You just Can’t Get Enough: New X-T1 pictures (one with vertical grip)!


Here are three new pictures of the Fuji X-T1 leaked by our friend from Digicameinfo. Only six days to go until the camera gets announced (at around 5-6am London time on January 28th). Feel free to follow the event live here on Fujirumors with a couple of hot coffees to keep you awake :-) and to support Fujirumors by pre-ordering it using one of the shoplinks on this blog.

At the bottom a silver mock-up by FR-reader Michel Van Weyenbergh, and some size comparisons by FR-reader Manne Sjögren who said: “I heard rumors, and also saw that people are writing it on some other sites as well, that the X-T1 will be smaller than the X-E1 and X-E2 bodies. I had to compare. Here’s a quick comparison from above of them both. Not really smaller but good looking none the less. Feel free to use it if you want!”

– animated gif size comparison X-E2/X-T1 by FR-reader MJr here.

FR-reader James shared via email at “I composed some comparison photos of the X-Pro1 and X-T1 with the same 35mm F1.4. They can be found here.”

– Leigh Diprose wrote me on facebook: “I recorded an Google+ Hangout discussing the camera. Some of your readers might find this interesting.” See it here. (recorded after the first leaked image).

– Shared via twitter: “Here’s a quick rundown of what we know of the X-T1, and how it compares with Fuji’s current top-end cameras, the X-E2 and X-Pro1. Keep in mind, much of the info about the X-T1 is still rumour.” Check it out af fujivsfuji here.

enjoy the pics,
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 photo unnamed_zpsf6081348.jpg

 photo compare_zpsfbb81e62.jpg

and also from MJr :-)
 photo xt1fm2df_zps606d0b80.gif

  • shadowc

    It’s … nice! I like it. Thanks.

    • caccamo

      IT is better an A7, and smaller, and FF

      • Palervo

        Trolls found their way here

        • hamar

          no, it is simply true and for 1800 $ a7 is simply a winner

          • Phil

            Do you forget to pay for your lens, what do you have? Don’t tell me you’re mounting 2-pound DSLR manual-focused lenses on your tiny A7. Share your “great” experience with A7 and i will surely want to know.

          • DanM

            Well preview just posted their review of the A7, shame it only got a silver award, considering it’s meant to be “FF mirror less” . Guess there is too much wrong with it…

          • DanM

            In fact the A7 review at dpreview really slams it for quality, ergonomics and everything that typifies Sony. Even it’s 2 second start-up time. So yes people see it as “wow it’s FF” but thats about all it’s got going for it.

          • No lenses though…

          • lol

            The A7 price tag is pretty god dam impressive. and only $1600 here in the U.S. So what exactly are you people bitching about?

            1. troll, this meaningless dodge word been thrown around a lot these days. Yeah any one not a fan of the brand should not be on the forum right? all you want is bunch of fucking yes man. Makes you feel better other agreeing with your choices? f ing insecure about a fucking toy if you ask me.

            2. no lenses…well no shit, it just came out 3 native lens so far. Did the x mount have 10 lenses lined up during launch? I only had the 35mm 1.4 for almost 1 year.

            3. Ergonomics? you kidding me? the A7 has much better grip than xe1. Ugly as hell but better grip. I happen to have both.

            anyways, nice to have a weather sealed OMD like fuji but at this point the new A7 is the king of the mirror less. $999 would be more reasonable.

          • The A7 has 11 bit Raw and not 14 bit like Sony claims. That’s crap. The JPG engine is bad and JPGs show posterization. So shooting Raw or JPG is almost the same thing. Even MFT has 12 bit Raw!

          • @ lol
            Yes! the price of the A7 is just incredible. And we should thank sony for that wether we like the camera or not because it forces the other manufacturer to adjust their own pricing (or it will).

            1. You got a point here. However despite all the qualities of the A7, there are people who just don’t consider it. That’s a fact too. But we keep hearing how much better (because fulle frame?) and cheaper or better priced is the A7, and that’s becoming tiresome. It use to be “the NEX series is so much better”, now, it’s “A7 is full frame for the same price” here on FR comments

            2. On the lens department, Fuji came out with 3 prime lenses at the launch of the X-Pro1. That was uncommon and very welcomed. And the quality was there too. Big up to Fuji for that move. I’ve been less enthousiast with all the zooms which came out after tough…. I don’t know the available lenses for the A7 but from what I’ve heard/read they are still few (are the 3 lenses available yet?) not super fast (f2.8 / f4) which is a waste with such sensor (this is my humble opinion)

            3. ergonomics is so subjective. Some people praise nikon for that others can’t touch anything different from Canon. So I guess A7 kicks ass for some as well as Fuji does for others

          • hamar

            “Do you forget to pay for your lens, what do you have? Don’t tell me you’re mounting 2-pound DSLR manual-focused lenses on your tiny A7” Yea i have my 200g 35mmm and REAL 35 canon not a fake overpriced 23 fake-film

      • So you have your problem solved and don’t need to come here point out other cameras qualities, problems or sizes and you can go to A7’s fora and net pages to exchange views and discuss the use of your next “machine”.

      • No way better than A7… 24.3MP vs 16MP, fullframe vs APS-C.. Add €200 you get fullframe compact mirrorless camera..

        • @ MirrorLessForums – good for you to get a bargain!
          Why are people loosing time here if what they want is elsewhere?

        • Phil

          Sounds like you are swayed by the wind and has no idea what you want :). Good luck!

        • A pretty decent full kit on A7, based on current lens pricing trends (as necessary lenses for a basic kit do not yet even exist) will run approximately $5700, and that is being generous to Sony who has a history of badly overpricing their lenses. That would be an ultrawide zoom, short prime, long prime (like 35mm and 85mm) and a moderate zoom (70-200/4 in this case) plus the A7.

          For X-E2 kit with similar loadout, but using the 55-200/3.5-4.8 (really not that far from a constant f/4, and 100mm great effective FL) instead of a 70-200, an ultrawide zoom, 23/1.4 and 56/1.2 (btw, that 23/1.4 is MORE capable than Sony’s 35/2.8) plus camera body you’ll spend about $4600.

          So just to start you’re spending $1100 less. Now if you move on to this X-T1 instead, you might a few hundred more based on current pricing rumors. That’s still $800 less, even if we go way out on a limb on pricing, at least $500, with more capability, far more additional lens choices in the native system, and the same performance. The fact is, the X-E2 (and thus the X-T1) sensor performs on par with Sony’s full frame sensors.

          The only thing you’re really losing out on is the sheer resolution of the larger sensors. Is it really worth so much sacrifice? I say no, not yet. Maybe in a year or two.

      • jon

        sony a7 is just a stack of random mismatched pieces. x-t1 is very well balanced in the design

  • I do think the RF look appeals to me more but if this has a little faster AF than the XE2, it’s mine! Have been using XP1 and X100s for a while at weddings but still kept my 5D mk2 and 70-200 for the long range shots and large aperture. This and the 56 1.2 could be the answer.

    Does anyone want a 5D MK2?

    • +111

    • TAZ

      5D MKII for free?!

      Sure, I’ll take it! :)

    • Panther

      When you prefere a RF-like cam-type over SLR style but want a faster AF, maybe you should consider waiting for next FW-update of the X-E2 which provides -as far as we know right now- same X-trans 2 sensor hardware. So hopefully the AF of both cams will equal in the near future.

      • Good point. Thanks. Sorry Taz. It wouldn’t be for free. Fuji are the only cam company at the moment doing anything exciting in my view. The others latest offerings leave me cold.

  • toma

    :) Great, thanks Patrick!! What about the size?? smaller than x e2?

    • MJr
      • Nice!

      • MJr

        It seems that one had a slight error (the lens release buttons are confusing!), this one should be correct now:

        • it’s hard to be exact, but it seem few mm larger than the XE2..
          to be honest i prefer the XP1 size, and form factor (i really like to have the VF to one side, with my nose ou of the camera).

          do you have an idea about the LCD size? it seem to have a large black frame around the screen…

        • Juan

          Your picture is wrong. Look at the sensor plane symbol. It should be at the same distance from the lens mount.

          Because of this I guess the new X-T1 it a bit smaller than the X-E2

          • MJr

            That’s not anything i changed. The hot-shoe matches, and so does the mount, this is how it is.

        • MJr

          Alright then, one final tweak and i’m done:

          The sensor position symbol really does have a slight difference, must be the perspective / angle, or Fuji fixed it slightly themselves. Nobody every uses it anyway do they, so who knows if the X-E2 was exact or not to begin with .. it’s just a symbol anyway, not the actual sensor. ;)

      • MJr

        It looks much more ergonomic. :)

    • Fuji X-Fan

      According to my measurments (comparing the flash foot as a multiplier) it should be somewhere round 123mm ±2mm. Hence, quite narrow, a compact beauty, hopefully it’s also ergonomically fit :D

      • Fuji X-Fan

        Hmm, sry, made a typo, would be 133 ±2mm wide, not 123…

  • Jan Safranek

    Any plans for silver-black color variant?

    Thank you for your work, Patrick.

    • Sky

      Oh yea, if priced well – I would certainly be interested :)

      Still though I’m worried about the grip – it’s more shallow than the one Nikon DF got, and DF grip is already bad enough while DF got much deeper body, what makes it much more comfortable to hold than flat camera like X-T1. We’ll see in practice, but I’m worried that with anything else than short light lenses – it’ll be very uncomfortable to hold for a longer while.

  • Ken McBride

    Red button on the top for video recording. Any ideas what the new Jog Dial on the front of the camera is for.

    • Spyro

      Probably for the 3 lenses that don’t have aperture rings.

      • TJM

        This is a hit and hope but there seems to be a few features that could be in aid of video work:

        – dedicated record button.
        – dual card slots
        – constant apatite zooms with optical stabilisation – coming
        – tilt screen
        – these control wheels to adjust parameters whilst recording?

        I know this is primarily a photographers camera but some if us would dearly appreciate not having to have 2 bodies to be able to do decent video. Now I hope it has:

        – viewable, adjustable sound levels in recording
        – same for histogram and exposure / aperture
        – normal sized headphone jack for audio monitoring
        – improved bitrate and codec
        – hdmi out

        Fingers crossed!

        P.s – what a stunner!!

        • JN

          video is the one thing keeping me from going back to Fuji

          • Renato S.


          • Chris


            Manual controls during video, I’d love a Fuji to go with my 5d3 and maybe replace it if the focusing improves in low light. Hopefully the card isn’t buried under the grip too.

          • thecouchguy

            +3 Although I should be more accurate and say its the thing stopping me going there in the first place. I want to go for Fuji from Nikon apsc, if they would pay attention to video more. I still *might* get one but better video will seal the deal and take my gaze away from pana.

        • xcm

          I am also waiting for FULL manual video control and I will swich to FUJI! just inprove video at least FULL manual control ( shutter App, ISO)

          • +1 full manual video control is long overdue. Maybe the X-T

      • I’m with you on this guess. I suspect that the idea behind this camera is to have an offering for outdoors, wildlife, sports, etc. photography in the Fuji system. As such, you can expect photographers to have their hands busy zooming and wanting to use two hands to operate full control of the camera, zoom, af, aperture, shutter speeds, you can get a lot more done at once when you don’t have to move your hand around the lens. It is even more significant when fuji produces its long super telephoto zoom next year.

        So I think this camera with conventional DSLR interface options is really necessary for full coverage.

        I do really think many people bitching about it not fitting their nostalgia-filled fantasies need to just ignore it. It’s not like they need to buy ever single random body that exists in a given system. I’m sure there will be an X-Pro2 to satisfy them in the next 12 months.

        • Sky

          It’s too light and small (not to mention battery life) for outdoors/ wildlife / sports photographers.

    • JK

      The dials could be used for different things and might even be programmable. In program mode the front dial could change the aperture and the back dial the shutter speed while the camera adapts the according other value (program shift). In full manual mode they could control the same settings but without the shift. That’s the setup I had on my old DSLR (still with film those days ^^).

  • Piero


  • Rasmus

    It does indeed looks great, I love the fact that it has got a dedicated ISO dial, finally everything can be set even prior to shooting and seen by looking down on it just like an old analog camera.

    My only real fear is that it might not be quite wide enough, like the EM-5 that I have. I’ve always felt it was a bit too cramped, the old Olympus OM-1/2 are just perfect as is the Fuji X100s. Hopefully it will still be nice and ergonomic.

  • A slim Contax RTS.

    • Anais

      My sentiments exactly! Xpro1 is the Contax G2 reborn, X100 is a Leica M3 and now this. Fujifilm just keeps on giving!

      • peter

        Nice line of comparisons except for the one with X100. Hexar AF is real predecessor of X100 (it also had 35mm lens fixed, quite leaf shutter and tunnel viewfinder with parallax correction and autofocus, auto exposure) not M3 (not fixed lens, focal plane shutter, rangefinder but not af, manual exposure without it even a built-in meter)

        • As this topic is about Fuji X-T1 and some people continues to talk about being a copy of this or that and saying the same for other models like X100 it would be good to ask the same people if they know Fuji SLR designs and, for the “original” of X100 concept, a camera named TX-1 also sold under the name of Hasselblad XPan.
          If being a panoramic camera, can you find any source of inspiration for the designers of X100?

          After all, what’s the point of discussing it instead of the new model specs and usability?

  • Carl

    There seems to be about a cm more clearing under the bottom of the lens than on the X-E2. I like that.

  • vwking

    Like its looks a lot. I find it more attractive than either the SONY A7 (a bit blockish, cold and harsh) or the Nikon Df (too complicated). Just my opinion. Not intended to offend anyone out there. I do understand they are both great picture taking machines. Too bad I just bought an XE-2, love it, but financially unable to justify another buy.

    • Bob

      I agree; Fuji actually GETS IT with the retro design.

      The XT-1 is what the Nikon Df should have been. But instead, the Df was a half-hearted “me too” that came overweight and overpriced.

      It’s gear like this that makes me want to dump all my Nikon kit and start over with Fuji :-(

      • Tom

        I’m ready to sell off my Nikon too!! (probably only saving a few primes for film and speedbooster).

        The XT-1 is what the Nikon Df should have looked like, with the spec of the non-existent D400.

  • Very good looking camera indeed! Fuji needs to add a new flash (weather sealed) worthy of this design!

    The only thing that I find odd is the placement of the EV dial. Too high compared to the shutter release button :-(

    • David

      Agreed. Especially since you cannot add a soft release. Otherwise camera looks outstanding…

  • Peter

    Hopefully it will have a built in ND Filter, just for the wonderful 56 1.2 and 23 1.4 lenses.

    • nwcs

      It won’t. All of those are built into lenses.

  • Lee

    YES! YES! YES!!!

  • RedTrumpet

    I was heading towards going all in on Sony NEX (if I say Alpha, I feel likes it their DSLRs — dumb idea dropping “NEX”)

    But this camera has got me rethinking that. If only they had great AF, then it would be a complete no-brainer, and I’d put up with the RAW processing quirks. But X system AF + RAW processing workflow issues for LR users continues to give me pause. Love the camera, though.

    • meee

      Hi, I’m new to Fuji X.

      LR can’t process Fuji RAW? I use LR, but I dislike Adobe so willing to try new software someday.

      What software is good for working with Fuji X RAW files?

      • Try Photo Ninja, Silkpix or even Capture One!

      • yes LR works, but if you are looking for the best quality with an X-trans you can try iridient, or photo ninja or capture one or aperture.

      • nwcs

        Lightroom 5.3 does the best job of Adobe’s stuff at processing Fuji files. No converter is perfect but with some tweaking Lightroom is just fine.

      • LR is fine, people just don’t know how to properly adjust sharpening in adobe products (and to be fair, Adobe gives no meaningful guidance). The alternative choices are merely pushing sharpening and contrast harder by default. For Fuji cameras, you need a different degree pixel sizing than the default to get the best results. In comparison with other RAW converters, I find they give the false impression of more detailed results until you do comparisons side by side and realize all they did was crush subtleties with oversharpening artifacts.

    • The good thing about mirrorless cameras is that you can see what you will get right when you are taking the picture. So pp is not needed at the same scale as shooting with a dslr. On the other hand a lot of photographers love to make irreal looking pictures in pp. 500px is full of them :-( Those are the pp addicts that prefer to spend more time in front of a monitor than taking good pictures.

      A balance between knowing how to take a picture and spending little time in pp is the best combination!

      The AF of the X-E2 is faster than the one in the A7 (check comparisons on youtube). If this new camera is faster than the X-E2 then it’s going to be quite a speed demon in the mirrorless world (considering it will have faster AF than the E-M1).

      • RedTrumpet

        Faster than the EM1??? I’ve used M43 before, and found the single shot AF to be the fastest I’ve used. The last X system camera I used was an XE1 w/the latest firmware. The XE2 or XT1 better be a LOT faster than that.

        I think part of the issue, though, was also the lens — the 35/1.4 seems to have an inherent AF weakness in it’s design. So, maybe it was more down to the lens I was using.

        • The lens has a big impact on AF speed. The new Fujifilm zooms seem to be quite fast, but the first released primes were not. There are also some slow MFT lenses, e.g. Panasonic 1.7 / 20 mm.

          • thomas

            I disagree here. The 35mm 1.4 is quite fast to focus, as opposed to my 18-55 2.8

        • Phil

          AF on X-E2 is already ultra-fast, no need to try to time it in milliseconds with E-M1 or whichever. What mirrorless cameras have trouble with is the tracking AF, which Fuji seems to pay lots attention to in X-E2. Hope this will further improve in X-T1 and now it does look like Canon 5D mark III in small body :).

          • Yan

            Don’t know about the X-E2 , but my fuji X100S as a really slow AF compare to my EM-1

      • Sorry Andy! But You are wrong. On a DSLR you can review your exposure just as on a mirrorless. DSLR also have Live view to see exposure and all the rest just like mirrorleaa.
        Whatever camera you use PP is essential for the result. In the old film day you went into the darkroom – that was magic! Today its a bit easier and much quicker in the digital lightroom.
        If you feel you need PP, then you have not unleashed the full potential of your photography. Of course you can take jpg images with individual settings that look very nice. – But by doing so, you loose something.

        • Vlad

          I think it is pretty obvious what he meant – electronic viewfinders.

        • I meant EVF and even Live View. We all know that even the best dslrs have crappy LV compared to even the mediocre mirrorless out there!

  • Chris

    Any bets how many firmware updates it will take to get it working right?

    I’m betting at least 10

    • You’d lose that one.

    • they will start from X-E2 base, and it’s working quite well…

      • Chris

        Matter of opinion really….

        The X-Pro 1 is still unfinished

        Fuji have so far proven to be really good at pumping out new camera bodies, I’ll give them credit there.

        • i do agree about X-PRO1 (i own one) but X-E2 it’s better since the first FW release…

      • catflap

        Apart from plastic looking skin. Quite a serious issue that they cannot fix.

        • wait for the X-PRO2, it will be a solid camera

          • Macintosh Sauce

            And the X-T1 won’t be a solid camera? :-/

        • TAZ

          @ catflap

          Why not mention the “watercolors” look?

          I have the X-PRO1 & the X100S, and none of my clients have every complained of “plastic looking skin”.

          • jimmy

            “plasticky” and “watercolors” look are parrot forum-phrases by those who’ve never used the camera, or never changed default jpeg settings

          • catflap

            Try shooting at high ISO with the X100s and you will see plastic skin. They cannot fix this.

          • It’s an easy fix with the X-E2.

    • Lee

      Yeah, like you can count.

      • Chris

        All those extra buttons means that Fuji likely needed more advanced Firmware.

        Hopefully this time they paid some software engineers….

        • tim

          You are right, and they will change their minds several time, make more configurable and so on.

          People forget, 10 sounds a good bet, and if you add the lenses then at least 50 updates … poor Fuji having to test all that.

  • Jason N

    Is that a vertical-shooting battery grip attached in the bottom shot????

    • LabRat

      It’s a motor drive, remember this is a retro camera. ;-)

      • peter

        This made me laugh. Good one.

        • roger

          That’s where the film goes!

  • JN

    Nice camera

  • yc

    BTW, the top view looks like a composite because the lens is not aligned with the mount on the body.

    • I thought so too at first, but after looking closely, it’s not a composite. the lens release button made it look off center.

  • photographycs

    I don’t like that built-in grip, because I have big hands I either have to use a big modern DSLR-Grip or none, like the X-E1 or the early DSLR like the Minolta X-700. I really hoped to be a false Information, that the grip is built in. Maybe I am alone with this opinion.

    • antidar

      i agree with you, i prefer to put an mount for optional grip or customized grip/accessories from private companies.

    • I think you’re making a mistake. The grips on these small cameras are not meant to be held in the same manner as large DSLRs. I have genuinely large hands (can barely find gloves my size without going to specialty shops) and I had problems with similar types of grips before I learned not to try to jam all my fingers in there, more like one or two fingers “hooked” into the space between grip and lens. It offers a much firmer hold than no grip and it’s comfortable because the cameras are light and small.

      TL;DR: This is not a real problem for large hands, you just have to hold it differently.

      • photographycs

        I hold the X-E1 different than a modern DSLR, I bend them and then they fit smoothly onto the body (2 fingers, not 4). But with a grip I feel, that there is to much way to bend my index and middlefinger and get them on the body. I am holding my X-E1 like that:

        For me, it is not comfortable with a grip, when I grab the camera like that. Maybe you’ve got a Trick to share with me.

        • Sky

          Well, that’s a problem with all cameras that got flat body and no real, deep grip. As far as I know – there’s no magic that can change that.
          (yep, I got large hands too)

  • meee

    Best looking SLR style mirrorless I’ve seen. Reminds me of my Canon A-1, my 1st SLR.

    If AF is good, and Fuji releases a weather sealed 1:1 tele macro lens around 100mm, I’m buying an X-T1. Would be great for ground macros with the tilt screen.

    Also interested in the 16-55 f2.8. I think it would be a great general lens, comparable to Olympus 12-40 f2.8. Hope it’s also weather sealed.

  • look nice;
    i made a fast size comparison with XE2, it’s not the same exact angle, but i think it’s quite similar.

    it seem really similare to X-E2 in width, give a look

    • toma

      Yes, but it seems a composite image of the X T1 and the lens is a little smaller than it should be on the x t1 picture (look at the metal ring of the mount)…

      • isn’t a composit, the first one it’s a lowres images, and the angle is a little different, but that is.. on mm more or less, it’s about the same size, but the camera is more “shifted” to the right side

      • I see what you mean, but it is the lens release button that is making it look strange. I think it is a real image.

      • MJr

        Official product images like this are always composits of lens and body. Here they clearly made a mistake and lens got shifted slightly to the left – but it is the right size. When making my own comparison (see the comment way above) i corrected Fuji’s mistake as well.

      • MJr

        Actually now i think HENNIGArts is correct, i looked at a high-res image of the X-E2 and indeed it is the lens-release button that makes the mount look bigger than it is. And the 18-55 overlaps the mount a little. It doesn’t make much difference for the comparison, but corrected it anyway.

  • mgoods

    Looking forward to hearing some hands on reviews of this cam. If the autofocus can match up to the competitors, I’ll definitely be offloading some gear for this.

  • Looks awsome, buy for me!

  • Lefred

    It looks like it has no built-in flash, doesn’t it ?

    This is not a big loss in my opinion, but if Fuji want to build an off-camera flash system, they will have to use this nice built-in wifi transmitter to trigger the flash… Do you think we will see a new flash with integrated wifi receiver ?

    • Alex

      Hope you’re wrong. :(
      I won’t buy this camera if built-in flash is missing.
      My x-e1 does miracles on every occasion with white ceiling available..

      • roger

        hooray, i just bumped up one on the preorder list!

  • Pelle

    Hideous by Fuji standards. Like DFs smaller cousin. Ill keep my x-e and x100s.

    • fmMYC

      Yeah, I like RF style for Fuji. But might be better for gripping.

  • Andi Hope

    I’m totally sold! So happy I waited & didn’t get the XE2 a few weeks ago, although a fantastic camera, this just suits my needs better

  • zerfas

    Please a Silver/black version !

  • Wow Nice !
    Metering spot/area/full switch is a dial (below shutter speed dial).
    Single / HL / HS / timer / … switch is a dial (below ISO)
    Almost everything can be set before looking at a screen.

    Note that there is no labels on the 4-directional pad. I guess it will be configurable as you wish.

  • Howard

    My 60th birthday is Jan 26. Clearly, the X-T1 is being released by Fuji in my honor. I wonder how how I am going to explain this to my wife.

    • Alex

      You don’t have to explain anything, just buy it! We have only one life. ;)

      • Adrian

        Yes, and I assume he wants his to go on for quite a while…..:)

  • dennis

    mmm i wonder if this is going to be the next Xpro2 in disguise?

    • No. Fuji has already discussed the X-Pro2. They say it’s still their flagship model and that they will not release a new one until they can make a significant improvement. They seem to mean a DRAMATIC improvement that fits with the theme of that camera.

      I believe this camera is providing a solution for outdoors/wildlife/action type photography that has differing needs. The on-axis viewfinder aligns with the lens and makes it easier to accurate pan. The grip is necessary for everyone in this area of photography. The weather sealing, the double memory cards for “safety” in rugged use, etc. This is just another manner in which one may use their X gear.

      There is no one-size-fits-all camera, so Fuji is making several options.

  • miniTO

    Fantastic looking camera and the size is great! Can’t wait to see what it can do.

  • I’ll be offloading some gear to get this if the af lives up to the hype. I’m really unconvinced about the iso dial. Maybe time will prove me wrong but when I want to know my iso I look at my screen. I don’t want to use my right hand to change iso. Still it looks the part. Love my xe2 though. Fuji ease read this and drop me an xt1 ha ha

  • Ok, I’m a Nikon guy but I have an X Pro-1. My main camera is a D3 but I have rented a Df which I liked and didn’t find it as quirky as some and the AF was good even in low light. I have also rented a Sony A7 but overall, while the IQ was excellent, the handling and menus were not as easy to use or as well arranged is the Fuji. If this new X – T1 performs as good as it looks, the D3 is history!

    • I think you will be pleased. The X-E2 already operates nearly on par with a D800 in terms of AF speed and responsiveness. This X-T1 is supposed to be even faster with a viewfinder as big as the A7 and any other full frame camera.

      If it really has 8fps with AF that will beat the Df by a large margin. Won’t compare with the D3 for total speed but should be a fair compromise.

  • outsider

    Great looking camera but I wonder why the exposure compensation dial does not seem to be lockable? This dial always get turned by accident on my X-E1. I am so looking forward to its official announcement next week to have the full list of specifications!

    • Spyro

      thats pretty much my most used dial, if they locked it I’d be looking for a new camera

      • flesix


    • Surab

      I guess that would be annoying because it is used more often than the other two, isn’t it?

      • outsider

        Thanks for the answers, I never used lockable dials so I had to google “how to use lockable camera dial” to find out. At first I thought the lock buttons were on/off buttons: you press one time it locks the dial, you press a second time it unlocks it.
        I wonder if the system is really convenient with its current implementation but again I never used such a system…

        • An on/off lock is what Olympus has done with the E-M1 an a lot of peoples – including me – like that a lot.

          • Surab

            I would prefer the Oly variant also over the regular locks…. We will see what they chose to implement.

    • Ketix

      I’m sure it will be stiff enough to not be turned by accident. On the X-Pro1 I had you could turn the dial almost by looking at it really hard but on the X-E2 Fuji improved on this. And I believe this will be no different on the new camera, plus the dial is placed a bit higher from where you would place your thumb and the thumbrest gives it a little bit more clearing distance to say your body when you carry it with a strap. Should be no big deal.

      • outsider

        Great information, thanks ;)

  • Chris

    So, quick questions:

    Is this still a mirrorless, but SLR-style? Or is it an SLR? (I’m assuming the former, due to the small form factor).

    And this is weather-sealed, as well, correct?

    • Surab

      Mirrorless (I don’t think that X-lenses could work on an APS-C mirror camera.) and yes, the rumors say that it is weather sealed.

    • yes, it’s a mirrorless in slr form factor..
      yes, it seem weather sealed as the 18/135 zoom ..

    • SLR cameras only got big in the 1990s. They were always small, some much smaller than comparable rangefinders. But this is a mirrorless camera. For factor has nothing to do with design cues.

    • Though I think a very, very talented designer could invent an actual SLR of this size with this lens flange back distance, it would likely come with severe compromises and generally not be at all cheap.

      Anyway, a very big EVF is one of the most consistent rumors which pretty well rules out being an actual SLR (somehow fitting a usefully tilted mirror in that tiny body is one thing but also having a hybrid finder is just way too much).

      • Sky

        There’s not enough space in body to make it an SLR. It’s not a matter of design – just physics. Film is flat – sensor is thick (the more space you have the better for cooling – so there’s only as much space as you can save before sensor heat starts to burn through rear LCD (part of a reason why NEXes use copper radiators) ), than there’s a rear LCD which is something film cameras didn’t have (with few exceptions). Overall it adds enough to the thickness to make it a difference.
        And than there’s a rear flange distance which in case of X-mount makes it impossible to fit in any sort of mirror there (remember: mirror needs to be angled 45 degrees and cover whole frame).
        And than we have all of the electronics (CPU, AFPU, subsystems for audio and video, all of the memory dices, etc. etc. etc.) which add some more space.
        Modern cameras are really complex pieces of engineering comparing to the film SLRs.

  • RedTrumpet

    I wonder how the two wheels work in conjunction with the dials.

    What would you use the front and back wheels for, if you are using the dials and ap ring? I’m assuming the dials would have to be on Auto before the wheels would work? You can’t be allowed to override aperture with one of the wheels if you are setting it on the lens. So, if you are using the ss dial and ap ring and EV, then what do the wheels do? Are the just non-operative, unless you are diving into the Q menu??

    LOVE the inclusion of the flippy LCD. I might have got an XE2 if they had included that.

    • Surab

      I guess that one will take over the function to choose the thirds stops for shutter because if the D-pad is direct AF point select that function had to move. Also I hope that that dial would let you select all shutter speeds in T mode and not only 1s and slower. I think that would be the front dial.

      The 2nd dial mnight still be used to magnify the view and since they wanted to weather seal it, they made it not pressable and added the focus assisst button.

    • I hope you can freely assign a function to the front and back wheels – best would be different settings for different mode. Changing film mode or white balance or contrast settings on the fly would be nice.

      • RedTrumpet

        If they did that, it would be incredible. I would like to see though, an “OK” press to confirm a choice with the wheel. I’d hate to, e.g., accidentally knock the film mode over while shooting (especially wearing gloves or something)

  • Surab

    I haven’t read the comments in the past days in full detail, so at least in those I read nobody mentioned: “Hey, with such a behemoth of an VF one needs that hump!” (In rectangular body shape the whole body would have to extend much further and fit the the dimensions of the VF box. This would add bulk and worse weight, if you don’t want a hollow box…..)

    I decided to go for the X-A1 or the X-M1 (and invest savings in lenses) and to update in one or two years to the X-T1/2.
    1. Has anyone any experience whether X-A1 or X-M1 is better for night and astro shots? Nothing special, just with a wideangle up in the sky. If there is no difference, then it is a no brainer, the X-A1. If it is only a bit better and Fuji would decide to unlock Panoramas and all the film simulations in the X-M1 than I would get that one.
    2. How is Photo Ninja doing with the Bayer X-A1 files? It seemed from Rico’s post that it does very well with them, too.

    Thanks in advance! :D

    • Ketix

      The VF looks very promising. Will have to look through one when the camera hits the brick and mortar shops.
      As far as looks are concerned I think it’s the best Fuji could do. Yeah I like the looks of the rangefinder style but it also looks a bit weird without the optical VF window (X-E series). This camera still looks “retro” if you want to call it that and I for one love it. For everything there is a button or dial dedicated to do the job and this one job only (plus some customizable buttons as well). This is whats weird with my Canon camera… it has some dials and buttons which have a certian job to do but sometimes one dial is for aperture, sometimes for shutter speed, sometimes you have to navigate menus and options with one wheel, sometimes with the other, sometimes just the joystick works. It’s no almost a year that I had thic camera and 2 years I had the predecessor and I still don’t know what works when.

      • Halo

        A digression here, but the X-E-cameras are in fact quite reminiscent of the old porro-prism film cameras, like the classic Olympus Pen-F from the 1960s. Pen-F was shaped like a rangefinder, but without an OVF, just like the Fujifilm X-E1/2. The Pen-F was in fact a compact half-frame SLR with a sideways mirror instead of the classic SLR pentaprism and vertical mirror. So maybe unusual and “weird” to leave out both pentaprism hump and OVF, but quite true to the retro concept.

        Other than that I think the X-T1 looks very nice and interresting! Dangerously tempting so far.

  • Fujimoto

    If this camera performs as good as it looks, Fuji has a winner, here.

  • Fujimoto

    I hope they release a silver and black version.

    • catflap

      Nope – black only is what defines the pro line, like the X-Pro1 did back in the day.

      • kalli

        Since when does the color of the camera makes you a pro?

        Anyway thanks for the info.

        Imagine some of us aren´t pros, we just want a very good camera…since it is a hobby a bit of style and comfort doesn´t hurt either. The pros that define themselves with the color of their camera can buy the black version. The rest can choose whichever version they like.

        • Ryan

          He’s referring to the “pro” line, as in x-“PRO”-1. However I see no “pro” in the title of this camera so I see no reason as to why there wouldn’t be a silver version :)

        • TJM

          Tooo friggin shay!!

          Too many words wasted here fluttering around the fragile egos of those who think photography is a macho world of bringing home the bacon – and using ‘gear’ is somehow related to some S.A.S style tooling up montage from an 80’s action movie.

          Contemporary Photography suffers from hobbyist paranoia – fear of being seen as ‘just a person with a nice camera who likes taking pictures’. Any bugger can pick up a pencil – but artists / illustrators / designers / engineers etc have gotten over it because their work and the ideas withing it is what matters to them – Personal strands of visual research that need discussion and open minds to unpick them and can’t be layed out in a spec sheet or measured by a comparison test shot.

          The emphasis on the technology defining the role within photography is infantile and will continue to drag it down – until those who practice it drop the boys worrying about the size / colour / model number of their toys act.

          Respect to anyone who genuinely just needs the best tools to get the job done right – every profession has lots of those. But the potential of a photograph is far bigger – no matter what you take it with.

          • 18in32

            “Contemporary Photography suffers from hobbyist paranoia – fear of being seen as ‘just a person with a nice camera who likes taking pictures’.”

            I think that’s really insightful. I hope I don’t suffer from it also.

  • I love the look of the camera. I can’t wait to see the proper AF test. If it’s good, I might switch all my Canon gear to Fuji. I already love my X-E1. I can see it already 2x X-T1, 14mm, 23mm, 35mm, 56mm.

  • reggae1095

    Everyday I like this camera more and more. Probably is really what I was waiting for from Fuji after my X-E1 experience.
    The vertical grip looks good, also equipped with function buttons and dial wheel ; besides I think that now with battery grip the battery life should be quite similar to that of a regular DSLR (so not only 200 shoots like X-E1)
    I really hope to find a product review ASAP, in order to understand how awesome is the EVF, and if the AF is similar to X-E2 or even better.

  • vkphoto

    Very nice looking camera with all controls in the right place. I can hear my wallet weeping….

  • Af-l AE/L and focus assist have different positions in body and grip.. not so good..

    • codeNsnap

      Agreed. I feel it would have been better to have AF-L and AE-L position reversed if AF-L needs to be used for focus tracking. But if AF Assist is used for focus tracking, then it should be perfect. So it would be really nice to know the use of AF Assist button.

  • Vinman

    And my Nikon gear will be for sale within the next 24hrs. Will be the first time in three decades I’ve been Nikonless!

  • Benji

    Really bummed about the DSLR style…wish they would have kept their Rangefinder theme. Blah.

  • slim

    Looks like they have manual af assist light.

  • DTB

    The first well-designed SLR-like camera. If it is not too small, the EVF is very bright, and the AF is even faster than the X-E2, this will be a great camera and very popular.

    For those that are unwilling to use anything other than Adobe, I recommend using Photo Ninja as a Plug-in – it is far better than ACR, though I do prefer Capture One.

  • sidtw

    I don’t dare to test this beauty in a camera shop. What if I like it more than my X-Pro1? My X-Pro1 has scratches all over, I don’t wanna sell her. No no, I need to think about something else… maybe a math problem would help… damn

    • Taz

      I think this camera will work quiet well with the X-PRO1.

      I love my X-PRO1 and will no sell it (mine doesn’t have any scratches thanks to the case and screen protector), but this X-T1 will have my money!

  • Hmmm

    That EVF looks badass. Cannot wait to hear more info about it, and get some early impressions. I prefer a really good EVF over OVF because it’s truly WYSIWYG.

    • sidtw

      No, an OVF is always better than an EVF. You can get it more real than with an OVF. Period.

      • Surab

        So you totally missed the point of WYSIWYG…. and you CANNOT say “No” if he says that he “prefers” sth. over sth. else……..

      • flesix

        Let’s put it this way:
        The OVF shows the scene as the eye sees it.
        The EVF shows the scene as the sensor sees it, hence like what you will capture as a photo.
        Now it’s up to the individual to decide, what to prefer.

      • TJM


        You mean like ‘the real thing’ that is in all Coca Cola?

        • sidtw

          Ok, let me re-phrase:

          Not my business what other people prefer over something else. But an OVF is always brighter and faster (obviously it can’t get faster than having no electronics involved at all) than any EVF.

          The downside is, it’s not WYSIWYG. Fine, if that is what you want. If you want to limit yourself, just go ahead.

          On the other hand, the frame lines in the OVF have been improved during the last update. Additionally, it’s cool to see what lies beyond your frame lines and could possibly enter the picture.

          And yes, real as the stuff that is in Coke. How could you possibly read my mind ;)

          • jimmy

            OVF is useless on digital camera when using manual focus fast lens shooting wide open if your eyesight is not perfect (even then it is hit or miss). For autofocus with an accurate a/f points yes OVF it is great. EVF can nail focus with m/f lens with magnified view making it equally as good for other users.

            So many say “OVF is the best” and it is simply false assertion for many users.

          • Sky

            jimmy – That’s a lot of ifs in a one statement. Amount of people shooting in a setup like that while also having eyesight problem at the same time is marginal at best. And even than – the issue you raised can be easily eliminated by using dedicated matte screens.

            How the heck you think people focused before AF era? lol

            “So many say “OVF is the best” and it is simply false assertion for many users.” – many? Perhaps. Majority? certainly not.

  • bert

    I wonder about the shape of the eyecup, I think it´s better than the ( none existent ..) one on XE-1 / XE-2, but I always prefer an eyecup with the edge near the face to protect from the backlight..

    Also I wonder if it´s “professional” to design the body without integrated flash. I much prefer a cam with integrated flash, preferably with wireless flash controller.

    Otherwise I´m hoping for the EVF / AF being as good as from the EM-1 and quick availability..

    • Neil

      Twin SD card slots, vertical grip with 1, 2 batteries (?) inside … SWEEET

  • For everyone “really bummed” about the SLR look I have a question.

    Where would fuji have put that huge EVF?

    • Pelle

      I’m not an engineer…just expressing my distaste for the design. I was fine with x-e2s evf.

    • why not made a hump on a side?.. really i find the rangefinder form factor more usable..

    • Caerolle

      Maybe they could have just made a detachable one. Then people could have their RF style camera to look at, and add the bigger viewfinder if they actually took a picture with it. ;)

      • Those are awful, always far bigger in total and easily lost or forgotten.

        Nobody has to buy this camera, there are other X system cameras for other uses and tastes.

  • TAZ

    Wonder how much that optional grip will cost?!

    • A lot

    • Piero

      A lot, think how the E1/2 and PRO1 grip is overpriced and think this one with some functionality!!
      Anyway, also the Nikon DSLR battery grips are expensive!!

    • Phil

      Just patiently wait for Chinese knock-off grip. I won’t spend > $100 for these accessories.

  • Lenogen

    I wonder if we will ever get high speed sync. Just about the only complaint I have.

    • Ketix

      I wonder if it will be necessary in a not so distant future with all the new LED technology pumping out massive brightness in pretty small packages for not so much cash. As soon as LEDs will improve in color accuracy I think HSS will become less and less important as photographers who need it often maybe will find it great to carry constant lighting with them and be able to shoot video too. I don’t now, I didn’t need HSS before but as I see all those photographers going all “hybrid” with stills and video a constant light source would be more versatile. Plus the benefit of what you see is what you get.

      • TAZ

        I agree with you.
        Although expensive, I recently purchased a Westcott Ice Light, so I no longer have to worry about carrying several flash units around.

        • Phil

          Ice light helps you in shade, dark, or overcast. try to use it out at the sun :)

          • Taz

            Good point, but doubt I would want to blind myself or the model with the Ice Light in sunlight :)

            In the sunlight, I’ll use a reflector or just use my built in flash from the X100S.

          • Phil

            See, that’s why you need speedlight w TTL to be able to match the su in the back. Good thing that you point out x100s which has leaf shutter lens which acts like hss at amazing sync speed 1/1000s wo any special tool. Problem is I cannot afford and also don’t want to buy 2 cameras, right? That’s why I am asking Fuji to provide that hss capability in their x-e and x-t series.

            Ah, reflector also works but only as a fill or in relatively low sun or you would blind your subject just like you said. This is where flash comes into play :)

  • Caerolle

    Wow, beautiful camera, at least in the pictures. Will have to see what it looks like in rl, but the only thing I see that is even slightly funky to me is that the ‘prism housing’ overhangs the top plate. But, I think even this will be ok. I really like that it is not as angular and sharp as the Em-5 and the Df, and doesn’t have the fake leather inserts. Though I am sure a silver and black model will be coming, lol.

    The controls look awesome, too. This has the potential to be an awesome camera!

  • Guillaume

    Love the complete dial set – no more fiddling in the menus to set ISO ! I wonder if the X-T1’s form factor makes it as light and inconscpicuous as the X-E2 though. It seems to me the faux pentaprism and bulkier handgrip makes it look closer to a traditional DSLR – will have to see a real copy to tell.

    • Spyro

      it’s not ok unfortunately
      Kipon makes some nice tilt/shift adapters, for fuji and m4:3 but they dont fit the OMD because the protruding hump obstructs the upward movement. I suspect it will be the same thing with the XT1

      • Spyro

        sorry, I was meaning to respond to Caerole’s comment above

  • TC

    Am I the only one that would have proffered the AEL/AFL buttons the other way around ? I prefer using the AEL and being left eye dominant it looks like it’ll be a real tough button to get to.

    No matter anyway I guess…tried the XTrans sensor (twice) and twice couldn’t come to terms with it…really hope Fuji at some point releases a tradition Bayer sensor version of this camera.

    • Ketix

      Probably could be switched or customised.

  • flesix

    Now the only major question remaining for me (other than the AF-performance and the SOOC jpeg skin rendering) is the weight! Very much hope it’s not heavier than the X-Pro1.

  • T B

    Looks nice. My only concern is the EV wheel blocking the shutter button and FN, and the shutter button looks like a plastic.

  • Soli

    Is “Focus Assist” meant to be the focus point selector, like the jog on the Nikon D4?

    • Caerolle

      I would guess it is like AF-ON, the back-button focus function. Previously was provided by pushing the back control dial, but that seems to not push in anymore, someone suggested due to sealing concerns.

      • codeNsnap

        I would guess it is like AF-ON, given its position, AE-L’s position would be too awckard to be used for AF-ON (focu tracking).

        • codeNsnap

          I would guess it could be used AF-ON in continuous mode and as AF assist light in single shot mode. That would be a really smart design since AF-ON and AF-Assist light would rarely be used together.

          Given its position, AE-L’s position would be too awkward to be used for AF-ON (focus tracking).Not sure how useful just having AE-L would be.

    • ven210

      Well I hope its the selector for Face Detection, Macro Mode, Focus Tracking, etc. If this is implemented no need for you to really remove your eyes in the evf.

    • Maybe a way to switch between focus peaking, digital split image and normal view.

      • Ryan


  • Renato S.

    There are tons of hints about this being more directed at videos than any previous X-Camera, hopefully that becomes true.

    Must have:
    Full manual controls
    More framerates

    Audio metering and control
    External Mic input

    • TJM

      Yes please to all of those!

  • Ketix

    Can someone explain what the small dial/knob under the X-T1 print could be?

    • alans

      Looks like a PC plug cover

    • Looks like a sync port to be used with cable released studio flashes – but nowadays most people use radio controled ones.

  • herstal

    I hope there was no blackout when pressing the shutter as in an a optical finder…or is it impossible?

    • Ketix

      Impossible. Well not not totally but as far as tech goes today not very likely. There is still a shutter curtain that will block light from hitting the sensor. If you use an all electronic shutter (as in press shutter ->sensor reads photons in given time ->sensor stops reading photons -> sensor writes readings to memory) it’s possible. But as far as I know it’s nothing to go crazy about as it’s not super accurate or something.
      But Blackout with mirrorless systems is a bit shorter than with mirrored (dslr) systems. For me it was never an issue. It’s not that you could take the picture you see without the blackout, as your shutter still has to operate… can’t mess with the space-time no matter of blackout or not :)

  • Macintosh Sauce

    Thank you for posting the pics, Patrick! I was waiting to see the battery grip. ;)

  • Tim

    I wonder if this camera will have a new version every year like the X-E series or every two years like X-Pro. It seems to be a very high end camera so my bet is it will see a succesor in two years. What do you guys think?

    • Possibly every 2-3 years if they are placing it in the “Pro” line. It’s approaching 3 years for the X-Pro now?!? (by the time the update is released).

  • Doug

    Dials, dials, dials!!! As a M43 shooter, I’m quite envious. What a great looking camera! I still prefer the astonishingly good looks of the XE-2 and X100s, but this is by far the most beautiful SLR style camera I’ve seen. In your face, Nikon!!!!! And weather sealed!!! Fuji really gets it. I do like my super fast, face and eye detecting Olympus auto focus and tilting touch screen. But this looks way prettier than the EM1. I can’t wait to try it. Competition is good!

    • RedTrumpet

      The XT1 seems to have a tilty screen

      • Spyro

        and face detect

  • Phil

    That is the look I like, big grip, sealed. It’s more like a smaller brother of the “impressive” Canon 5d III :). It would look sexier in a 23mm or 35mm, IMO.

  • Jo

    Where did the zoom in – zoom out buttons go?

    • Caerolle

      I am hoping you use one of the dials for this. It is that way on my Canon, and much less fiddly than having to keep poking a button over and over until you get the size you want.

    • S.P.

      I think zoom buttons would be replaced with one of the dials – rear or front

  • dave

    Fuji gives us a nice T1 body that goes along with too big lenses. I hope Fuji will offer some f2.0 prime lenses that contribute more to the idea of a small combo.

  • I’m really liking the look of this camera – definitely waffling back and forth between an X-E2 and the X-T1 to complement my X100S. Had thought about looking at the Df but after a really negative experience with the D600, I’m ready to move on from Nikon. And for that $2700 it would be possible to get a really nice Fuji X set up.

    The more I read about Fuji and the X series, the more I like where they’ve been and where they’re going in terms of design and product (love the X100S). Think Fuji (or someone else) needs to start putting out some switch ads on YouTube reminiscent of the Apple/PC campaign. Imagine the fun that could be had with that scenario.

  • laseneka

    The nikon FM2 in the animation is actually the FM3a, not that it matters size-wise….

  • PufferFish

    Apologies if this has been asked and answered but, sadly, it appears that a manual cable release cannot be used with the X-T1. Any idea what remote release options are available? Please don’t tell me the optional battery grip is required.

    • Taz

      Most likely WIFI to trigger your shots?

    • Not sure but I think you could go with ioShutter which pairs a fairly low profile connector to an iPhone etc. device. Looks interesting (haven’t used it myself), a bit pricey but…. Canon version apparently works with Fuji


      • PufferFish

        Thanks for the reply. Interesting app but, truthfully, a simple manual cable release is all I need and, besides, I don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The threaded cable release socket is really very much in keeping with the retro/dial-based theme of the X cameras. Very surprised to find it omitted from the X-T1.

        • +1
          It’s a real pity they did put the cable release aside, no matter how many other solutions we can find namely because X100/100s and other X sys (X-Pro1 and X-Ex) user already have the cable, this takes almost no room in our bags, uses no batteries, requires no paid applications or other gear and costs almost nothing.

          • jimmy

            Just drill a hole

          • tim

            I use the 2 sec timer.

          • @jimmy – a bright idea and solution :)
            @tim – That’s good to avoid camera shake but a cable release will also avoid shake and leave the shooting moment decision to you and can also avoid shake, and it will allow you to control exposure time for long exposures keeping it pressed until you want to end while looking at the time counter on your LCD.

            I can control exposure time the same way when using my FF DSLR but using an electronic release that takes much more space in my bag, so I’m sure Fuji will have a way to do the same but it will not feel as intuitive as the single cable and will be more expensive for sure.

  • Nitax

    Bloddy hell! I just bought a new camera (which is not a Fuji)…but it’s still within the return period. I have some thinking to do.

    • Taz

      Even if you return your camera, once you pre-order this camera, you probably won’t get it in your hands for a few months.

  • DanM

    I defo like the top control layout compared to the Df. The ISO dial isn’t stacked with the EV dial. Should be a dream to use!

  • Looks great! Should be pretty nice with that vertical grip/battery holder. Interested to see that piece all around.. there should be some function buttons available to use on that piece, but I don’t see it on the back.. maybe on the front or side?

    I also hope there will be 2 color variants of the X-T1, a silver and black.. probably would prefer a silver myself… but, if not, black ain’t too bad, either.

    It’s certain to have no low pass filter. However, nobody seems to have info on this, but do you think it will have Phase Detect as well as Contrast? Most recent X models seem to be carrying this trend and if it supposedly. If this camera is supposed to operate faster, have fastest AF to date, and maybe a hint towards being able to successfully keep up with sports or fast action photography, it should benefit from phase detect being added to the sensor.

    Exciting times.. I feel this may be the new flagship for Fuji for a least until they do some decent hardware and software upgrades to a new X-Pro 2 or 1S or Whatever is the next designation… The X-T1 has all the right and best features that would justify that top position.. I’m a fan of the X-Pro 1, but I think it’s title of being the flagship has long since gone.. it’s really being held by the X-E2 currently.

    • X-Trans sensors have no filter and version II offers phase detection pixels, so its most likely X-T1 will follow X-E2 specs on those areas

  • Haha, the Nikon Df looks like an abomination when put it this way.

  • Phil

    Call me picky but if I was a designer, I would make those hooks sink inline with the body so they don’t stick out and get bumped. Learn from Apple team :)

  • This camera looks really good and the grip looks solid. I currently shoot the GH3 and that camera is so much fun to use. But I’m looking to move to the Fuji system this season and might wait for the X-T1, or maybe look around for used X-E2’s that a lot of people will be selling to get the new camera. In either case I’m excited that Fuji creates great bodies and lenses.

  • Daniel C.

    Just thinking of the dials to move the AF-points. One for vertical the other for hotizontal movement.

    That would be great!


  • StevieG

    I wonder if the battery grip will take two batteries or will you have to remove the grip to get to the in-camera battery….I also have an OM-1 and find it ridiculous that you have to remove the grip to get one of the batteries out.

    • jotka

      i guess same as OM-1 as the contacts for the grip are on the bottom of the camera.
      My Nikon grip use contacts inside the camera and allows to remove both batteries without removing the grip. So if the contacts are outside of the camera and the grip would take 2 batteries what will be with the space of the in-camera battery ? Just empty ?
      On the other hand it is easier to switch if you don’t need the grip all the time. just remove it, put it in your pocket and continue shooting.

    • Tanker an

      The D700 etc. have the same arrangement and which battery you use first is selectable in a menu. All that is necessary is to select the battery in the grip as the first one used and, unless you drain that battery in a session, remove it and recharge it without removing the grip. I then change the batteries over weekly or monthly, depending on the amount of photos taken, to even up the charge/discharge cycles on the batteries.

    • Ketix

      Look at the picture of the grip and you’ll see on the left side a hinged door… I guess you can fit some lipstick in there or something ;)

      • flesix

        It’s for the SD-Cards. The battery door is on the bottom.

  • Urbieman

    Do Canon and Nikon have a much-needed third party candidate?

  • Rg

    I think my Canon 6d is about to have a little brother : )

  • I want to know weights… just body?? That grip looks very sexy…

    I pray it be so fast like the EM-1 / EM-5 or very close… This year I would like to say good-bye to my FF; I love my gear, but my back is very weak…

  • Sherman?

  • One More Thought

    I think that Fuji has a real winner on its hands.

  • Juli

    Tanks to Mjr’s gif we can se how nikon got wrong with the Df. The idea was there but the execution is bad:too big(body and lenses), too complicated dials and too much pushbuttons almost everywehere.

    On the other side, the x-t1 looks well built, everything is at the right place, obvious and simple to use. I think Fuji as done a great work on this camera ergonomics. This might be a game changer. After all, less is more.

    Can wait to see the x-pro2 know!!

  • I thought I was going to be able to overlook this camera, since I just bought the X-E2 last month, but man… just too many things I like to have in a camera body are showing up in this one and it looks rather good too. Best looking camera Fuji has ever made so far. I really prefer the 35mm SLR styling and ergonomics, whether it’s classic Olympus OM-Ti size or Nikon D4 size, I just think it’s a very comfortable and intuitive user experience for many photography types, especially those involving fast moving scenarios.

  • ABC

    my style is more X-E2 (or 3)

  • ABC, how can you possibly know you like the X-E3’s style?

    • ABC

      well if it stays the same design as the Xe1 and 2 ?

  • Just noticed, the Eye Sensor on the EVF is now positioned a lot better (inside eyecup). Previously, the camera would flip to screen from EVF when the sun was low in the sky and behind you. One more irritation removed by the looks :-)

  • stephen787

    it make announcement date totally worthless.
    if everything already leaked before hand.

    • flesix

      Oh, there’s plenty of room for additional information in the announcement, weight, AF-control, video-control, customizability of button and dial functions, Auto-ISO-control to name a few

  • Andrew Brown

    Let me open up straight away, and say (from what I’ve seen and read) that I think the XT-1 is a great camera and one that I would be happy to break my game plan and actually upgrade to from my X-Pro 1.

    But I just don’t see how the X-Pro 1 can continue with this little baby kicking around. Seriously, why would you get an X-Pro 1 over and XT-1? What does it offer?

    And then we come to the question of ‘what could Fuji put into an X-Pro 1 to justify naming in X-Pro 2’?

    Let’s forget the processor upgrade, an even the WiFi, and some cosmetic changes such as the prentaprism lump – this camera has weather sealing, dual memory card slots and an amazing battery grip that provides portrait operation with duplicated controls.

    These are the things I would have expcted to see on an X-Pro 2. No pro in their right mind is going to get another X-Pro 1 with this waiting in the wings – even the XE-2 is history…

    I just wish I could understand what is behind Fuji’s naming logic!

    • P. Esco

      Fuji logic is: majority of x-pro1 owners will upgrade to x-t1 now and then in 6-8 months when x-pro2 arrives same people will spend again on a new even better toy/tool.

      Simple, isn’t it?

    • ABC

      the Pro1 is in line for an update (v2) that will eat the T1 and X2

    • sidtw

      Hi Andrew,

      I had the same question in my mind.
      The new XT1 is a killer.
      If you didn’t buy an X-Pro1 until now, you definitely have a much better alternative now, and no reason to buy old stuff (sorry, it hurts, I have an X-Pro1 myself…)

      I think, the sales record for the X-Pro1 was sub-optimal, so they decided to push other lines and new ones for getting cash-flow.

      The X-Pro1 is still the only camera in the system with changeable lenses and the OVF/EVF, though.

      Any other camera in the X-line overtakes the X-Pro1 in terms of speed, processor quality and other features, but this single combination is unique: changeable lenses + OVF/EVF.

      So, if they decide to do an X-Pro2 in the future, it must have an additional wow-feature that will make the X-Pro2 really unique. What is this?

      Maybe they haven’t figured it out themselves.

      • ..quickly stating, but it’s just as likely as soon as sales get going for the X-T1 and the dust is just about to settle, you’ll probably finally hear about the new X-Pro 2 (or 1S, whatever) and all these new cool things..then DAMN IT! (or other more vulgar profanities to be cried out). Bottom line, you can never keep up with tech, just hope what you have or will get will be good enough for your own needs and will hold you over till you are ready to reinvest in a new camera or system… unless GAS gets the better of you again. Anyways…

        Yes, Fuji has made it clear they have no plans for an X-Pro 2 (or 1S, whatever it’s going to be) any time soon.. that’s what they say.. they’ll probably let the X-T1 have it’s moment and everyone clamoring to get the newest thing.. watch the X-Pro 1 price drop even further soon as enough people will probably sell their X-Pro 1’s and give in and upgrade to X-T1, for what it’s worth.

        It’s great for those who are on the fence and feel they always wanted an X-Pro 1, but maybe didn’t want to invest at current retail price, but they may consider it now (soon) once prices go down further on the X-Pro 1’s to make way for the X-T1 consumers. Admittedly, I could be one of these people.. or I may say screw it and go for the latest tech available.. namely if the X-T1’s AF and overall performance never makes me feel like it’s lagging or making me wish for more still.

        Fuji should eventually put out a X-Pro 1 replacement.. but with what’s out now, unless they make a significant technological jump, it won’t be enough to compete with their own current line up.. I think organic sensor tech stories that have been floating around might be on the horizon .. forget FF, 1) the APS-C sensor they have is great as is, one should be very happy with Fuji’s current sensors if they haven’t already been spoiled by FF or larger format cameras, & 2) they aren’t likely to trash their XF lens line up now and what they plan to fulfill in the near future.

        I like the the OVF in their hybrid VF’s like in the X100/X100S & X-Pro 1, but it’s frankly not that useful over the EVF mode.. you can see more that may enter into the frame, I get it, but the AF isn’t accurate and reliable enough to nail the shot you’ve been so patiently waiting for most of the time (that’s my personal experience).

        As much of a rangefinder style they want to emulate, it is not a true rangefinder like a Leica M… if it were and actually had mechanically driven optics that physically interpret and align with what’s actually going on in the scene, then I could see taking reliable images using the OVF working much more reliably and not frustrating and disappointing me. But, right now it’s not.. it’s all electronics and some bit of electo-guestimation system.. at least in terms of what you think the focus point should be focusing on… and it still misses the mark most of the time unless you’re at the optimum distance to your subject to get it mostly right most of the time.

        The only way I think the OVF can come close to reliably working and getting focus is to stop down enough to where you really won’t have any shallow depth of field, quite broad so everything is more certain to be in focus… But, I like shallow DOF! So, if I really wanted to get the shot with a X100/X100S or X-Pro 1, I’d have to rely on the EVF.. which sadly takes a good bit of the fun I was hoping to get from using the OVF alternatively. It works, but it really left me questioning why do I even care if there’s an OVF if it doesn’t work the way I think and want it to?

        That’s what Fuji should also really work on in their rangefinder style cameras that have the hybrid VF.. make the OVF part of it work well and reliably. Let me fully appreciate having that OVF and not getting stupidfied reviewing my shots later and seeing fuzzy blurred subjects against a super sharp background (or foreground, depending on the composition).

        Like I’ve mentioned before in previous comments, I really like Fuji cameras and their IQ, when you can nail the shot with proper focus… but, that’s been Fuji’s much griped about issue.. the AF, and it’s just not reliable enough for me to get back into it over a lot of worthy competitors.. if they can get it right in the X-T1, or any new cameras (and hopefully find a way to upgrade firmware for older cameras to be much more reliable in the AF department), then I’d have no problem giving Fuji a go again and hopefully really enjoy every aspect of owning and shooting one.

        Let’s see what the near future brings to Fuji’s very nice cameras.

  • Thats one hell of an ugly camera! Why didnt they just copy the Fujica ST605n straight off? I dont think I can describe how ugly I think it is.. Horrible!

  • So who can explain to me the selection ring *below* the ISO dial?

    • front right to left, looks like shooting modes such as Bracketed (BKT), Continuous High (CH), Continuos Low (CL), Single (S), Mutliple Exposure (Not sure what the 2 frames overlapping could otherwise mean), Advanced (ADV, whatever that is in Fuji-terms), and the last one to the far right might be Panoramic (it’s just a rectangle that looks rather wide than tall).

      metering modes selectable below the shutter dial.

      • amending last comment slightly.. i meant to say from left to right (symbols for shooting modes under the ISO dial)… not from right to left…

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