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* LEAKED * See the FIRST IMAGE of the SILVER Fujifilm X-T10!


 photo silver_zpssvcet9fy.jpg

 photo tuned_zpsxawcul2q.png

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Thanks to one of our top trusted sources, we all can now take a look at the Silver Fujiilm X-T10. You can see the black version here (from a different angle).

My fingers are ready for a live blogging session on May 18, the rumored announcement day of the X-T10. I guess it will happen, as usual, early in the morning London Time (around midnight in NY)… don’t leave me alone here on FR on May 18 ;)

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Comparison by FR-reader MJr

 photo Fuji-outline-xt10_zpso6hsxmpk.png

Quick & Dirty Size Comparison by FR-reader RAZ
X-T10 Vs. X-E2

 photo original_zpshghjpzib.jpg