at the results…. you’ll get plenty of articles about Full Frame sensors.

Why should Fujifilm call an APS-C sensor “full size“? It would obviously be mistaken for a “Full Frame” sensor. If they mean APS-C, then I recommend Fuji to change the wording. And if they do not mean APS-C, then I have some work to do now.

NOTE: Fuji Manager Mr. Kawahara said back in December that XF lenses would NOT be compatible with full frame camera. “If we launch the full frame body we have to launch the full frame lens too. So it is not good for X-series user.”

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