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Interview with Fuji Managers: About Future Lenses, Kaizen, no X-Pro2 4K, Acros & improved X-Pro2 Film Simulations (like Velvia) & more



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Fuji Managers Toshihisa Iida and Makoto Oishi met imaging-resource at this years’ CP+ in Japan. Now IR just published the long and interesting talk they had with the Fuji Managers. Here some excerpts:

Market Share: “According to CIPA, I think our share is probably between 14% and 15% within mirrorless [by global] value. The volume is lower, because of the higher-end products.”

KAIZEN (X-E2 FW 4.00): “Of course there’s an argument whenever we introduce a new firmware upgrade that it’s damaging the existing product. So there are pros and cons, but we decided that we really needed to take care of the existing customer first before thinking of the new customer. […] So I think that’s right, to show our customer loyalty for their purchase. […] Because now the camera is costing somewhere around several hundred to a thousand dollars. So it’s ridiculous for us to ask customers to upgrade every two years or so.”

X70, will there be a Teleconversion Lens?: “Probably not.”

Back Illuminated Sensor: “Manager: It used to be said that backside technology is good for the smaller sensor. So we are not quite sure how beneficial it would be for a bigger sensor. […] Imaging Resource: Yeah. The smaller your pixel is, then the more overhead you have for all of the routing and circuitry and everything. So backside helps more with smaller pixels. Manager: And of course we have to care about sensitivity, because BSI allows higher sensitivity. But it also damages the capacity, right? I mean dynamic range.”

4K: “[X-Pro2 sensor and processor] is fast enough and powerful enough to do 4K movie. […] I think that there’s some limitation, because with a 4K movie, for example, we need to sort out heating issues also. So I cannot say it’s impossible, but very difficult to put, you know, 4K capability into the X-Pro2. If we develop 4K movie-capable cameras, we will need to change the form factor.”

ACROS & Improved Film Simulations (like Velvia): “ACORS is a more expanded expression of black and white. This could be done because of the new sensor and the new processor. Because the new sensor is a 24-megapixel and has fast [readout], and a powerful processor, that can do the more complicated processing. […] we like to keep improving the film simulation modes. For example, because of the new sensor and processor, even Velvia mode is improved [No over-saturation]. So we don’t just introduce new simulations, but we also keep improving existing simulations.” – Read the ACROS Article here

Organic Sensor: “It’s way too eary [for any practical products to come from it].” – read this rumor

XF120mmF2.8 Release: “Q: In February last year you showed an X-mount lens roadmap that included the XF 120mm f/2.8 Macro. Is that still on track to be released this year? And/or do you have an updated roadmap? A: At the moment, we are sticking to that roadmap, but we are always listening to what customers say, and what new lenses the customers demand. So we’re consistently reviewing our roadmap. And as soon as we make a decision we will make it public.” – rumor says delay to end of 2016

New Lenses: “Many customers said they want a long telephoto prime [and] something like a 35mm f/2, a smaller prime lens, even though they can compromise a little bit on the aperture. For example, this is f/2 instead of f/1.4, but you know the form factor is much smaller.” – XF23mmF2 rumor