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Laowa 9mm F2.8 Vs. XF10-24 Vs. Zeiss Touit 12 Angle of View Comparison and Reviews + Fujinon 23mmF2 Vs. Zonlai 22mmF1.8


Lens roundup

Today’s lens roundup is focused on two third party new entries in the Fujifilm X world, the highly praised Laowa 9mm F2.8 and the brand new Zonlai 22mm F1.8.

Laowa 9mm F2.8: VenusLens (best option for fastest delivery, since they have priority on pre-order shipping), BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

Zonlai 22mm F1.8: AmazonUS

Angle of View Comparison

The image at the top shows the angle of view comparison between the following 4 lenses:

1 mm of difference between the 10-24 and 9mm might not seem much on paper, but in your images it can make more differences than you think.

Laowa 9mm F2.8

Now some new Laowa 9mm Reviews:

Previous Laowa 9mm coverage on FujiRumors:

  • click here – Venus Laowa 9mm f/2.8 Zero-D Reviews: “For Landscape Photographers it Could be a Dream Come True
  • click here – Review by Jonas Rask: “This Lens is Pure fun, Fun, FUN!”

Zonlai 22mm F1.8

Last but not least, 10 image comparisons between the Fujinon 23mmF2 and the brand new Zonlai 22mm F1.8.

  • x-man – Fujinon 23 2.0 vs. Zonlai 22 1.8