** FIRST Fuji X-T10 IMAGE LEAKED ** SEE NOW the Worldwide FIRST IMAGE of the Fujifilm X-T10!


 photo X-T10 IMAGE_zpsqj5j3hdc.png

A long rumor story, started here on FujiRumors back in January, is going to end soon. On May 18, Fujifilm will launch the Fuji X-T10 (probably early in the morning London time – around midnight in New York). Stay tuned… I’m ready for the live blogging session.

Now we can finally enjoy the first image of Fuji’s new X-series cameras, shared for us by one of our trusted sources (thanks). On this image we can see the X-T10 with XF18-55 lens (the other kit option is with XC 16-50 lens). The flash is inside of the “pentaprism”.

[UDPATE: Nathan from ohm-image.net shared his (mostly positive) feedback about the X-T10 design here.]

The pretty comprehensive rumored specs list, shared over the last 5 months, will probably be 100% correct, and, once again, I’d like to thank all FR sources for their amazing help!

And to the X-shooters out there, I hope you had a good time reading all the X-T10 rumors in these months (and the other 220 articles in 2015)…and if you want, you can support my daily work on FujiRumors, by pre-ordering the X-T10 using the affiliate links to BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama & Co I’ll share here on FR. It’s the only way that really helps to cover the costs of this blog and keep it open, updated daily with exclusive rumors and fresh news… for Free.

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  • a9udn9u

    OMG it’s ugly. They simply slapped a head on a X-M1 body and rearranged the dial positions.

  • Luffy

    the grip is awful

    • Dis

      What grip?)

    • R Leung

      What grip?

    • MJr

      What grip? (say it 3 times and a add-on grip will appear)

    • Didiergm

      You can’t really tell with that angle of view and a slightly blurred image (reminds me of all UFO images which are ALWAYS out of focus :) )

    • nwcs

      Looks very similar to the X-E grips, which are generally awful.

  • Vim

    The rangefinder look is just… so much more balanced and appealing.

    • The rangefinder look of what? Since rumours began to fly, this has been a simplified X-T1, which isn’t at all a rangefinder design, faux or no. So why complain about that? If the article was about X-Pro 1 vs X-T1 looks, then your comment would make sense.

      • Vim

        I think you misunderstood me. Of course the X-T10 has been rumoured for a long time and we all knew it would have an SLR rather than a rangefinder design (X-Pro 1, X100, etc.). And of course the article isn’t about comparing these designs.

        But my point was: looking at the final result of the X-T10 now – i.e. Fuji’s second attempt at an ‘SLR’ design – it reminds me how the rangefinder design is much more balanced and attractive.

        This is a personal view of course, and others might like the SLR design more. For me, that ain’t happening.

  • Eva

    I like the rounded corners (though hard to hold), bring it to the X-Pro2 and it looks like a poor mans Leica ;)

    • It doesn’t look like a poor man’s Leica. It is just designed to be more streamlined. While Leica designs are far, far more streamlined than any current camera maker, making something more streamlined than another model in the same brand line up does not make it look like a Leica, poor man’s equivalent or no.

  • DJ

    So I take it there will be no pop-up flash? I agree, very disappointing aesthetics for a brand who has built their name largely on just that.

    • Patrick

      pop up flash in the “pentaprism”

  • Fabio Amodeo

    Shorter than the X-T1 (and that’s good). Practically with no grip (not a great idea, other than for chinese gripmakers and RRS). The really important points (speed of reading from sensor, processing power) are still question marks. Does it make sense as a weapon against cheap DSLRs? I don’t think that market appreciates dials amd selectors.

    • Do you find the grip of the X-T1 good. I’ve met not a single person with normal to large hands that finds it good at all without an external grip. Whereas the same person holding an X-Pro 1 or any classical camera can get on perfectly well.

      Grips are only good if oversizes, ala dSLRs.

  • Ugly as shit. And that flash (?) inside of a “pentaprism” that has a hot shoe on top… Sheesh. Well, at least the dials are not locking in any way, no need for another Kickstarter campaign.

    PS: Good news: you can use your favorite soft release button!

    • Patrick

      flash inside pentaprism

      • Yeah, it looks like a hinged pop-up flash, Nikon DSLR style. Not a good idea, IMO.

  • Manikandan Krishnan

    I sold my X-E2 last week. I guess I am going to regret :(

    • MJr

      Why would you do that !!?

      • Manikandan Krishnan

        I already have X-A1 and was planning to purchase X-T10. I will still wait and see.

        • MJr

          Seems like a strange thing to do, the X-E2 has most of all the latest things and performance. The X-T10 is interesting as a new camera, but not much of an ‘upgrade’ i would think.

          • Manikandan Krishnan

            Yup. I thought auto focus would be faster than X-E2. I am shooting my daughter who is 2 years old. So I thought X-T10 would be a “upgrade”. Lets see :(

          • MJr

            The X-T1 is not bad at all (and will supposedly get a performance upgrade in the future), so if the X-T10 is anything like it. You should be happy. We’ll see.

          • Manikandan Krishnan

            Though it looks ugly, I would still buy it But price is the deciding factor. I am hoping for the best.

          • MJr

            I’m sure it will be a great camera, and you’d probably get used to the looks in less than a day after using it. :-)

  • Oli

    Built in Flash?!?

  • ph

    reminds me of a holga. ugly.

  • Peter Gabriel

    Hmm, I think (I hope!) it is fake. I mean look at the gap around the front wheel dial. Not the usual tight fit from Fuji.

    • Patrick

      it’s real

    • And unless random mash of functionality with feature creep means ‘good design’ to you, the winnowing here of the X-T1’s bristling buttons and offset lines into a more streamlined camera is far more useful. In the long run, its minimalistic face should look less anachronistic than the X-T1’s throw-it-at-the-wall aesthetic.

  • geroge

    well that is not very pretty, looks more like hars prototype than final version

  • Bruce W

    Let the complaining begin!

  • R O

    Oh, you fashion divas… This will probably be my first entry into the X system. A compact metal box to shoot X lenses with all the dials and latest electronic innards.

  • KwyjiboVanDeKamp

    Seems to be a nice little camera (surprisingly for me). Maybe I will love it if it’s all metal and if the buttons have the same feel/click as the X-E2 buttons. But I will wait for X-Pro2 or better X-E3!!!!

  • Dis

    Left dial looks like drive one as rumored. Nevertheless I can see a switch under it. There is something near the shutter speed disk too. Probably the second bottom dial. If so what are these dials? One of them could be photometry. But what is the second one? OR these are not dials but new type of locks!

    • R O

      Minimum shutter speed set? Probably not. But I always thought it would be cool to incorporate one into the shutter speed dial.

    • KTX

      PASM dial on top, the lower could be the drive. The one under the Shutter Speed dial could be metering mode…

      • Dis

        I seriously doubt that left dial is PSAM. There is no point of making PSAM and shutter speed dials on one camera. It also features about eight positions. X-T1 has seven. So the disk on the left is definitely the drive one.

  • Tomás

    I hope it’s a fake because it is disgustingly ugly! HOLGA 2.0

  • Hector

    It’s going to sell fine against other entry level cameras. It’s not as pretty as other Fujis but it’s not as expensive and it’s prettier than most DSLRs: it’s made of metal and has all the dials you could dream of coming from an entry level Nikon, Canon or Sony.

  • Sid

    Don’t get why everyone is complaining about the looks, isn’t this how the leicas look?

    • MJr

      Not unless you mean the Leica R3, which is also considered ugly. :)


      • Alex

        In 1976 this is great design, but we are in 2015.

        • MJr

          Purely aesthetically speaking I don’t think it was a great design then either, there was already the Nikon F in the SLR shape and Leica had of course the M.

          • Indeed, that Leica was a poor aesthetic design.

          • Mardock

            It was never really a Leica anyway. Rebadged Minolta XE-7 (which was nevertheless a great camera for its day).

    • MJr said it. Either you don’t know Leica, or you had only the R3 in mind.


    Looks fine to me… What, we were expecting an XT1 MkII, Or a slightly dumbed down XT1?
    Because whoever here is complainig, what are you shooting with, and more specifically, is this camera made for you in mind? Because there is an XT1…

    I keep forgetting this is the internet, and people are going to complain and hate on everything.

    Carry on…..

    • Hear, hear! Great functional design from the removal of the worthless hand grip to the miniaturisation of the nested X-T1 drive/meter dials that were all together too easy to engage/disengage.

  • MJr

    If you thought the X30 looked bad, they have just set a new standard. :-(

    • Didiergm

      I does not look so different from the X-T1, I am nit sure I follow your meaning

      • MJr

        Really? It most definitely looks very different. :-(

        • Different and much, much cleaner. The X-T1 is trying too much to balance retro with modern. This one simplifies the concept so that the X-T10 isn’t retro, isn’t modern; it is rather, functional more than stylistically designed.

  • wincros

    In the history of model 10 cameras it looks pretty damn fine to me. You have to look twice to distinguish it from the X-T1 which is the point after all and better than previous 10 cameras. But I suppose the brace of retro camera style mavens here would be disappointed in anything that does not look like a 50 year old Leica M3 with a slotted metal lens hood. Holga? Seriously?

  • Brian Tallman

    I like it. Looks like an old Fujica ST601. Nice

  • Jo

    I think it has some cool angles, but this picture definitely looks rendered.

    • Alex Varas

      Thinks so too. It might look good hands on ;-)

    • Not rendered. I think it looks great, too.

  • Raz

    Quite like the look, probably be nicer in silver though. I can’t quite see how there’s a built-in flash, if it’s somehow in the ‘pentaprism hump’ and that’s hinged, it would make the hot shoe rather weak, wouldn’t want to put a big flash up there.

  • Ulf

    Congrats, Patrick, very nice success! (first image …)

  • Lars

    oh, that’s ugly like hell :-(

  • Pepe

    how ugly, if real! sorry, I like the Fuji’s and use them a lot but now it’s time to stop this retro thing!!!

  • Ulric

    Patrick, you keep saying, “flash inside pentaprism.” How? I don’t see a seam or a hinge. Can you explain, exactly? Maybe draw a picture? Right now, it seems apparent there is no built-in flash.

  • BasharAR

    FUGLY!!!! what does this has over the X-E2 in class, apart from Fuji not updating the X-E2 properly to sell this JUNK:(

    • Arnold Newman

      “Fugly” is exactly the word I would use. Normally, appearance doesn’t factor into my choice of camera body but I dislike this enough that I would have a hard time buying it despite its other qualities. Maybe it’s just this image.

  • earl

    Minimal grip and threaded shutter button, difficult to really see a popup flash there. Less than I’d hoped for…await X-E3/Pro2!

  • Tyler Willis

    Gah… Just not sure Why I would ever want this over an X-E2. I guess it has a dial on the front which would be nice… The hump for the flash shoe might help with the lens getting in the way… I dunno fuji, give me a reason.

    • R O

      Faster AF.

  • Patrick

    the pentaprism pops up

    • lxcellent

      In the traditional dSLR way (rear hinge)? I agree that it is hard to see how this could be the case.

  • George

    and this cam was made to replace X-E2?! You must be kidding, it looks coarse and clumsy, like Russian Zenith. Or X30. Wonder if it’s also made in China…


      Did anyone say that it was made to replace the XE2?
      does it even have Rangefinder styling, with a corner evf like the XE2?

      The Hate is Strong with thus camera….

  • Tomás

    I pray that the designer of this monstrosity of camera has not intervened even a 0.0001 % in the design of the eternally awaited x – pro2

  • Alex

    Ugly as hell! No, thanx!

    • Alex

      Haha, a write my opinion and than i saw that I’m not the first one. So, this is X-E2 with: front wheel, pentaprism-like and second dial wheel…

  • Antony

    I just wish I could click on the image on my phone to see it better – instead I just get directed to the Facebook page. Why cover it with logos and don’t enable the image to be saved?

  • wincros

    Looking again, I think it is fake. There is no way the SLR bulge could be shaped that way and hide a pop up flash of any utility at all. So either it does not have a flash or it does and this is not a picture of the camera.

    • Patrick

      it does have a flash (pop up pentaprism), and the image is real

      • Raz

        I don’t understand how the prism hump won’t smack you in the face if you’re looking through the viewfinder and trigger the flash. Where is it hinged?

    • MJr

      But everybody says prisms are useless with EVFs and mostly empty. ^.^

    • R Leung

      It can have a flash…much like the Olympus E-M10.

  • Chatnoir

    The lead of Fuji’s design team likely had a very bad temper when he was asked to design the X-T10. Or somebody had just died. This must be the most ugly and inspiration-less camera in the market. Only for that it deserves a very special award, but let’s hope it’s all fake in the same time. If not, saving a little longer for the X-T1 is fully worth all the effort now.

  • Actually I think I understand aesthetics of this camera. It must’ve been designed for the police use. Gonna look very appropriate next to a Glock.

  • Lumen

    Man, that X-T1 is so beautifull !

  • Joe

    At first it look really ugly. Maybe it looks better in real. At the secound view its not ugly at all. But I’m a bit disapointed at the moment, especially the left side is horrible – small grip and a bit lost looking dial. It should be very well priced to make me buy it.

  • Didiergm

    I must be daft, but I don’t get what you guys find so ugly. How can you judge the aesthetic (or lack of) based on a low res unsharp image ? I think I’ll pass judgement when I see either better images or better still have it in my hands. until then …

    • MJr

      Sure you’d probably get used to the looks in less than a day of using it, but with the X-T1 everything about the design made sense at first sight. :-)

  • Caerolle

    I am sure the people cross-shopping this will be swayed by having such immediate access to drive modes, lol. Seems like they just needed something to put on a dial there, why not keep it as ISO? A serious frankencamera.

  • Joe

    The longer I look on the X-T10 the more I like it. Its simply very retro. I hope the handling will be better then it looks like.

    • Kasparas Visockas

      But the details look like it is an unfinished camera. Its very weird how the grip and the dial look… The dial looks like completely out of place. They better put that at the back.

  • G_J

    This camera got the U-G-L-Y treatment just like the X30. Too bad…
    The X20 was perfection, and my favorite design that Fuji has come up with so far.

    • Kasparas Visockas

      Well i kind of agree. This SHxT IS UGLY but i kind of liked the x30 :)

      • G_J

        The thing that really irritated me about the X30 was the shape of the lens – it is harder to grasp when using a hood. The X20 zoom ring was much more comfortable to operate with the hood in place.

  • Peter

    I don’t think the design of this camera is that bad. The whole concept and dial and button placement actually looks like this camera will be very nice to use (though the body may not be high enough without a battery grip to comfortably hold it and use the front dial with a middle finger). Those front and rear look like they might allow for a configuration where one dial sets ISO and one the shutter speed (assuming a lens that has an aperture ring).

    Aesthetically, of course, judging by the photo (which may be misleading or a fake), the top part is too high in relation to the body and the front dial and the model name are just as awkwardly spaced and isolated just like they were on the X20. Those proportions are simply slightly off to my eyes.

    The sides also seem to have too sharp X30-type angles that don’t go too well the clear and simple empty flat front of the top part. Basic, more Leica-like round edges and straight verticals would have looked better there as far as I am concerned.

    The faux pentaprism also has a bit too much tightly packed busy detail compared to the rest of the body (particularly the edges around the “Fujifilm” logo and the ridges connecting it with the lens mount). The sharp angles also just seem a bit out of place with the very simple rounded rectangle and circular shapes that constitute the rest of the body and dials. And maybe it is just me, but it feels like the pentaprism hump sits slightly too low in the body. I think the faux pentaprism works well with the size of the X-T1, but for this type of design, it could be simplified and/or abstracted a bit more, or the design of the EVF hump could take some more inspiration from rangefinder-type cameras. For a built-in flash, I also prefer the rangefinder-type popout solution like on the X10 over a popping pentaprism.

    Overall I’d say this is far from an ugly camera, as people proclaim here. In fact, it looks a lot better than a lot of cameras out there. I think that a large part of the disappointment is that expectations for the design were so high (I think the X100T, the X10 and the X-T1 are some of the most beautifully designed cameras ever). I do think this design will make for a camera that will be very nice to use in practice. The basic concept looks like it is very well thought out, and with a bit of refinement, I think the next generation of this design could make for quite a beautiful camera.

    Also, assuming this is not a fake, I’m sure somebody in Japan worked very hard to make this a great camera that people will enjoy, and I believe the result they came up with deserves a lot more recognition and respect than dismissing it with an “it’s fucking ugly” as if it was some kind of Hasselblad Lunar. This design gets a lot more right than it gets wrong.

    • Arnold Newman

      Oh goodness. The Lunar…I had forgotten. Now that one was the Wagon Queen Family Truckster of camera bodies.

  • JB

    I think it looks great! Nice work Fuji. Its funny how people are lashing out against the looks….looks has nothing to do with how well the tool performs.

    • But Fuji cameras are renowned for looking cool. It’s a nice bonus how people perceive your camera affects how much fun it is to use around other people (I find people are relaxed by the old-fashioned look of my silver X-E1 compared to even the oldest crappy Rebel DSLR).

      It’s somehow surprising that Fuji would make this X-T10 significantly uglier than the X-T1.

    • The clean design is great. The removal or winnowing of bad design elements of the X-T1 (easily nudged drive/metering dials, replacement of the extra-tiny finger/hand grip with a pressure mound, the nesting of the exposure wheel, the lining up of the AF lamp with the aperture wheel and X-T10 logo) shows that Fujifilm are working on improving. Again, I think the X-T1 came out with too many poor design compromises, but it’s good that many of them are being addressed in the X-T10.

  • gr

    i think it looks great also. Too bad no bayer or IBIS. : (

    • AceFlibble

      If you want bayer sensors and IBIS, you should probably stop looking at Fuji entirely. Categorically not going to happen. Companies don’t make a big deal out of putting IS on a lens and then stick IS in the bodies anyway.

  • nzswedespeed

    I must admit my first though was its ugly. Something doesn’t look right, hopefully just a bad photo… It looks too tall? But then the xt1 is probably taller and that looks great.

    • nzswedespeed

      I think it also looks too flat. Hopefully once some more photos emerge it will look great like all the other Fujis!

      • Didiergm

        I could be wrong but it looks like a slightly distorted image.
        Funny how every body started with ‘Fugly’ and after a few hours some people start to emerge saying ‘it actually does not look so bad, quite like it etc….’ all this based on a single image we know from Patrick it is real, but not why it is unsharp and a bad image

  • G_J

    The front dial placement just looks wonky. However, it’s mostly a useless dial anyway, the way Fuji allows it to be configured. I would much rather have an option for the dial to allow aperture control, and suppress it on the lens (for those lenses where the aperture ring spins too easily). Also, I come from Nikon, so this would be more natural for me…

  • nzswedespeed

    Comparing this to the xt1, the top plate on the xt10 is much higher/the pentaprism is much lower. The xt1 the top plate is the about the height of in the middle of the fujifilm name in the front, while this photo suggest the top plate is quite a bit higher which I believe is making it look out of proportion. It also look far taller than the XE line. If the top plate was a few mm lower I believe it would look right. I actually think this camera will be a very pretty one once released, just a bad/awkward photo or render

  • Jake

    I’ll reserve judgement for now on the overall looks, but the shutter button does appear to be way too close to that dial next to the flash housing.

  • Overall, very, very good design changes/iteration. It is more classically designed and looks simpler to use. Fewer accidental engages/disengages to drive/metering settings, a safer exposure compensation niche, much cleaner face, not to mention the removal of that awful wannabe grip. A pressure-grip bump is far better for large/medium sized hands than a faux grip that forces large fingers into acrobatics.

    While plainer, I think the X-T10’s design is going to be much, much better for the user. I’m sure there’s more, but I took down a few notes on this design here: http://ohm-image.net/opinion/photophile/on-the-leaked-fujifilm-x-t10

    Patrick, good job.

    • MJr

      It’s functional, minimalist, and industrial. Reminds me of Dieter Rams BRAUN.
      The proportions are very unusual in camera design and throws off our sense of what should be. But the more i look at it, the more i realize i can’t find anything wrong with it! And probably more so in use. Especially now when i look at the monstrosity of a E-M10 or the E-M1 especially i think, wtf was i complaining about ! ^.^

      • I think the proportions are pretty normal, especially as per 1970s SLRs and rangefinder cameras. Maybe suggesting Dieter Rams is a bit too kind on Fujifilm. They aren’t that functionally aware of design, but this one looks to be several steps above the X-T1, which honestly, is a poor study in functional design.

        • MJr

          Still don’t agree on that last part. ;-)

          • I see that. But the X-T1 is an incredible hodge-podge. If Dieter Rams had to be associated with one or the other, the X-T1 would not be the one.

          • MJr

            That Dieter won’t like it i do agree on. ;-)

    • Patrick

      nice list… updated the post and put a link to your blog entry about the X-T10 design… sorry it took a while, but I’m kind of stressed these days ;)

      • I actually wasn’t expecting you to do that. Thank you. I think this thread, while overly populated by people wishing for more (strangely 1999-anachronistic) wavy lines, has had some good observations.

  • nzswedespeed

    Ok it’s growing on me. I’m certain I’ll buy a silver one :)

    • daphne

      Like mould or fungus?

  • Victor

    a pentaprism flash not even a mother could love…

  • Armin

    My main concern is if it has a tilting screen like X-T1? And of course it should be available in silver.

  • brickemu

    I like it. Prefer the X-T1 but I guess that’s expected, being a little brother.

    Would like to still see an X-E3. However I can see how the X-Pro2 would need to be the focus of that form factor, with the X-T line being the new side-car.

    It’s all actually making sense.

    The main thing I am hoping from Fuji is some smaller-aperture lenses which allow for smaller form-factors and weight…. the 35mm f2 is a step in the right direction for me :)

  • Dylan Blood

    Ugh. Butt-ugly.

  • karinatwork

    Ok, that’s great and all… but… where’s that bloody LR plugin for tethered shooting that Fuji promised? Huh? I don’t see and I don’t hear anything about that anymore.

  • Jonavin

    Where’s the builtin flash?

  • burnitwithacid

    Does it have usable video? Because that’s what Fuji needs, not a gimped T1.

    • forget, same sensor it’s a “cheap” version of X-T1

    • AceFlibble

      The video market isn’t going to ditch their Canons and Panasonics in favour of Fuji, regardless of what the video is like. Fuji in no way “needs” video, any more than they “need” GPS, NFC, a dedicated black & white sensor or a 600mm+ equivalent wildlife lens. Those markets aren’t going to just switch to Fuji, so other than for the sake of a few spec sheet geeks ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, any resources spent on improving video support is a waste of time and money for Fuji.

      • burnitwithacid

        If you say so gomer. I know several Sony ownera who would have gone Fuji if the video wasn’t a nightmare. Hybrid wedding ahooters, enthusiasts like myself that nees video for family, etc. I’d gladly dump my FF canon gear if Fuji had usable video. Instead I’ll end up going Sony when I switch, when I like Fuji better.

  • scopedude

    it does look like some film cameras of the past – I don’t remember which but surely not the Contax RTS probably some cheap ones.

  • gsxr92@hotmail.com

    The third ring on the right look like a pasm plus auto mode dial.
    Need to see the real one for sure cause the threaded shutter is the only thing i miss on my t1,

    Should make the switch, but would have prefered a bayer.

  • strangeshape

    I’m happy to ser that Fuji has found yet another way to milk that old X-trans sensor. We can expect it to be the same as X-T1, right?

    • :-(

    • Yes, and not so long ago almost everyone here was singing poems about the IQ of the X-T1 and X100T… Wonder why suddenly it became so terrible in their eyes.

      • Cain CB Buckler

        because it hasnt changed in 3 years.

  • LeFred

    A soap bar design for people with square hands.
    A centered viewfinder for people with no nose.
    The combination of both is terrible : on DSLR the hand grip helps tilting the camera to make room for the nose.
    Absolutely no consideration for the ergonomics. This is a camera designed to be sold, not to be used actually.
    I hope this won’t replace the X-E series or I will have to find another manufacturer…
    I ended with a lot of Nikon lenses waiting for a D400. I wouldn’t like to find myself in the same situation with Fuji.

    • George

      “A soap bar design for people with square hands. A centered viewfinder for people with no nose. The combination of both is terrible…Absolutely no consideration for the ergonomics”.

      100%. It really looks a camera for oddity and masochists.

      Any news it will be made in Japan or China like X30?

      I hope Fuji will decide to bring X-E3 – they are probably debating if to do it.

      • Didiergm

        Thanks for the good laugh; almost averyone passes judgement is up in arms based on a blurred, apparentlly slightly distorted image. And we call outselves photographer !

  • where is the pop-up flash?

    • Patrick

      in the “pentaprism”

  • X-T10 will have smaller handgrip, which is not a good news. The new fast lenses are big and heavy, only suitable for the X-T1 with it´s decent handgrip…don’t?.

    • Jano

      The weight of a camera is supposed to be supported with the left hand under the lens. All that talk about grips being too small is ridiculous and teaches beginners a wrong holding technique that will put a lot of strain on their hand.
      Big grips cause bad holding habits and are therefore not a good idea. For those rare occasions where one-handed shooting is needed one should use a plate with deeper grip.
      Physiotherapist speaking here.

      • While you are right, the problem here is that grips are seen to go hand-in-hand with ergonomically well-designed products. Yes, a large grip can feel more natural in the hand. And yes, a poor grip can make a product feel awful.

        Which is why I don’t get the reason people are up in arms about the small grip on the X-T10. The X-T1 has a horrible grip that does nothing to secure the camera unless you have hamster-sized hands. No fingers can wrap around it like they can around a dSLR, good or bad holding methods notwithstanding.

        Prior to ergonomically moulded grips, cameras were mated with smaller, prime lenses. And people were free to wrap their hands around any part of the right side of the camera they preferred. That, and they could hook their thumb under the film advance lever.

        It work wonderfully except in portrait orientation, and maybe for the sport photographer. With the advent of the oversized, moulded grip, either people got lazy and assumed that it was the only way to hold a camera, or they forgot that absence of a grip allowed freedom to hold a camera however they felt fit.

        Anyway, no X camera ever has had a big grip. The X-T1’s grip got in the way of palm-bracing on the right hand side. The X-Pro 1’s friction grip was great for large hands, but for small hands, it felt unnatural.

        Big grips to cause people to put too much weight on their wrists rather than in the body-bracing position which should be used to support a camera.

        My hope is that half-arsed grips that get in the way are eliminated. People are stupid one way or the other. But makers don’t have to go halfway: either choose the big grip, or put a friction pad down and let people learn.

        This obsession with big grips is annoying for everything else besides the nice, large batteries which they very naturally hide.

    • Caerolle

      I’m going to guess the people who buy this will not be buying those new fast lenses. If they buy more lenses, I wonder if they would be more likely to slower, cheaper, smaller, ones.

      • http://www.forbes.com/sites/amadoudiallo/2014/01/28/fujifilm-x-t1-continues-shift-to-high-end-camera-market/

        “Fujifilm X-T1 Continues Shift To High-End Camera Market”

        .x-t10 too?

        • AceFlibble

          The X-T10 isn’t positioned for the top of the market. The X-T10 is to the X-T1 what the X-E2 is to the X-Pro1. The Pro1 and T1 are the professional models, the E2 and T10 are the hobbyist consumer models.

          So, no, the larger lenses that are coming out now are pretty irrelevant for the T10. The only people who will be putting the new, bigger, pro lenses on this body are people who use a T1 as their main body and want the T10 as a backup; serious professionals who will only buy the T10 for security.
          The main T10 market is the people who will buy one XC zoom lens or one XF 23mm or 35mm prime.

          • nzswedespeed

            I disagree. I’m going to buy an xt10 and will get the xf 18-55, 35 1.4, 14mm 2.8 and xc 50-230mm just for starters… considering they are pretty much the same internally i wouldn’t make such big generalisations. You may be right for lots of consumers though

          • AceFlibble

            Yeah, nobody on here at all represents the most common consumer. This is a site of people who religiously check for the slightest hint of Fuji news. I probably check in at least three times a day, myself. I’ve got an X100S, X-E2, X-T1 and four XF lenses. I imagine there are quite a few people on here who have similar kit, if not a lot more.

            Your average buyer who will pick up the cheaper T10 as their main body isn’t going to buy multiple lenses, several other bodies and bookmark this site for the latest firmware update news.

  • jb

    A camera designed by accountants. This reminds me of an xm1 with a hump and a few dials. It seems a bit like fuji are using up all the left over bits from previous cameras. Hopefully this will sell very well which will then fund the real camera designers. Cheers, jon

    • brickemu

      Repurposing existing components rather reinventing the wheel?

      Sounds like a disaster.

      Excuse me while I spend big on an A7, A7 II, A7R or an A7s and maybe one or two decent lenses if I’m lucky

  • foto2021

    Yet another “new” Fujifilm X-Series camera using the same old 16MP sensor.

    Japan is the world’s largest market for mirrorless cameras and the only one to publish comprehensive sales figures. How is it that Fujifilm has the largest range of mirrorless cameras but its market share is among the lowest?

    Fujifilm’s web site lists the X-Pro1, X-T1, XM-1, XE-1 and XE-2, XA-1 and XA-2, all of which are available new, and now we have the X-T10. That’s eight models, or six if you ignore the XE-1 and XA-1 which are presumably no longer being manufactured. Yet even with all these models, Fujifilm’s market share in Japan is only around 5%.

    Sony has over 30% of the mirrorless market, selling six E-mount cameras for every one Fujifilm sells. The Fujifilm X-Series is outsold by Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Nikon and even Canon. The Canon EOS M range has hardly set the world alight but it still outsells Fujifilm’s eight models.

    Fujiflm works hard on marketing and its advertising budget must be huge. Fujifilm X-Series fans are also very vocal, yet the sales figures tell the story.

    • lxcellent

      Do you really believe that Fujifilm spends more on advertising than the other companies listed?

      In other words, the reason the others out sell Fuji, MIGHT have something to do with having an inferior product, but it is just as likely that it is due to Fuji having a SMALLER advertising footprint.

      Also, I really do not think that using market share alone is a good indicator of the quality of the product. Look at the history of Leica.

      • It really depends. Dedicated cameras are on their way down down down. Everyone is losing market (not share, but raw market) compared to five years ago.

        And in a shrinking market, customers aren’t as excited by companies they don’t know. Of course people will stick with Canon, Nikon, and even Sony.

        Only in stale, but steady markets, or growing markets are customers willing venture out, try new brands. So while it _is_ about quality and advertising, it is because Fujifilm have been out of the public eye for so long that today, and even when finally they have a good system, people are not flocking to them.

        BTW, Apple spend far less on advertising than do Google, Microsoft, etc., but the within their niches, the products they sell far outstrip the sales of bigger spenders.

        Better branded, or simpler products to use, or products that make sense in a larger context sell better in growing markets. They do not in shrinking markets, no matter the advertising budget.

    • Max_Elmar

      Yes, yes, do tell us more about your sweeping market analysis based on Japan-only numbers…. Astonishing! – How did I not know that market share in Japan is the measure of all things? I was so silly to care about profit margins or Europe, USA, China sales, great lenses, related products, etc, etc…

    • John_Carson

      Sony sells their cameras cheaply. I expect that their margin is much lower than Fuji’s.

      It is also worth noting that, until the X series came out, Fuji hadn’t released a camera with an APS-C sensor since the S5 Pro in 2006. Getting the camera buying public to think about you after such a long absence isn’t easy.

  • Looks nice and compact!
    Perfect replacement for the X-M1, that has a strange position in the line-up. Building up on the success of the X-T1 is a rather good idea.

    Now, let’s see what the X-Pro2 looks like :-)
    That new 24MP sensor will probably find place in a X-T2 sometime in 2016.

  • Alessandro

    I love the lines

  • kiki

    Guys, what do you think?

    I own an GX7 and Voigtlander 17.5mm, and i plan to buy the x100t.

    I got many lens before and i sold all my lens because i don’t use them a lot. I do really love 35mm FF lenght. But imo, iso 1600 from my GX7 is a little bit too noisy.

    And one more question, is ring focus of the x100t is focus by wire?

  • Ditto.

  • Chuck

    Why does X-T10 don’t have an articulated and touch screen? These two features are very helpful indeed.

    • Raist3d

      X-T10 doesn’t have an articulated LCD? There goes my interest in it.

  • Jan Sunde

    I don’t know ….it’s growing on me! I think Fuji products in a way are like Apple products. Photos just can’t make them justice. My guess is that this will feel and look wonderful “live”. A couple of design blunders from the X-T1 have been corrected and the design language cleaned up. Who can ask for more?
    And please….for everybody complaining about the lack of a grip – surprise, surprise – the X-T1 doesn’t have one either!! It looks like a grip, should have been a grip, but clearly it is not designed for human hands.

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