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Instax Share SP-2 Printer :: Prints in 10 seconds, NP45 battery, slightly thinner and more colors!



Instax Share SP-1 Printer
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Time to retire, for the nstax Share SP-1 Printer. I already told you a few weeks ago, that the Instax SP-2 will come (rumor here). And I also told you about the higher resolution prints, the rechargeable battery and faster prints.

Well, a source (who contacts me anonymously via rumor box using a nick-name – thanks), confirms:

  • [shoplink 46113 ebay]rechargeable NP45 battery [/shoplink]
  • higher resolution prints (300dpi – or 320dpi)
  • faster prints (1o seconds)
  • slightly thinner than current Instax SP-1 Printer
  • available in different colors, like silver and gold