[UPDATE: new image] Image of a New Tele Conversion lens for your X100/S (50mm equivalent)!


 photo 1655945_697490266962660_1380325454_n_zpse428c82a.jpg

Fuji X-photographer Gianluca Colla (and member of the Italian X- series meetup fujixseries club) is right now at the CP+.

He just shared an image here, showing a new Tele Converter Lens for the X100/S. This lens will give you a 50 equivalent focal length. As you know, there is already a wide conversion lens for the X100/S, the WCL-X100 f=19mm (equivalent to 28mm).

[UDPATE: MJr wrote me: “I came across these shots noting “Used the teleconverter for most of these.” I don’t think it’s anything official though, i know he occasionally uses prisms in front of the lens as well to distort the image on purpose, so he wouldn’t mind using a low quality third party adapter so long as it does what he wantsFlickr here..]

With the WCL and TCL, X100/s owner will have a three-lens mini system (28mm, 35mm and 50mm) with leaf shutter, fast aperture and terrific IQ.

thanks for sharing this information, Valerio!

WCL-X100: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

Fuji X100S (in stock also in black): Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

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[UDPATE] New image of the TCL here on twitter.

 photo BgXTSiVCYAABpU4_zps9d5c1314.jpg

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  • JM

    I hope its not fake!

  • Luke

    Patrick, I was talking to you about this last week XD What a great surprise… and a new x100s black edition.

  • Fujifan

    Great news!
    What will be the maximum aperture? F2?

    • patrick

      yes, f/2

  • If real, the writing on the lens says: SUPER EBC EQUIV 1:3.5 50mm.


    So would this alleged adapter be 50mm or EQUIValent to 50mm, i.e. 35mm? If so, that would be much more interesting than a 50mm lens on an APS C sensor :)


    • patrick

      yep, 50mm equivalent

    • MJr

      It doesn’t say 1:3.5, the aperture doesn’t change.
      135 is the format that 50mm is equivalent to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/135_film
      Same thing is on the wide conversion lens.

    • Colin

      Don’t think of these converters (wide-angle or tele) in terms of focal lengths, think of the multiplier. The wide-angle converter is a 0.8x converter, this one is a 1.4x converter.

  • David B

    So forget about using Optical Viewfinder on your X100/s with that thing, do you see the size of it? You can’t even see the viewfinder behind it. EVF only use with this converter.

    • Ryan

      Well considering that it changes the focal length the optical vf wouldn’t be much use anyways.

      • miniTO

        the X100s can adjust to different focal lengths… just like the X-Pro 1.

  • Spass

    How can someone take such a bad photo? Angle the camera a little so we understand the size of this thing.

    • MJr

      Where’s the fun in an image that doesn’t raise any questions, now that’s art. ;)

    • Atonio

      If you consider the filter size (67mm) you have to conclude it is not the better thing to use with the OVF.
      However if it proves to be real and works as the 28mm adapter, with no apparent effect on IQ, it will be better than to crop and throw pixels away.
      Obviously it will make your camera more visible and heavy, but thaw the price to pay for the “lunch”.

  • David, good point, but doesn’t the firmware of the WCL give a new frame in the OVF? If so, then it’s possible that Fuji will release new firmware for a TCL that will compensate the OVF frame.
    Also, that photo is taken from close-up with a wide lens, so it makes the front of the lens appear much bigger than it probably is. My guess is it will be no different in dimensions to the WCL.


    • I read 67mm diameter. That’s not a small diameter.

    • MJr

      If this is not a third party product then surely it will get a firmware upgrade, it’s Fuji !

      • Nick

        No amount of firmware will enable that OVF to see round corners, ant that’s whats needed with this apparently enormous thing.
        It is physically in the way of the viewfinder !
        I hope a more revealing photo will show that it’s not s big as it looks in this photo.

        • MJr

          A 50mm equivalent would be a relatively small rectangle in the center of the viewfinder, basically looking straight forward as 50mm does. For that of course it needs a firmware update. And it’s quite possible that it’s looking right past the lens, minus maybe a minor obstruction in the corner, but this is normal with rangefinders-like OVFs, can’t have everything.

          And yes this photo was clearly taken up real close with a wide angle lens .. even the standard lens would obstruct the VF in a photo like this if you get close enough.

          But like khunfred said, 67mm is not small.

          Quick google:

          • Nick

            Hmm, interesting…. that looks quite liveable-with in terms of view,
            just remains to be seen whow much space the whole thing takes up !

  • Oni

    Wow ok this is my first time writing on a forum. This looks really promising! I really like it! This would be a nice complete set! Wide, mid, small tele! I honestly don’t want to get another system I love my x100s!

    • Vernon Szalacha

      I agree. And now we have some major focal lengths. 28mm, 35mm(on the camera) and 50mm. The only other thing, (if you’re interested) is that Raynox sells some macro converter lenses for a 49mm thread. The samples on Flickr for the X100S are amazing. And like you, I now have no reason to get to get another system. At least for a few years.

  • It’s 135/50mm, so if no mistake, it will convert the X100’s 23mm in a 35mm APS-c (about). Good new: now you get 24mm/35mm/50mm eq 135mm with only 1 X100 body. And no dust on sensor when you change the focal. But you have to specify the focal lens through the menu, obviously. Not rreally fast, but still interesting.

  • XE11

    hmmm might just be enough for me to replace my current setup: xe1 + leica tri-elmar….

    hmmm…. wallet ready….

  • AMJ

    does the f equivalent change from f2 or stay the same ?!

    • Harvey

      28mm/35mm/50mm. I wish the WCL gave a 24mm field of view!

      • AMJ

        no I meant when the 23 converts to 35 , does the f equivalent (dof matters) chenges or not ? for example when the 23 converts to 35 the f2 can changes to f3.

      • MV

        Seconding that. 24mm equivalent on the X100s would be a street photographer’s dream.

      • Colin

        Yes, the 0.8x wide-angle converter really should have been a 0.66x converter. 35mm -> 28mm (equivalent) doesn’t make a significant-enough difference to the field of view.

        • MV

          35 -> 28mm makes a big difference IMO, just not enough for the kind of shots I like to take.

      • You’re right, I made a mistake: the WCl x100 gives a 28 mm wideangle, equ24x36. Can Fuji stop putting new equipments on the market? It’s too fast for me: one month ago I decided buying a Xe2, then the Xt1 came, then a new focal for the X100…i’m kidding, of course.

    • No you add to the front and it stays the same and why its so wide.

  • MakoyX

    if its is real then i will purchase a x100s with the 2 converters.

  • idefixx

    i always thought good quality tele converter only work when mounted between lens and body and thats why there wont be one for the x100s but happy to find out that i was wrong or the engineers cracked the dilemma :)

  • Renato S.

    if the adapters weren’t so expensive…

    But for X100/S owners that’s great news! Put together a 24mm and 85mm and you have a X100/S system! LOL.

  • lennyKravic

    Wow, this would be a killer thing for my X100s…I really hope this thing is real.

  • SpG

    Would it be physically possible to make a (relative compact) 85mm adapter? I have an original X100 and I would buy a second one to attach such adapter.

  • Nick

    So here’s a thought: It seems much easier to make a reasonably compact wide angle converter than even a modest televonverter. So Fuji should produce an X100z or something,
    APSC with a native 35mm lens (this could be very compact) and then two wide converters – one to 23mm and one to 16mm.

  • Nicholas Cole

    Does anyone know the effects of telecoverters on DoF and aperture/light gathering? Will a teleconverted 23 -> 35mm be a 35 f2 in every sense?

    • yes

    • Tat

      Not really.. the way the f number works is as follows:
      N = focal length/diameter, for f/2 in a 35mm, the D=17.5mm
      Using the same diameter, N = 2.85 for 50mm

      Hence even when you set the f/2 on the camera, theoretically it would be f/2.85

      • Nope. The f-number is not

        focal length / physical aperture diameter

        but it is

        focal length / entry pupil diameter

        This means the optics in front of the aperture will influence the f-number. If you look at the aperture from the front of the lens, it will appear larger after you put on the TLC.

  • Peter Land

    28-35-50-90 now that would be nice

  • Bob

    People have been using old 1.5x conversion lenses on X100 for a while now, all you need is a step up ring and the tele. Its big, soft in the corners but great for portraits.

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    This is not a tele-converter. You got to think more like a close-up lens design but with infinity focus. So you don’t lose f-stop and the image quality should be comparable to that of the lens without adapter. Just like the wide conversion lens. That’s my understanding.

  • If this is true, I’ll be getting two more X100/s cameras. 3 cameras with my favourite focal lengths. That’ll cover most of my assignments. Well cool.

  • Peter

    Another photo here, which should give a better impression of the size: http://dc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/20140213_635061.html

    It says it is a 1.4x conversion lens underneath the picture, which would work out to be slightly less than 35mm.

  • Wen

    Must buy for me, would have bought the 28mm if it’s a 24mm =(

  • jabjab

    That looks huge. Kinda spoils the portability of the X100(S).

  • Andrew

    Would be great. I’ve shot landscape with my X100+WCL for the last 3 years and I recently preordered the X-T1 and the 14mm. I see a scenario where I use my small X-T1 with big lenses as my primary and take my small X100 with revatively tiny converters when I go overseas.

  • Really wish this was a 70-85mm equiv. 28-35-50 are all pretty close together. Nice that they are continuing to add to the line up though.

    • GH

      The 28-35-50 lineup allows one to shoot like Constantine Manos. He uses 35mm the large majority of the time, and he only uses 28 or 50 if he can’t get close or far away enough.

      • GH

        Like if there is a street between him and the subject, etc.

      • The 28-35-50 lineup allows one to shoot like Constantine Manos. He uses 35mm the large majority of the time, and he only uses 28 or 50 if he can’t get close or far away enough.

        Many photographers use these focals and sometimes only one of these focals. HCB, Klein, Salgado…. It’s classical in “human photography”, as long you respect people and don’t shoot as a robber.
        X100 is not really a multipurpose camera anyway, and these converters looks interesting, even if you get 3 focals near one of the others.

  • GL

    If they made an x100s camera with an attached 50mm and another with an 85 or 100mm lens, I would be ALL OVER BOTH (leaf shutter and no worries)!

  • AdelphosChaz

    For someone who dreams of an X200 with a 50mm equiv already on it, this is bad news. If Fuji makes this adapter then the odds of them producing a 50mm equiv. X200 are even lower. Alas, I shall never get the ever elusive X?00 with a 50 haha oh well. X-T1 and 35/1.4 will suffice :D

  • Hey. That’s my photo.

    Yep, I use an old school generic 1.5 tele converter on my X100S from time to time. Quirky as hell, negatively affects AF, but I dig the resulting aesthetic from all the imperfections.


  • Fuji X-Fan

    That’s not the same converter lens… It’s kind of obvious, if not by the post just above mine… :P

    • patrick

      removed the image

  • Wow! I have posted a couple of requests for that on the Fuji Japan FB page in the past few weeks and bang! they release it at CP+??
    This company is incredible! They really understand the wishes of their customers like not other.

    Think about it: they are super busy with the X-mount line-up, where they keep adding top-quality lenses at a high pace and still, they have the greatness to continue upgrading the X100/s with perfect accessories!

    I was hesitating when I bought the X100s a while ago, because I was afraid to be stuck at 35mm equivalent… now I can have 3 different (great) focal lengths with fast adapters that cost one third of the equivalent x-mount primes and probably an IQ that will be good enough for my poor skills and eyes…

    It’s snowing hard today in Tokyo but I’ll try to swing by the Fuji showroom at lunch time, see if anyone there will have more information (although they might all be at CP+)

    Can’t say it enough: THANK YOU FUJI!

  • Tom Bell

    Well I love my X100 @35mm equivalent and use he 28mm equiv adaptor lens about 1/3 of the time. Its a wonderful aesthetic bit of engineering as well as optically very good …..

    So you can pick up the X100 with F2.01 and three fixed primes at a great price. Its a steal

    Fuji are simply on their own as regards looking after their current client base.

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