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Merry X-mas to all X-shooters and FR-readers … and what I’ve found under my X-mas tree :-) !


 photo X-MAS_zps1547c4df.jpg

NOTE: That’s not my X-E2. The image is a courtesy of Tom Grill (website)

SD-card ready? Fully charged battery, too? Is your X-camera updated with the latest firmware? If the answer is YES, YES and YES, then all that remains me is to wish you, and to the people you love, a merry X-mas and happy holidays… and take some great shots with your X today ;-) .

have a good one,
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Oh, and I’ve received a pretty little thing to play with… an Instax Share SP-1 printer! It’s definitely the star of this X-mas, people love it… from now on it will be with me everywhere I go :) .

 photo INSTAX_zpsaf9db9d0.jpg