Never ending leak! X-T1: more images, specs and XF 18-135 (weather sealed) will come in May!


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Are you truly hungry for more rumors? Well, then here are a few more details about the X-T1 for you:

The top Japanese source confirms: the XF 18-135 will be weather sealed and come in May. But that’s not all. Here some more specs:

  • start up time 0,5 sec
  • Shutter time lag 0,05 sec
  • time-lapse photography function – interval timer function
  • shooting interval 0,5 sec

The Japanese source still can’t confirm the dual SD-card slot.

Stay tuned on Fujirumors on Tuesday, 28th of January. Normally, Fuji announces its products early in the morning London time. Hope to get some information soon. But prepare coffee and red bull to remain awake!

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Here is the specs list. It’s all in there, every rumor I’ve collected over several months. So read it carefully and take it with a grain of salt.

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • announcement January 28th (TS)
  • big EVF (x77 magnification) /  (TS)
  • better EVF (2.36 million OLED, 0.005s lag) / (AS)
  • APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (TS + AS)
  • EXR II / (TS + NeS)
  • support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (TS)
  • start up time 0,5 sec (TS)
  • Shutter time lag 0,05 sec (TS)
  • time-lapse photography function – interval timer function (TS)
  • 8fps with AF tracking / (TS)
  • weather sealed body / (TS)
  • 18-135 will be weather sealed and come in May (TS + ORS)
  • tilt screen (SRP)
  • Price: €1,200 body only (≈ $1,300) – €1,600 body and 18-55 – €1,800 body and 18-135 / (NeS)
  • SLR-type (Fujica) design / (SRP)
  • name: X-T1 / (AS)
  • WiFi / (NeS)
  • smaller than the X-E2 / (AS)
  • additional battery grip / (AS)
  • 18-55 kit lens / (AS + ORS)
  • ISO up to 51200 (NeS)
  • in stores mid-February / (AS + ORS)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (NeS + AS)
  • faster AF then X-E2 (o,o8sec) / (NeS) [maybe the source mixed up faster writing speed (UHS-II) with faster AF-speed]

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  • New flash system please! And better QC!

    • TAZ

      Hey Andy,

      Totally agree with the flash system!
      But besides that thread you pointed me to on DPR,
      don’t see a lot of people complaining about QC..


        “The build quality is on a very high level but then you also expect no less from a lens in this price class. It is a bit worrisome, however, that this is the 2nd out of 5 tested Fuji lenses with a rather significant centering defect.”

        • Taz

          You must be really timid when selecting your gear.

          All manufactures have QC issues, from computers, automobiles, and cameras.

          I’m just stating this because for the past few days, most of your comments were about how Fuji needs a better flash system ( which I 100% agree) , and improve QC.

          As a m43 user, I know and experienced that Olympus suffers from QC issues too, but I haven’ seen you, or anybody else repeatedly mention that.

          You can always contact Fuji customer service (located in NJ) and I’m sure they will help you as best as they can if you have an issue with an upcoming lens or camera body.

          • As a South European living in Romania (we have the biggest retailer of photo-video hardware in S-E Europe), the repairs are not so easily done here for some brands (Canon and Nikon and even Pentax have repair centers but Fuji doesn’t).

            Also the customer service in this part of the world is not the best and before they change a bad product (lens for example) they will try to repair it several times (sendig it to Germany or another Western European country if they don’t have a repair center here). You can lose months like that.

            The only solution is to spot the fault and use the 30 days money back guarantee which is available.

          • Taz

            @ Andy,

            I understand. Good luck in choosing the best camera & lens!!

      • The X system is decently made, but there are a number of shortcomings that stop the cameras and lenses from standing toe to toe with even modest offerings from some other manufacturers.

        The most worrying to me (and which I have documented here:

        and here

        is the camera’s base, which is forged from one part magnesium alloy and the other, from plastic. It isn’t solid for vacation tripod use unless you are using tailored X camera bases, which isn’t at all usual. A few days spent with a simple Benro quick release plate and the X-pro 1 shows some damage. Not to the extend the a7r does, but enough to make me worry.

        The X-T1 appears to have a similar base. Sony’s RX1 is made from a single element and so is the OMD-EM1, both of which I would rather use on a tripod than the X-Pro 1.

        Overlarge quick release plates have no trouble, but small ones for compact ILC cameras WILL damage the camera. The lenses are well-made optically, but do not handle that well when compared to the Sony FE Zeiss lenses. Both are fly-by wire, but the Sony lenses are far smoother (less grinding of focus element to the lens tube) and better focus action.

        I hope that Fuji eventually will make lenses with real helicoids, or design small APS-C lenses for shooters that have no need of AF. Metal alone does not a quality build make.

        • Fujifilm will certainly offer something like this for people that doesn’t want to user larger plates, and it will also solve the off-center issue:

          At least one of your problems would have a solution.

          • They should just from the first design a strong bottom plate on their cameras. If you compare an OMD-EM1 to an X-Pro or any X camera, it is embarrassingly Olympus all the way. The new X-T1 utilises the same weak design that can be ripped or crushed. It needs to be a single element cap on the bottom of the camera, or a fitted insert that latches into the metal skeleton of the camera. The current design necessitates an accessory grip to protect the integrity of the camera for heavy tripod use. That is a fault, which also is a shame.

            That fixed, there is little to really go after in the X-Pro 1 until you compare it to similarly priced SLRs. It seems that apart from Olympus, most companies are taking ILC mirrorless cameras as somewhat of a hobby or chuckle fest.

            I wish they would be given the same consideration as DSLR cameras, particularly as I’m all in with mirrorless and Fujifilm is my favourite brand of the bunch for ergonomic reasons.

            But again, we shouldn’t have to purchase an accessory plate to shore up the X-Pro 1 or X-T1 for heavy on/off tripod use. They should from the start be built to high standards.

          • You’re right when you say that they should build the camera strong enough to be used on a tripod with no problem for the base.
            I don’t know if it will have the same problem with the Manfrotto accessory but using it as main body for heavy tripod use I’d a M-Plate or RRS (to allow the 2 positions).

        • Marco

          Thanks for your post! You perfectly identified the essence of what makes the design of most mirrorless cameras somehow flawed or weak! It may not be a major issue for most users, but it certainly remains a concern for those who wish to use their equipment in the context of their standard workflow. As such, your post (and your blog article more extensively) is very accurate in addressing the problem and suggesting a revision of the baseplate design by Fujifilm for their future cameras… I own a X-E2 which I happen to enjoy even more than my Nikon D800E, but in terms of quality of construction and sturdiness they are simply on different levels. It may be normal and well understandable for the consumer segment the X-E2 is strictly associated to, but the X-Pro and X-T series cameras should portray a completely different design capable of supporting their all-around use while delaying their wear and tear, as much as possible.

          P.S. I also own two Sunwayfoto Ballheads (XB-44 and XB-52DL), which I consider excellent! … and I’ve added your blog to my favorites!

    • Milo

      Flash: agree

    • Kinu

      Agree need better fash sync speed was well.

    • Second that!

      Flash unit – something with the size, features and built quality of an sb-700, but with radio receiver built in. And a nifty transmitter with mechanical dials for group control and HSS. The moment this is done, I’m in :)

  • miguel

    anything about video capabilities????? the UHS-II seems to be for a hungry codec.

    • don hogfan

      Ok other than it can take video, and it has a dedicated record button:
      The left cover for the ports is larger than the one from X-E2 so hopefully an audio jack?

    • don hogfan

      Oh and Patrick we expect something like: “1080 24p”,”full sensor downsample”,’ProRes 4:2:2 10bit”,… :)

      • adi

        +100000 only reason I sold my xpro and xe1 was video…

        • don hogfan

          I get a strange feeling of no vid rumors is bad vid news. I guess no camera can have it all..

          • outsider

            I tend to agree. A dedicated video button doesn’t mean they will improve the video capabilities. When the X-E1 was released, it came with a dedicated mic input jack which gave me hope of improved video handling but that didn’t come. Now I had hope they would improve it with a firmware update but that didn’t come too…

    • djawon

      will sell xe-1 and skip blackmagic if this camera will have pro-res 422 codec

  • How much for the grip?

  • Just get that pre-order for the UK sorted now….. ok, I’ll settle for first thing on the 28th….. just kidding, I want it NOW ;-)

    Any ideas around the price of the vertical grip??

  • Will The 18-55 be weather sealed as well?

    • Surab

      I guess not. Should be just an early and cheaper kit option for those who want the camera as early as possible or who don’t care about the weather sealing and just want the camer for its other feautres.
      BUT maybe Fuji is going to announce that all or some if its already announced or available lenses are already weather sealed, but I won’t hold my breath on that. I think we will get the following lenses as weather sealed one: 16-55, 18-135, 50-140, possibly the tele zoom and maybe the 10-24.

      • Rich

        Anyone willing to get their hands dirty and take their lenses to bits? ;)

        • Surab

          You go first, cause I have none. :P

          • Rich

            Been there, done that (although not with Fuji lenses). Usually a spring pops out and I have no idea where it came from, or I have parts left after I re-assemble! I should probably leave camera repair to the pros!

          • Surab

            Oo You really do that. I guess I wouldn’t have your bravery!

    • miniTO

      Its just the normal XF 18-55 so no its not weather sealed.

  • Thanks for the great coverage. Looks like an amazing camera. Any word on the weight?

  • Mary Jane

    @Patrick: time-lapse photography function?????????????

    Do you mean a function to produce time-lapse videos?

    • I may mean that the camera has an intervalometer that allows it to shoot still images at a given interval of time and after you get the images you can produce the video out of the camera.

      • Sorry, please read “It may mean…”

      • Rich

        That would be my understanding.

    • patrick

      you set the shooting interval, the number of frames and the camera starts to shoot with the settings you selected.

  • jypfoto

    If the 18-135 comes out in May, looks like no bundle for me. I was looking to get the XT-1 w/18-135 with bundle pricing, but guess that’s out. So a weather sealed body is going to ship with no weather sealed lens? *scratches head*

    • Surab

      It’s kind of lame, but just see it like it was not a weather sealed camera. If the 18-135 is really available in May than it is only 3 month of waiting which is a bummer for some but if they wanted a X camera they wouldn’t have a weather sealed camera anyways.

      But I think the same: If they bring the lenses later then I would not pay for the weather sealing in the new camera and wait for the lenses (and get maybe some additional savings to the kit price)…. It’s Fuji’s own fault and they know that people hold back because of this.

      IQ wise there is nothing going to happen for those who own X-E1, X-Pro1, … so they can wait a few more month. I mean before the rumords came we all thought that after the X-E2 the next camera will be the new Pro2 in fall/winter 2014…..

      Those who want to jump into the system are the ones who are really in a pitty: get the X-E2 or X-T1 or wait for the 18-135….

      • It would have been nice if this 18-135 was a something like a f3.2-4.5 and not f3.5-5.6. I think that with the 18-55 and 55-200 they made great variable aperture choices for keeping the size down and giving more light to the sensor at max apertures plus good optical quality.

        • Surab

          They are indeed. I was doing research on m43 (and actually still prefer it for bulk/weight and DOF) but Fuji caught me with their decent kit zooms (even the 16-50 is at least optically decent!) when I marched into a local shop where a Fuji rep showed off his cameras. The final blow was the quality of SOOC jpegs and astro/night shots.

          I think that there is no real advantage in 3.2 over 3.5 and that 4.5 would have made it too large. This is still a CSC system and I bet the upcoming 16-55/50-140 combo is already on the bulky side of the fence (no problem with that for those who need them, it’s just physics; the others can use the 18-55-200). ;)

          They should rather make the 18-135 optically as good as possible with a tough build and a super OIS and leave it with that F range to make it more compact (just look at the Pentax 18-135, it already quite large).

          I would use it as holiday walk around, mostly daylight. But that is only me. :D

          • The problem with the Pentax 18-135 is that it has very poor optical quality. It’s well built and has good weather sealing but it’s a pitty that Pentax sensors (produced by Sony) which are great in terms of APS-C don’t benefit from lenses that can resolve those resolutions. Hope Ricoh will do a better job at the helm than Hoya did but after the release of the “new” HD prime lenses (no real improvement in iq over the old ones) I doubt it…

          • Surab

            That is why I mentioned it. It has the same range, same F range, is weather sealed and though it is already quite large it does not really perform optically. Bearing that in mind and knowing that no manufacturer can do real magic, I wish that Fuji only concentrates on making that lens optically better and more compact. ;)

    • JK

      The X-T1 will be officially announced on the 28th of January, not released. The release date is yet to be specified. So I guess the camera might come out with the new weather sealed lens as a kit lens, or even later.

  • catflap

    We’ve lost the rumor about faster AF…. :( :( :(

    • Pierre

      Yes, that is pretty sad!

      • catflap

        The one saving grace of this camera will be AF, if that hasn’t been improved it’s gonna dissapoint a few photogs!

        • tim

          Fuji say’s fastest AF in the World is on E2 … what more is necessary?

          • catflap

            That turned out to be a lie.

          • Daniel C.

            Yes, marketing at its worst.

            I tried the E-2 and for me it was faster, but not tremendously faster than my X-Pro 1 with the latest firmware.
            The Olympus E-M1 is defintely way faster. That’s just a fact.

            However, I stay with my X-Pro1 as long as I can withstand. The X-T1 seems to be a realy lovely camera and in terms of ergonomics vs. size it also seems to be a milestone. Definitely a great design.


          • tim

            IIRC they claimed the fastest “… for camera with APS-C or greater”, which was nice of them ;-)

            OK, so it sucks, still. But not as much as before. I already gave up and use MF lenses … but still sometimes like to dream.

          • nwcs

            Their statement had a very specific qualification. They didn’t say for all purposes or situations. The fact remains that all mirrorless cameras AF is inferior in speed to a DSLR for the time being. In many cases, though, accuracy is more important than speed. And the faster the AF the more likely the focus might miss.

  • Ed Sinclair

    I can see things are about to get all OMD EM-1 vs XT-1… Can’t wait! :D

    • For me it is like E-M1 vs X-E2/X-T1 vs A7. Considering the E-M1 has poor iso performance even at iso 200 (bad for landcape/portraits/architecture and stock photography) and the A7 has quite a lot of glitches – the most concerning being the RAW that’s actually 11 bit and not 14 bit like Sony claims and the doubtful JPG engine – plus the lack of FE lenses (Sony is postponing most of the lenses in the roadmap), the battle rages between the X-E2 and the X-T1.

      • jimmy

        The only thing doubtful about the A7 jpeg engine (fueled by the dpr review) is the fact the reviewer only tested the default jpg settings, and couldn’t be bothered with turning off the NR and comparing different ADJUSTABLE in-camera jpg settings. Hopefully there will not be a similar hit-piece on this camera by them.

        • Yeah, but 11 bit raw vs 14 bit? Marketing hype (Sony in known for cheating customers in this regard for many years)

          The A7 is a nice camera but the second generation will be the right one. If Sony will not drop the line in the meantime :-)

          • 11-bit vs 14-bit -> from what I’ve read it’s case only with compression turned on. SD cards are cheap, no need for compression ;)

    • Same here. I like Fujifilms way of doing things more, but speed and feeling of the X-T1 in my hand are still open – both pretty good with Olympus E-M1.

  • bey

    Maybe I missed it, but is there anything known about the aperture of the 18-135 lens?

    • jypfoto

      It’s reported to be a 3.5-5.6.

  • Quote: “New flash system please! And better QC!” – Yes, the biggist flash with 42 LN at 100 mm (KB) is really awful! At Least a stronger flash, better would be an Flash system. Fuji will be profi league! But to be a part of it, make better flashes!

    • Geoffrey

      1) Enable burst mode for flash
      2) Enable flash bracketing(independent from exposure bracketing)
      3) Enable AF assist light on flash
      4) Pack this into a small form factor matching the build quality of FujiX system
      5) And the cherry: add some color filter auto detected by the flash, so the camera correct the color cast on the flow (like Nikon SB-700/900/910)

  • J13ag

    It looks like there is no support for old style cable release. Hmmm.

    • Speculation on my part, the USB port would be used with a FUJI wired trigger as can be accomplished on the X-E1. Or the combo microphone/remote release port.

      Would like to see an image of the ports (aka terminals). I assume one USB,, one HDMI (mini) and one Sound jack (would be nice to be 3mm instead of 2mm) But can their please be a dedicated shutter release port.

  • TAZ

    Can’t wait for next week for the pre-order links!!!

    I have the money, so I’m just waiting.. and waiting!!

    • leocat

      Hello: Taz
      I’ am with you but I do not think I will stay up until 1 or 2 am. I will check in the morning and if the links are up, I will put my Adorama order in. I will also order another Barton braided camera strap and Optech quick change strap connectors

      • Taz

        Yes, my bedtime is usually 10 pm, so I will not stay up. But most likely set my alarm up to wake up around 3 to pre-order from Amazon!

        • Nothing like rampant consumerism.

  • P. Esco

    So no fastest AF anymore? I guess those rumors are useless. You just have to wait and see.

    • Surab

      ….. Yes, that’s why they are called rumors.

  • Lumen

    Patrick, your doing a great job, appreciated !
    Do you know if the X-T1’s WIFI does remote control ? X-E2 doesn’t.

  • Zeus

    Any idea of lens speed/aperture of new 18-135 lens?

    • miniTO

      Its already on the road map… so the speeds are listed their.

  • Mary Jane


    something new about AE – Bracketing +/- 2 or more?

  • Steve

    Patrick you’re the man.
    Get a partnership with a french store ! ^^

    Thanks for the infos (intervalometer is hella sweet !)

  • Nominal

    Beautiful camera.
    Still the sensor its a bit +/-
    Price is the major factor why im going to order this. Otherwise would get Sony A7/r.

  • don hogfan

    Ok we know everything other than the video specifications.
    There is a video button…
    Patrick you continue with the rest!

  • Dingo5

    How is this NOT Fuji’s flagship model?!? So the Xpro1 is still better? Come on, I don’t think so!

    • David

      Would you prefer all other releases after xPro1 to get worse specs than neccessary so they don´t over-shadow the flagship? Fuji doesn´t update their entire mirrorless product line simultaneously and technology move too fast. This is what happens.

      • Axel

        Fuji says the xpro1 is their flagship model, surely this is much better?

        • nwcs

          More like the X-Pro tier is the flagship model. Yes, the XPro1 is in many ways less feature filled than the X-E2 but the tier is still “pro.” And when a XPro2 comes along it should reclaim the crown.

      • DanM

        Heaven forbid they end up like Nikon/Canon and purposefully cripple their non-flagship camera lines so they don’t overshadow the “Flagship”. Nikon/Canon better keep your eye on Fuji, they’ll pull the rug from under you!

        • Yeah…lots of evidence of that, huh? Let’s see, ummm….

          • DanM

            Ok umm hmmm let’s see… Let’s just take the D600/D610 as an example…

            1. Using the older 39-point AF system as opposed to the newer 51-point from the D800
            2. No one-touch magnification for review.
            3. A non-customisable OK button
            4. No separate AF-ON button

            The list can go on. Features that could easily have been put in to the newer D610 but are not so it doesn’t surpass then older more flagship models of the D800 / D4
            The same kinda thing can be said for the 6D/5DmkIII

          • tim

            Fuji does the same thing. Its normal.

  • Renato S.

    I’m really interested to see if there is more that comes with that dedicated recording button

  • herstal

    Fuji please, cameras are for using them in real life and a fast and reliable focusing is a must. We don’t want to miss our shots under the pouring rain.

  • fmNYC

    Awfully leaky for a weather-sealed camera … :)

    • Surab

      Awesome! :D

  • On 29th if the price and af is faster than XE 2,i will order it to be 1st camera on my back with the XE 2

  • nwcs

    Hope that means a firmware update for the other cameras to add an intervalometer real soon now!

  • Gordon

    Will it use the same or different battery than the XE-n cameras? I’m guessing different but haven’t noticed any specific info on that.

  • Chase

    Not jumping back into the X-system until their flash system and sensor is upgraded. All these dials and the weather sealing addition are definitely a bonus, but I’d rather jump in the used market for an X-E1 for $400 with relatively the same sensor and AF performance…especially since the weather sealing lens isn’t even an option yet.

    I still HEAVILY prefer the look of the X-Pro1 over the T1 even though the T1 is beautiful. The X-T1 is of course something different and what’s hot right now in terms of styling, but I’ll happily wait for the X-Pro2. I just hope the X-Pro2 comes with a bigger OVF and EVF.

  • Gawaine

    just wonder if it will look better to write like this, grouping by credibility so we will know what we can trust and what we can take it with a grain of salt easily.

    From Trusted Source
    announcement January 28th (TS)
    big EVF (x77 magnification) / (TS)
    APS-C X-Trans sensor II (16MP) / (TS + AS)
    EXR II / (TS + NeS)
    support for the UHS-II SD-card for super-fast writing speed / (TS)
    start up time 0,5 sec (TS)
    Shutter time lag 0,05 sec (TS)
    time-lapse photography function (TS)
    dual SD-Card slot (TS)
    8fps with AF tracking / (TS)
    weather sealed body / (TS)
    18-135 will be weather sealed and come in May (TS + ORS)

    From Source who was right in past, but not trusted
    tilt screen (SRP)
    SLR-type (Fujica) design / (SRP)

    Anonymous Source and New Source
    better EVF (2.36 million OLED, 0.005s lag) / (AS)
    name: X-T1 / (AS)
    smaller than the X-E2 / (AS)
    additional battery grip / (AS)
    18-55 kit lens / (AS + ORS)
    in stores mid-February / (AS + ORS)
    Price: €1,200 body only (≈ $1,300) – €1,600 body and 18-55 – €1,800 body and 18-135 / (NeS)
    WiFi / (NeS)
    ISO up to 51200 (NeS)
    price range between X-E and X-PRO line / (NeS + AS)

    • Or we can just go on with our lives and before you know it, its january 28!

    • Chase

      Haha yeah. Makes more sense to me.

  • MrGecko

    Can anyone name the strap in the top pic? I am so comfortable with my thumb up I tossed my last strap.

  • What happened to the faster AF than X-E2?????

  • Andy

    I think AF speed on X-T1 will be about the same as X-E2, with a little improvments in speed. If they will do fast AF in this body – nothing will left for PRO top line camera as X-PRO2. IMHO

    • Surab

      Seems plausible. If the X-Pro2 gets (organic) 20-24 MP sensor, m43-like AF, Hybrid-VF (but not 0.77? :P) and weather sealing in a very similar body as the X-Pro1, that’s what I would call an update!!! And definitely out of budget for me, too! XD

      • You just touched a sensitive aspect when you refer to “organic”. Will this continue to be the same as X-Trans in terms of pixel distribution and RAW conversion algorithms or will start from scratch again?

        If it changes the game again it will mean possible workflow and software changes or at least waiting for present converters to be able to handle the new RAW files.

        DxO doesn’t support X-Trans because it would be too costly for them and they doubt Fuji will support X-Trans in the longer run. Are their cautions right or organic sensor will improve on X-Trans pixel design?

        • Surab

          Actually, I have no idea. We should aks Rico. ;)

          Organic is first and foremost only an advance in pixel technologie and (if it comes as it sounds) should get us a good leap forward in terms of IQ (especially DR and S/N as far as I understood).

          Whether they will go back to Bayer, use EXR, X-Trans or that new patent? I don’t know and personally I don’t care since I am only beginner/amateur, I only change cameras every 4-5 years and I don’t use RAW (but want to try it with the X-A1).

  • Personally I don’t think weatherproofing is the be all end all….but if you’re going to provide it why would you start with a slow consumer zoom like the 18-135??? Odd.

    • If they coupled it from the start with the 16-55 2.8 (which will surely be ws) then a lot of the potential buyers whould have complained about the price kit :-) Most buyers are not pros but amateurs or prosumers that won’t spend a fortune on a bag of pro lenses. Fuji need to sell their products if they want to survive and make some of their cameras to enter the top 10 of mirrorless sales.

      • I disagree….I say it’s poor product planning on Fuji’s part. You’re right, the 16-55 2.8 SHOULD have been the lens that had weatherproofing….as it is part of their ‘pro’ lineup. The 18-135 is a prosumer zoom….it’s almost like they said, ‘hey we got this weatherproofed XT1 we better come up with a weatherproofed lens’….and the 18-135 just happened to be next on the road-map.

        • To clarify…I’m not arguing against the 18-135 being bundled with the XT1…what I am saying is that it’s a stupid lens to pick as the first one to be ‘weatherproofed’ given that they have already released over half of their ‘pro’ XF R range of lenses.

          • Kapre

            The 18-135mm is a very useful range for when you’re out and about travelling, probably the most useful range for travelling in their current roadmap, doesnt look like a stupid lens to me. Obviously, weathersealing is important when you’re outside, not when you’re inside

      • Even 16-135mm zoom will not be ready in time to enter launch kits, so it doesn’t seem to be a pricing issue.

    • Surab

      Yep, @Andy has already mentioned it. The 1800€ price tag is already super harsh for most users.

      I would also argue that when you are somewhere where you need the WS than you cannot change lenses at the same time. So having a 5-10x zoom as the standard WS zoom is very logical (as a everyday or holiday lens) to cover more with one lens on the body-
      Also I believe that size could matter and looking at Pentax 18-135 vs 16-50 the new XF 16-55 will be larger than the XF 18-135.

      So first they deliver the more compact and cheaper always on type lens and then they focus on the Pros and bring that 16-55 with the new X-Pro2!

    • If you are out and about in the rain you don’t want to be changing lenses… I would be very interested in the 18-135. The 18-55 on its own does not give me enough options (i carry it with the 55-200 when in the mountains) so at least it gives a bit of both without having to swap lenses. It’s a convenience lens I guess.

      • I imagine you’ll lose speed, in that the 18-135mm will be f/3.5-5.6, not f/2.8-4 like the 18-55mm “kit” lens. The Pentax version of the 18-135mm is WS and quite nice–a very useful, flexible focal range too, that makes a great one-lens travel kit.

  • Tim

    The X-T1 (according to rumors) has the same X-Trans II sensor as the X-E2 so the AF performance should be pretty similar.. the only reason the AF could be faster is if they have a new super fast AF algorithm for the firmware.. but that means de X-E2 is capable of the same speed with the same firmware optimizations.

    • miniTO

      It could be a faster processor along with the improved algorithum so I wouldn’t hold my breath that the XE-2 is going to be the same AF speed.

  • Niklas Persson

    Anyone know what that leather hand grip is? From Fuji? I’ve been looking for something like that to fit my X-E2, without success… I was surprised by the lack of results I found.

    • schorsch

      maybe joby ultrafit handstrap?

    • Fuji X-Fan

      Hej, I found (or believe it is the same) the grip on B&H website

      It looks pretty nice on the X-T1 tbh…

      • Niklas Persson

        Thank you, great spotting!

    • schorsch

      the joby ultrafit hand strap has the advantage of the ultra plate which is compatible with arca style clamps.

      • Niklas Persson

        I was looking on that one too, but the plate seems a little bit clumsy for my liking – best would be something where you could reach the memory card/battery on X-E2 still. Perhaps not even doable though… Thanks in any case for the tip!

  • McPIX

    Any idea about the eye point distance? Interesting and important when you need glasses.

  • I’m looking at that dedicated REC button and thinking “I hope I can reassign it to something useful” :-D

    +1 anybody? ;-)

    • S.P.

      Don’t care about video at all. Hope “record button” could be reassigned, or at least, deactivated.

      • Welcome, my brother, welcome :-)

  • TJM

    Well I’m the opposite – eagerly awaiting news of video specs + controls and hoping they’re good enough for small scale video production work.

    Control over sound and picture a must as well as external mike and monitoring. Decent tracking AF also pretty important – as well as clean footage.

    This seems like a throw everything people want into a super sexy body sort of effort so why the hell not – he says dreaming! I’m asking a lot I know. Will probably have to buy an E-X2 for me and a GH3 for video work.

    It’s a very very fine looking camera in looks and potential usability – already getting a lot of attention if 899 comments on DP review is anything to go by.

  • TJM

    Need a break from all this waiting to eat something and do something that normal people do.

    Patrick, you’re a star – can you be a darling and bring us a lovely supper of further X-T1 news with the crusts cut off before bed?


  • I’ll take it. I’d bet the XP2 has all the new stuff that this has (minus the weather sealing) and the OVF. This’ll be my backup cam to use with the 55-200 which is really clunky on the XP1.

  • Stef

    In some other photos I’ve seen of this camera, in particular the back and top view, the eyecup seems to be a one piece rubber block, jutting out no more from the back than the X-E2. Can anybody have a guess by looking if this might be replaceable/different then the other fuji-x cameras (apart from the X-PRO-1) and replacement might be possible?
    I need this for left eye use, either the ability to attach a light sealing eyecup or an extension eyepiece would be great. If you ever pick up the A7, the amount the eyepiece juts out makes shooting a breeze with either eye.
    No matter what, fuji have not given anyone an option for any of the X-Series cameras apart from the X-Pro-1 and even then you need to use the old Nikon FM2 adapters, which are actually magnificent but still, you’d expect to be able to buy within the system.

  • Tankerman

    Has anyone else noticed that the battery grip has some sort of key lock engraved with close/open on the end. This could mean that the battery for the grip is a different, larger capacity type which will allow far more exposures per charge than the camera battery in the body. If this is the case then, in conjunction with the proposed long focal length zoom, Fuji could be presenting a very interesting challenge to CanNikon; both of whom have not yet produced a suitable replacement for their 7D/D300 cameras.

  • siddu

    I do not understand what the big deal is there in this Camera. We have FF bodies from Sony and the sensor used in this camera is nothing new. Had it been a FF sensor, I would have been amazed.

    • Can you check on DPREVIEW sony 7,sony7r vs XE2

    • Tikbalang

      Yup, because the sole goal of Fujifilm is to amaze you. I pity them for failing miserably

    • tim

      It is, in some aspects, a significant improvement on the XPro1. Even for people like me who have given up on Fuji its interesting enough to consider selling the XPro1 and buying this camera … simply to have a useful camera sitting on the shelf.

      If you are into FF lenses there is not much in the market that works OK, Sony is in this regard not so great … even being second in that race is not so easy. Only have to wonder what Leica will produce since they produce a neater/tidy design.

      Using the XPro1 is like swimming against the tide …

  • I understand Fuji has put a lot of effort to this body, but if there is no significant improvement in AF performance and no new sensor, $1300 is too high to me.

  • Why does Fuji not stay with the Rangefinder optics? Why do they need now getting to DSLR likes too? Failure!

    • They follow the trend, even within the retro concept.
      However there are probably some reasons: central viewfinder (better for left eyed*), higher viewfinder magnification and viewing for people wearing glasses are some that come to my mind.
      (*) – some people argues that a central viewfinder helps to keep the camera leveled horizontally

    • tim

      Having the rangefinder on top of the 3″ LCD restricts the minimum size of the camera body, especially if the viewfinder is increased in size. Using a viewfinder hump gets around that, which is why everyone is doing it. SLR style at least looks OK.

      So far, for Oly and Sony … Success!

  • Jerome LaPlume

    I’m pretty curious about this camera, Fuji had done a good job with X-system until now, and this can be the right camera for a step forward.
    I don’t think I’ll sell my m4/3 gear for this, but i’m pleased to see Fuji’s work.

  • Remember the fuji S1,S2,S3,S5?.All of them was very good dslr. When they stop to S5 i was move to Nikon now i go buck to fuji with XE2 and maybe the XT-1 if the focus is faster than the XE2
    And if fuji make FF dslr i can sel my nikon D3X

  • Hello! I just wonder what optics will be best for new XT-1 for night (astrophotography) shooting, nature shooting and portrait shooting?

  • A weather sealed APS-C equivalent of the FF 24-70 focal length would have paired well with this camera, upon it’s release.

    • The roadmap indicates a zoom 16-55mm F:2.8 OIS for the second half of 2014 that is more or less in line with such a lens ( only a bit more on the long side – 82.5) and will most likely be weather sealed.

  • George G.

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