Fujifilm X-PRO2 to be unveiled at Photokina but released “about this time next year” ? (AS)


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The same source, who told us about the announcement of the X30 on August 26th, shared more rumors with us.

The source said that the battery of the X30 will be the one used in the X100/S (the NP-95). I’ve checked it with trusted sources, and they say that it is correct.

Now, I believe that both rumors this source shared with us (announcement 26 August + the NP-95) are correct. Sure, EVERYTHING shared until now is NOT CONFIRMED by facts… we will see if it is wrong or right after the 26th. So it is important that we take it with a GRAIN OF SALT.

MESSAGE TO THE SOURCE: in case you decide to share more rumors, you know what to say so that I can identify you in future… and thanks for sharing.


The same anonymous source said (still unconfirmed by trusted sources, so take it with a grain of salt):

1) The Fujifilm X-PRO2 will be unveiled at the photokina, but is expected to be released about “this time next year” (this means one year after Photokina 2014).

If the source is right, this means a whole year will pass between the unveiling and the shipping of the X-PRO2. Therefore I wonder if at the photokina we will really see how the 100% final X-PRO2 will be, or if the photokina will be used for a sort of X-PRO2 tech demonstration (improved hybrid viewfinder and so on), but with the final version to be announced later on.

2) Fujifilm doesn’t see the point in Full Frame and will keep the ASP-C sensor.

3) The ASP-C sensor of the Fujifilm X-PRO2 will have more MP.

This could fit with the 24MP rumor shared in the past, although the source just said “more megapixel”.

4) Price: The Fujifilm X-PRO2 will be the top of the X-line, so it will be more expensive than the X-T1. At the moment the price tag seems to be about 20% to 30% higher (than the X-T1 price)… always according to this same source.

The source shared a few more rumors that I’d like to discuss with other sources first. I’ll update you as soon as possible.

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The rumored X30 specs list so far is: (TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / AswN = anonymous source with nick-name / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

X30 rumored specs list:

– Announcement 26th of August (AS)
– 2/3 sensor, 12 MP, X-TRANS 2 (TS + NeS + AS)
– EVF only (TS + NeS)
– EVF specs: 2,36mp, x0.62 magnification and 100% coverage (TS)
– Announcement“this summer” (AS – shared in Febraury 2014)
– Battery: more than 400 shots with one battery and USB-charging (AS)
– Same battery of X100/S, the NP-95. (AS)
– Lens 28-112mm f/2-2.8 with dual ring (Zoom Ring + Control Ring) (SRP + AS)
– WiFi with remote control capability, +/-3 exposure compensation. (NeS)
– 3“ Tilt Screen (AS)
– 6 functions buttons and view mode button (SRP)
– New Film Simulation “Classic Chrome” (AS)
– Quite a different design compared to X20 (AS)

X-PRO2 rumored specs list:

  • APS-C sensor (TS + ASwN + AS)
  • 24MP sensor (ASwN) – More than 16MP (ASwN)
  • available in 2015 (ASwN) – available around “this time next year” (the rumor was shared in late August by an ASwN)
  • tilt screen (AS)
  • WiFi (AS)
  • Non organic ASP-C X-Trans sensor (ORS)
  • Announcement at the photokina 2014 (AS + ORS + ASwN)
  • Price about 20% to 30% more expensive than the X-T1 (AS)
  • We have to consider that the X-Pro1 was launched in 2012 and we’re in 2014 and the camera is the fagship of Fujifilm so it won’t be refreshed every or at two years. Hovewer if they show it at Photokina this year it’s quite odd to launch it in the Autumn of 2015. It’s puzzling because it seems it won’t sport an organic sensor so it won’t require intensive testing for another year…


  • blasselhad

    No problem — I’ll wait, it will be good!

  • Not sure why Fuji would bother to announce X-Pro2 full year before release.

    • peevee

      Nobody does that. Sounds like BS.

    • d

      I heard it will be available in December. Who knows … I will believe it when I see it.

      And, I agree – even though I heard it will come with 4K, the rumoured specs are not that special, basically a X-Pro 1s upgrade. If so, releasing it next summer is also unbelievable. If it is released next summer, it would have to come with something revolutionary, such as an organic sensor.

  • peevee

    “Price about 25% to 30% more expensive than the X-T1”

    Meaning more than competing FF cameras from Sony (and by that time Canon and Nikon). Fantastic.

    • Still thinking BS on a lot of the rumors on X-Pro2 now, including price. So far all possible specks sound more like X-Pro1S than anything else. Doesn’t sound revolutionary like Fuji claim it would be in past statements.

    • miniTO

      The OVF is not an inexpensive piece of hardware. I wouldn’t be surprised is the price is right. The rest of the rumour is another storey?

  • Mariusz Gajdzik

    I wish for X-Pro2 to be as good as X-T1 but have VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO like Lumix GH4 or at least close… I wish my X-T1 could actually record good quality video… Am I alone in that? anybody would like the Fuji to step up their game a bit in video?

    • Kaushik Parmar

      I am same like you, I am proud owner of GH2 and going to buy GH4 soon, and I am huge Fujifilm fan, and using their cameras since so many years now. I have X100, X100S & new X-T1. But X-T1 is horrible in video function, actually in terms of video X100 is great performer, it produce best videos among all “X” series, it also offer 24p, but it only record 720p, but it make stunning videos.

      I wrote so many times to Fujifilm please give video solution like Panasonic GH series, and I must admit Panasonic is King in terms of videos.

    • d

      I heard that it will come with 4K

      • Kaushik Parmar

        For Fujifilm, it will take time to offer video solution like Panasonic GH series, Panasonic is King in video solution.

        • d

          Yeah, who knows. I am not that interested in video, but you may be right…

          • Kaushik Parmar

            I am much interested in video, I love to see Fujifilm gives video solution like Panasonic GH series and Sony is also great in terms of video.

      • Mariusz Gajdzik

        I just want to be able to record video with it, so fast it is terrible…

      • studio1972

        Never mind 4k, how about 24/25/50p? Not to mention aperture adjustment during recording.

        • studio1972

          and how about a 3.5mm mic jack socket?

  • nwcs

    Something is missing if it’s going to be displayed a year before being ready. The specs listed could be done today without a problem. So either the camera is going to have significant new features that aren’t being leaked, the camera is going to be for sale much earlier than we think, or it won’t be displayed at Photokina.

    • Patrick

      if the source is right, then it must be some new feature that hasn’t rumored until now

  • If the rumor is correct, waiting for the mass production of the organic sensor seems to be the only explanation to me.

    • d

      I agree. If it is just a 24mp APS-C sized bayer sensor, releasing it one year from now makes no sense.

      Personally, I can’t wait till Bayer and Bayer-like sensors are a thing of the past, as a 1:1 sensor with good high-ISO performance would be far better and optimal.

      • Flat sensors will always beat stacked sensors in ISO performance. I think it is the same principle as always: You can have resolution or sensitivity, but never both. And with a CFA you have some tricks to increase the resolution.

        • d

          Yes, but ISO performance isn’t everything. And, images from Bayer sensors look flat and have artifacts and false details. 1:1 sensors have better resolution, micro contrast, and colour accuracy; and are free from false details.

    • miniTO

      Something like that would justify a delay… Plus showing it this far in advance would ensure customers don’t loose faith in Fuji’s ability to compete in the long term if they don’t update the current X-Trans II

  • d

    I have heard that it will be announced at Photokina and will be available in December, which sounds more likely. However, if they are waiting for the Organic Sensor, perhaps next summer would be reasonable.

  • The only thing that would make sense is to reveal the X-Pro2 with a new technology that is not yet fully developed!

  • Serge S Frolov

    As much as I am excited about seeing XPro2 at Photokina, this rumor makes no sense to me, Xt1 is still a great (relatively new camera) and as much as I wish to see X100 also become weather sealed, more lenses is what I really want, new pancake lenses would be very much appreciated, the old 18mm is slow, loud and old, 27mm is missing the aperture ring and / or could be f2 or f2.4 as well as it would great to have a weather sealed prime, at least one to use on Xt1.

    and while we are on the subject of desires, I would love for Fuji to make a medium format digital range finder with fixed lens, like of my old GW690, it will cost an arm and a leg, but it will be my weapon of choice!

    and why not a “light” version of X100 or Xt1 with just 3 dials (shutter, aperture and ISO) without an LCD or video, just a plain back, manual focus, make it available to photography students, or just purist, would love that camera, and after a day out shooting rush home to “develop” the raw files and see the photos for the first time

    • miniTO

      The 18mm has some over blown issue but AF speed has never been one of them. It’s easily one of the quickest lenses on the X-T1 other than 18-55.

    • David

      Because Fuji is in the business of trying to make money.

    • mrgecko

      Love that last idea of a “lite” version

  • A Fuji Rep.

    Don’t believe the rumour that the X-Pro 2 will be launched one year after its announcement. Highly unlikely.

    If they will announce the X-Pro2 at Photokina it might be december before we can buy it. That would sound much more believable instead of a year later.

    • Peter

      Or maybe they’ll announce it at Photokina and have it ready in time for CP+ in Tokyo.

  • Matthieu

    It simply would not make any sense to announce a camera a year before its release. Why? It would simply kill sales of the X-T1 and X-Pro1 in the time between the announcement and the release, as potential buyers would be waiting for the new product.

    We might see parts of it however: a new hybrid viewfinder that could be featured in both the X200 and the X-Pro2 or a new sensor design.

    • Tom

      If they announce a XPro2 a year in advance, I think it’s to because of Photokina. They want the exposure that Photokina offers in spite of the perceived drawbacks of such an early announcement.

      • sidtw

        No way. I doubt that. A year is a long time in terms of technological development. I agree with Matthieu that even Fuji wouldn’t dare to announce a camera a year prior to release.

  • Fuji said they wouldn’t release an X-Pro2 without a significant breakthrough… I don’t see one there…

    • Dotar

      To this point we know almost nothing about it. Why not just wait till it is announced with these kinds of comments?

      • I am pointing out the fact that either the probability is weak or there is a much bigger information yet to find. Or Fuji has changed their mind…

      • MJr

        Oh really, isn’t this a rumors site? The whole point is speculating, and Antoine’s comment makes perfect sense. Sometimes pure logic is all it takes, while its conclusion of course is open for debate.

    • jk

      there is no true tech breakthrough in sensor design yet, till it really comes we will never see any serious new gen cameras but just same boring redone with a bit more mp or af points(just like Nikon has been doing to kill itself).

      • Yep… a 24MP sensor, even with a new EVF and things like that would only fit a X-Pro1s (kind of). I agree it is much smarter to wait for the right tech to be there, but then why even bother announcing anything at Photokina if it’s a year in advance?
        They’ll very probably have the X100T and the X30 to focus on, so no need to rush things on the Pro2 (and screw up like with the OIS on the 16-55…)

  • miniTO

    Honestly the release schedule makes no sense unless there is something unique about the chip beyond 24 MP and “X-Trans” which is fairly standard at this point.

  • hexx

    If it remains APS-C and they going to ask 20-30% more than X-T1 I guess i will wish them good luck – no way I’d buy it for that money if it’s APS-C.
    Waiting for X-Pro2 is the reason why I still have X-Pro1, didn’t see other cameras as worthy upgrades.

  • hexx

    i still hope that fuji will release digital medium format camera ;)

  • David

    This is fine news to me. I don’t like feeling like my camera is old tech after only a few months.

    • Fly Moon

      Still you’re going to feel it has old technology if you compare to Sony or Lumix etc…

      • David

        but I don’t

        • miniTO

          and you shouldn’t …

  • studio1972

    Why do people assume it will have a hybrid viewfinder? Maybe it will me more like a pro version of the XT1?

    Form factor of XT1 + BG
    1/8000 shutter
    1/250 sync
    Improved AF
    Twin card slots
    Kitted with the new 2.8 std. zoom lens

    • MJr

      Because that’s just the X-T2.

      • studio1972

        No, it’s more like a 1DX compared to a 5D3. The optical viewfinder is really just a gimmick now, with the XT1 viewfinder being so good.

        • MJr

          You mean a permanent battery-grip? It’s highly unlikely they would do that as it would only limit the market for it (enormously), and doesn’t really add much (or any) benefits over a removable one.

          The point is though, something like that would simply get a different name, just like the X-T1 is neither a X-Pro or X-E for obvious reasons.

          • studio1972

            If you have an XT1 with BG, you would know that to replace both batteries, one must remove the grip. A permanent grip would solve this and give decent battery live via either 2 batteries or a larger battery. Very handy if you’re a pro photographing a wedding etc.

          • MJr

            The trick is replacing the batteries (or battery) before they run out at a crucial moment, with lots of pre-charged spares.

        • Why dos everyone thing X-T1 EVF so good? Just because it is better than anything before it doesn’t mean its good O_O

          Yes, very nice EVF, still looks like watching a TV.

      • Tom

        That’s right. Some people who want a better XT1 would like to commandeer the Xpro2 for their own diabolical purposes >:) :) No matter how good the EVF gets, some people (myself included) want to view the scene with my own eyes and not through a TV screen, HI-Def or not.

        Also, has anyone realized that the EVF in Xpro2 may not be as large as in the XT1 if it doesn’t have the VF hump.

        • MJr

          That’s a funny way of putting it, and true. ^.^

          The Pro1 body itself is already close to the height of the X-T1 with hump, and the magnification indeed a lot less (just like the X100’s). Of course we all want to know how much the body and/or HVF (-magnification) will change! :-)


        • studio1972

          “That’s right. Some people who want a better XT1 would like to commandeer the Xpro2 for their own diabolical purposes >:)”

          You got me there ;)

    • David

      This would just be the X-T2, and for most wouldn’t even justify an upgrade from the X-T1 at the same price, let alone a 25-30% premium.

      • studio1972

        Adding a useless hybrid vf certainly would not justify an ‘upgrade’ from the XT1. I’d rather have any one of the options I mentioned above that that.

        • MJr

          Would you stop calling the HVF useless. It’s fine if you don’t like it but you can’t force that view on others. And nobody said the HVF is what makes it an upgrade, but there is no doubt it is more expensive to make than just the EVF.

          • studio1972

            It is useless IMHO. I have an x100s which I keep in EVF mode as the OVF adds no discernible value. I’m not forcing my opinion on you, I’m just stating my opinion. If you think the OVF is so great, what advantage does it give you over a modern EVF?

            I don’t doubt that the OVF has some function when you compare it to the obsolete EVF in the XP1, but the XT1 EVF is in a different league, and much more useful than an OVF with the variety of lenses that Fuji now offers.

            A future EVF in the XP2 would presumably be better still. So I really can see no advantage in an xpro2 having a feature that adds a lot of cost for no discernible benefit.

          • miniTO


            I upgraded to the X-T1 from the X-Pro 1 and the EVF is amazing but until it can see BEYOND the frame it is NOT a replacement in anyway for an RF inspired OVF.

            If your style of shooting doesn’t work better when you can see beyond the frame so be it BUT mine and other do end of storey.

          • It remind me of old story of man in living room. Window to his right watching TV. Weather report warns of tornado, so he flips through channel looking for radar report. Had he looked out window, he might have seen mailbox getting sucked up by twister.

          • studio1972

            Maybe I’m peculiar in this, but when I look into the viewfinder I want to see an accurate portrayal of what the camera sensor is seeing. If I wanted to see what was off the frame, I’d open my other eye.

        • David

          For those of us who haven’t upgraded to any of the follow on models, and have stuck with our X-Pro1 because of the hybrid viewfinder, it certainly isn’t useless. I value the OVF above faster AF, weather sealing, super EVF or whatever.

          • studio1972

            It may be useful on the XP1 (depending on which lens you are using), but presumably the XP2 will have an EVF at least as good as the XT1, which really does render the OVF obsolete.

          • David

            That is incorrect. I’ve used the EVF in the X-T1. It’s great, but the experience is nothing like the OVF. It’s simply not a replacement. I don’t see how any EVF, no matter how good, could replace the OVF.

        • RobertotheToad

          A few years ago, it was trendy to say that you didn’t need a viewfinder at all – and that an LCD was sufficient for photo composition. Now that EVFs are ubiquitous, you don’t hear that much anymore. Now I hear people saying that you don’t need an HVF, and that an EVF is superior.

          Admittedly, there are many use cases where an EVF IS superior (i.e. macro,telephoto), but I still prefer the immediacy and sense of space provided by the HVF. It is completely possible to drive a car using a CCTV, after all, but that is no substitute for the experience of looking through a windshield.

          • studio1972

            I never said you don’t need a viewfinder at all. Did anybody actually say that? Surely not any pro photographers?

            I guess it’s a matter of taste, but for me, I much prefer the WYSIWYG that I get from the EVF, and with the XT1 the immediacy issue is all but eliminated. But the killer for the HVF IMHO is that Fuji are releasing a wide range of lenses from 10-135mm and beyond, their most expensive camera should work perfectly with all these lenses, not just a couple in the middle.

            For people who really want an OVF, maybe a DSLR is better, as at least you’re looking through the lens.

            Personally, I would much prefer Fuji released a pro-grade camera with an EVF than a prosumer-grade camera with a HVF.

  • littlelio

    XPRO2 surely will be rangefinder style still. I agree that full frame is too expensive to go to – lens will be replaced as well. APS-C is good enough! However, the processing speed and AF performance get a chance to upgrade. Two cards slot should be good.

    Really, how the tech could develop more today? a lytro? lol

    Seriously, improve the AF and I will pay to upgrade. OK… I am using X-T1 now…

    • Rich

      I would be willing to sell my lenses and make the switch to full frame if they did it, but I highly doubt they will. That said, while I would also like seeing a few more MP, improved camera handling speed (power on and off, going from menus/playback to photo taking) and improved AF speed, which is made harder by more MP (because with an EVF everything comes down to processing speed). I know I would like to see those things improved before MP were added, even though I want more MP.

  • Kelvin

    Patrick, I commented a few days ago that the X-Pro2 will be announced this year at Photokina, it simply just makes sense plus I have my reasons to believe it will… For one, Fuji will not be inviting well regarded X-Photographers to talk at Photokina if something big wasn’t on the horizon.

    I also suspect the X-Pro will go FF, it will be available months not a year after its announced.

    • grittymonkey

      Among the X-photographers, Zack Arias is the one who has been the most vocal about an X-Pro2, so he has probably been involved with the development by Fuji. Since he just released a video about full-frame being not that bigger than crop sensor, I highly doubt that Fuji would be about to release a FF X-Pro2… But it’s just a guess, you light as well be right

  • Alex

    I’m fine waiting one year more for x-pro2 and even longer! My experience with fuji teaches me not to rush with new releases.. with X-E1 I was lucky as few firmware updates came shortly after, but after purchasing X-t1 who would change the buttons (of cheap calculator) for me?
    No problem if x-pro2 is not full frame, I prefer crop with fast AF but please don’t make it look like dslr because that’s exactly the story of x-t1
    I think fuji should release x200 or x300 with full frame sensor.. this does not involve their lens line

    • mrgecko

      agree with X200 etc… Sony RX1 was on track but lacked in a few areas. I feel Fuji could do it better

  • PRL

    My guess would be XPRO 2 with 24 MP, a new xtrans layout for improved greens, detail and sharpness, new processing engine, two card slots, wifi, large viewfinder (evf only), batteries stay the same but more shots per charge and maybe a link up with Phase one or one of the others.

  • mrgecko

    This complaining is starting to get old. Not that I don’t have a wish list and more wants than needs but seriously, chasing these features will not magically make you a better photographer. Yes I know there will be arguments by the wedding crowd and the astro crowd and those who want to crop and print 20X30 but face it, you can have 10 year old tech and still accomplish pro results in all of those categories if you are at the top of your craft. The X100 got me to reboot my mind and get back to basics and I am creating far betting photos now.

    What has the Fuji X platform “done” for you? Or are you just going to complain more????

    Really don’t want to create a shit storm just vent my two cents.

    • MJr

      Honestly, both the complaining, and the “This complaining is starting to get old” comments are getting old. ;-)

      • mrgecko


    • Vim

      There’s a reason gear reviewers and forum-lurkers always post unremarkable shots as examples of their work.

      There’s a reason no interview with a celebrated photographer ever cites their equipment as the thing that makes them good.

      Ignore those that clamour about tools. It’s only the result that matters: good photos.

    • cheng zhou

      On the other hand, if everyone just used the camera that they have and not lusted after new ones, Fuji will go out of business and I’m sure no one wants that.

  • valentin ursache

    before x-e2 was realeased! i already guessed these specifications of X-pro2, and i also told that it will have the next generation fuji sensor…probably the third…i have heard that the next x-pro2 will have a feature never before used in digital camera…so here are mu guesses: a 10000 mah battery build in (like external power banks) or 128gb hdd build in (probably flash memory)…i expect too much :))

  • David B

    something does not sound right. Fuji is a company that loves to release new cameras very often all the time. They are not going to release a new mirrorless body in a full year other than X100T? I doubt highly. There will be at least a XE3 and XM/XA2 editions, just have to be be, knowing Fuji. They won’t just sit and release nothing. If you agree with me, then what changes can they do to existing XE2/XM1 to make it worthwhile? I can’t think of any radical changes. Ok they can put a better EVF on XE3 but nobody is going to buy it just because of that. The only logical thing I see is Fuji putting 24MP sensors in their next mirrorless cameras, to at least make the difference with prior models. That means that XE3 and XM2 will have 24MP sensor. Fuji is the only company which still makes APS-C cameras with 16MP only. So they lose on marketing there. My logic tells me: XE3/XM2/XA2(posslbly the last one) with 24MP sensors in fall of 2014 and 2015. as far as XPRO2….. gotta come up with something new and interesting to have a competitive edge there.

    • Stef

      I agree! What I see of Fuji is that they have advanced the technology and features they have started with (EVF, Manual controls etc.) but in terms of releasing ground breaking technology such as hybrid viewfinder and sensor, nothing since the release of the X-Pro 1 and X-100.
      To me, it would;t make much sense to release an APS-C version of the X-Pro 2 as even with the increased MP, the X-E2 would be upgraded to the same sensor shortly after and there’s not much between those 2 cameras in function and design/looks.
      What I see as Fuji’s strengths is the lens line up and future releases. They are the best dedicated APS-C lenses on the market by a large margin and they can continue to release stronger upgrades of both the XE-2 and XT-1 and introduce other APS-C cameras to compliment their lens selection, monochrome for example.
      Take a look at the A7 lineup, attractive offerings but limited lens lineup to date. With the release of more FE lenses and the partnership with Zeiss, this will impact sales to some extent for Fuji.
      My money is on a new larger format camera (larger then FF) with new lens lineup purely for the professional. I think that now the lenses for APS-C are there for Fuji, we will only see 2 bodies X-T1 and XE-2 to be the upgrade and Fuji will follow Leica (apart from ridiculous cost) and look at generating profits from loyalty of people building systems over time.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Google “Osbourne Effect” to see why the rumor of a full year pre-announcement is false. :)

    • Mr_Electability

      Aside from the fact that the “Osborne effect” may actually be a myth (look it up on Wikipedia), it doesn’t apply to all markets, let alone the interchangeable lens market, and certainly not to a company that offers several models of interchangeable lens cameras, where by definition you can buy a camera w/a lens, then upgrade the camera, while still using the lens. The Obsorne was a personal computer from a company that was basically a one-trick pony; there would have been compatibility concerns, and if you wanted an Osborne, it was either the obsolete one now, or the flashy ones in the future. Or, you could buy a Kaypro for less money.

      Look: people still buy new X10’s, even though the X20 has been out a year or more; people buy the XE1, even though the XE2 has been out a while, and so forth. Heck, people still buy the XE2 even though the much-better XT1 is out (weather sealing, even BETTER EVF, etc.). The X10 v. X20 possibly involves a tradeoff (higher DR v. higher resolution) but the only way the XE1 is better than the XE2 is allegedly in have lower contrast JPGs; the XE2 is much better in every other respect (viewfinder, autofocus, etc.).

      Besides, the X-Pro1 has been out for so long that it’s quite arguable that Fuji’s current lineup has obsoleted it for at least half a year. It just doesn’t apply here.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        All very valid points. Not a perfect (maybe not even good) analogy. But still: a whole year? And no organic sensor? No way. :)

  • Pradip

    X200 should be FF as no current lenses will be affected. This is where Fuji can shine as a professional tool.

    • Alex

      Agreed! I hope fuji will succeed

      • carlos

        Crap, the X100 is already “full frame” in the sense of complete closed package. You have no crap-f*ctor to calculate, no odd lens to buy, etc. It’s all in, and ready. A ff would not bring any much more than body and lens size increase. You won’t want that.
        I only have FF cameras: D700, M, X100 ;-) no headaches.

  • xanderale

    1/8000th shutter speed
    1/250th flash sync
    significantly improved AF and ISO performance would be enough to sell me.

  • Rick

    I’m not buying an announcement a full year in advance for the X-Pro2. The information is totally bogus or possibly it is misinterpreted time frame. The longer Fuji waits to release their flagship camera with an updated 24mp APS-C sensor, the further they fall behind.

    • Patrick

      maybe it’s just a tech demo of some amazing key features, like a starter… then we will remain hungry for a year, when the final X-PRO2 will be unveiled in all his beauty.

      But, nevertheless, it’s unusual. But this source was probably right with the X30 announcement and also with the battery… so it knows something. That said, it could be wrong with the X-PRO2… but it would be a pity not to share a rumor of a source, who was very likely right for 2 times.

      • Rick

        Patrick, I’m glad you share everything you can. I just will be very surprised if we have to wait an additional year for the X-Pro2. But, I think the camera manufacturers are struggling right now with remaining profitable. So, if they think it is best to do this for their bottom line, they should do it. I want Fuji to continue to innovate for years to come. :-)

      • d

        There is no tech demo, except for perhaps the organic sensor, that will keep people interested for a year. If it comes next summer, it will have to be something very special for anyone to care. If it is announced at Photokina, I am sure, as I have heard, it will be out for Christmas or early next year.

  • sasa208

    Any news about the rumored medium format camera?

    • Patrick

      just whispers in the shadows… for now
      I’m investigating this rumor, but, if a MF will come, than not that soon

      • tornwald


    • Larry Clark

      Maybe Fuji will just bring out a digital X-Pan in the original 35mm+ format (curved sensor). EVF plus big wide LCD. Lenses could be less expensive than the originals because of in-camera correction.

  • Soli

    I think they will unveil the X-Pro2 with larger sensor and a set of lenses to support it, and that’s why they need 1 year, also I think the next version of the X100 will have the same sensor, available the end of this year.

    • Weatherman

      Any larger than apsc sensor will not be called xpro2, 3 or 4 nor x200, 300, 400 etc.

  • Alex Reusch

    One year from now? Hmmm…. maybe a comeback of the “organic sensor” rumor??? ;-)

  • leo

    many people would say a camera is servicing the lens.

    it makes sense according to the huge pool manufacturers developed for 35mm in the last, let´s say 70 years. cutting the photographer from the native focal lengths is not acceptable, especially in the wide angle range. it´s misleading and respectless if fujifilm says they don’t see the point in full frame.

  • worker88

    I would be thrilled if they added a battery meter that works.

    The only thing it does currently is let me know the battery is in the camera.

  • ariliquin

    FF is important. If the X-Pro2 is to compete on sensitivity it will need the new organic image sensor. This would be a reason why they do not see FF as important and a reason why it will not be available until next year. Otherwise a compact 24mp APS-C sized sensor camera sometime 12 months from now sounds very un-interesting.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Fuji could do a one off, fixed lens FF or medium format camera. But FF would undermine their marketing for current APSC cameras. Medium format could be interesting, if they could make it small enough. But the trend is smaller cameras with bigger performance, and if the sensor breakthrough is close, they won’t need MF. I totally agree with you about a non organic, 24 megapixel, APSC in 6 months sounding underwhelming. But surely, there will be more to it.

  • Andrew Hope

    I’m sorry to piss on this parade, but things are going to go one of 2 ways at Photokina:
    a) The X100T will unveiled next to the XPro2 as well as the X30. All to be released in the coming few months.
    b) Just the X100T & X30 unveiled with some of the tech from next year’s Xpro2 being previewed.
    There’s no way Fujifilm are gonna unveil the XPro2 a full year before release…period…
    And those of you still harping on about FF, forget it, there is lens roadmap in place & the current format has a little way to go before it has fully developed and matured. The faithful, loyal Fujifilm guys don’t want it, and Fuji actually listen to their customer base, so you’ll be waiting a long time!

  • Alejandro

    It`d be VERY interesting a X-Pro 2 with 24 MP and an ISO 6400 better than that of actual 24MP compact cameras AND with a AF at least slightly better than that one of the XT1. FF is not the key… Even although Sony in 2015 throws a faster Alpha 7/Alpha 7R Mark II, a 24MP X-Pro2 could become a sort of state of the art because of its lenses… And I`d leave my FF….

  • Agachart Sukchouy

    x-pro2 ,why not organic

  • ronin

    Let’s just announce the X-Pro 3 and 4 while we’re at it, not ship them for 3 and 5 years respectively.

  • TinusVerdino

    non-organic as in regular silicon.

  • Always amazes me how people want new things that have not been demonstrated to be better than existing things. The mythical organic sensor is one such new thing. There is no indication whatsoever that an organic sensor will be better at the time of release than the CMOS sensors that will be available at the same time.

    It’s not as though CMOS tech is standing still, people.

    • ariliquin

      There are several emerging technologies and a constant pressure for improved performance that make this an innovative time for image sensing technology. You are correct that there are improvements and likely new innovations for silicon CMOS imaging however there are also some constant limitations due to the technology itself.

      I believe that bayer based sensors inherit a significant amount of resolution loss. This is dramatically demonstrated by the new Hasselblad 50 mp camera with pixel shift (which counteracts the loss of resolution through interpolation). Interpolation is one of the most significant issues with modern imaging today.

      Any company that can eliminate this issue and more faithfully reproduce the source image will remain competitive. Organic image sensors open a range of new possibilities (and potential limitations). I applaud any imaging company that is striving for absolute image quality, like Fuji.

      So, yes organic image sensor as ABSOLUTELY relevant in today’s market of rapid innovation.

      • worker88

        Hasselblad Multi Shot is not emerging technology. They’ve been using it as long as there’s been CMOS in consumer cameras.

      • Today, organic is pure hype. When a shipping product demonstrates real advantages in the field, it will cease to be hype — and only then.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      True. I’d settle for just as good at half the size.

  • Gaetano

    Do not know why at Fuji they keep on ignoring a lot of people and pros like me, gone to fuji because unsatisfied with the Leica M9 and not incline to the M240… Mpst of us, long term film Leica M users have enough lenses to mount on a FF XPro1 they could build aside of APS-C X-series. Should it be soooooo expensive and unprofitable to them?

  • Mark Harrington

    Super snappy AF would do it for me. I mostly use manual focus though so performance tweaks here too would be great. Increased ISO would be a bonus as would a few speed increases and XT1 EVF. On the fence regarding OVF, but there have been a few occasions when it has been useful so it’s probably a keeper for me. I think this is what we’ll get anyway, so I for one am willing to wait however long for the XP2, because for the first time in my photographic journey, I am perfectly satisfied with my current camera, the XP1!

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