X200: 24MP, tilt screen, improved AF and wider detection area! (new source)


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X200 rumor

Hi all

2014 could be the year of the X200. Previous rumors (xjrumo) said it would be full frame.

Now, a new source (thanks a lot) shared more details with us. Here is what it wrote.

“X200 is a total upgrade of X100/X100s with tilt screen, fixed new lens, and bright new EVF (better than X100s but not as much as X-T1). 24 MP X trans sensor, very much improved AF (compared to X100S) with wider detection area [admin: wider phase detection pixels area]. Quite an exciting time !!”

Sure, take it with a grain of salt. The source contacted me via rumor box, so it’s anonymous, but it gave itself a nickname. I appreciate that, as it allows me to check the reliability of new sources in future.

So, if there is anyone out there who can already confirm it, don’t hesitate to contact FR.

Oh, and after the success of the X-T1, let’s try it again… here is the rumored specs list :-)

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • Full Frame (ORS – xjrumo)
  • 24MP X-Trans sensor (NeS)
  • faster AF than X100S (NeS)
  • tilt screen (NeS)
  • new fixed lens (NeS)
  • new EVF, better than X100S, but not as much as X-T1 (NeS)
  • wider detection area (NeS)

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  • Al Downie

    Isn’t Fuji on record as saying that it ‘sees no need to make a full frame camera’?

    And, for goodness sake, a flappy screen on an x100? Whatever next.

    • Spinifex

      Sony said the same thing until they announced the A7 and A7R: to do otherwise would kill sales of your present products. That said, I don’t expect a full-frame camera from Fuji until they have released an X-Pro2.

      • ABC

        Steve Jobs said the Ipad didnt need a camera, they all try to ‘take time’

        • nwcs

          People, and companies, can change their minds as well.

          • Remember that companies are people, Mitt Romney said so.

          • nwcs

            Not really, the Supreme Court ruled thus. Non voting legal entities but entities nonetheless.

    • I think the full frame bit was about interchangeable X cameras. A fixed lens FF from Fuji could be interesting…. but, we’ll have to see. I would settle for APSC at about 20-24mp.

      • No, a perfect full frame x200 would be 11-15mp for beautifully large pixels like the original 1ds and 5d. But an even better x200 would be an aps-c fixed 35mm f2 so they can keep upgrading the x100 series as the 35mm-e camera and have the x200 as a 50mm-e camera.

    • vam

      The only thing I miss from the X100/s is the lack of a tilting screen which suits my style of waist level shooting like a TLR.

    • Peter

      I agree, please no tilt screen. The beauty of the X100 is its simplicity

    • MJr

      The rumor is a new and improved lens .. which is awesome(!), it could sure use it for 24MP, and honestly quite terrible close-up performance. And yet, not a word about it, all i hear is sensor size bla bla bla. Sigh.

      Can’t we just trust they know what they’re doing. A new lens and sensor can only result in even better performance .. seriously, this is what makes the image, this IS the good news. The question is not ‘is it going to be FF’, this is irrelevant. Aside from better images, according to this there’s going to be a improved VF and focusing as well .. and a tilt screen? Basically anyone (who likes the X100 series in the first place) ever asked for.

      More interesting question now would be, how much better is this lens, will it have a manual focus switch, mount a filter and hood without adapter, keep the Fujinon character. Does the body get a thumb wheel that actually turns, and in return for the lost buttons for the tilt screen possibly the new drive/exposure mode switches and a iso dial too?

    • KrautHammer

      They said they see no reason for a MILC full frame camera.

      If they want to stay relevant in the marketing race, they will need to release a full frame something here soon in order to keep up with the pack.

      • Really? What “pack” would that be?
        Sony is the ONLY FF MILC on the market. All other FF is DSLR.

        • ph

          Didn’t Leica produce FF MILC’s?

          • I’d say Leica is a special case by virtue of its sticker price.

    • Brian H

      Flippy flappy screen? Then it loses its personality. Yuck.

    • Yes Fuji said that . And i have now 5 Lenses
      So if there is ff fuji this year i think fuji company stealing μονευ from customers

    • romi.foto

      wasn’t that re: ilc though?

  • Jim

    So, is it 24mp APS-C or FF?

    • john

      who knows? It’s just a rumor.

      I’d prefer a 22-24MP APS-C so there’d be no lens adapter issues.

    • Paul

      I think the APS-C sensor from the new Sony a6000 is a prime candidate; 24 MP, phase detect AF points over 90% of the frame.

  • Andrew

    What’s with the 24mp thing? I thought #Fuji were happy at the 16-17mp region? As for FF – why do they need to when everyone is loving whst they get out of the APS-C sensors?

    • Jonas

      I recall Fuji said in a recent interview (posted somewhere here?) that they thought ~16 MP was enough, but if their users wanted it, they would look into it since they are trying to listen to what people want, or something like that.

      • patrick

        right, Fuji manager Mr Kawahara said it

      • Well, here’s one user who doesn’t want 24MP.

        Patrick, I think it’s time for a MegaPixel Poll!

        1) Are you happy with the current 16MP?

        2) Do you want a 24MP sensor?

        3) Do you want a 36MP sensor?

        • Eric L.

          1) Yes
          2) Why not ? Might be useful sometimes
          3) No, please don’t !

        • ph

          Polls like this, where it is perfectly sane to answer all options with yes, are invalid.

  • allweather

    I think this is a natural progression for Fuji and a FF X body has always been on the cards. A fixed lens X200 is the natural way to test the water. Fuji are doing great things and constantly moving forward. In order to stay ahead of the game they have to compete with Sony. Without entering the FF market they are in many peoples eyes not doing this. I am sure the people at Fuji have been back and forward over this for a while and there is no doubt that they are committed to their APSC sensors, but the success of the A7 and A7R is hard to deny despite many of its glaring failures. This makes me quite sure that Fuji can not just compete in this market but dominate. My guess is that a full fame X200 will mark their entry, followed up by a FF XPro2. Their XE and XT line-up has always been marketed as their enthusiast line so will remain their APSC cameras, whilst the XPro will be their FF offering in the future, thus pitching them squarely up to compete with all comers be it Sony, Canon, Nikon or Leica.
    I think it is good and exciting times ahead for Fuji users and the constant evolution is only a great thing for those who have invested in this system.

    • Al Downie

      Going to full frame bodies and lenses will cause Fuji to lose most of its size & weight advantage – so when people start comparing Fuji FF with DSLRs on a more like-for-like basis, the true extent of Fuji’s autofocus rubbishness will surely come under the spotlight. They’ve got a lot of work to do before they can compete in that area.

      • allweather

        I agree that the cameras will have to be somewhat larger, but I see it as Fuji aiming to complete their line-up. Many people today love the Fuji’s for more than just the size advantage. Fuji are surely aware of the large number of people on the forums who are proclaiming their move to Fuji and 90% say the same thing – “I now have a Fuji X…..and since buying it I have hardly used my Canon 5D3 and L lenses at all. I am not quite ready to sell off all my Canon FF kit yet though as sometimes only the Canon will do, but for 90% the Fuji is there.”
        Fuji don’t want this. They want people to be able to completely use Fuji products and not have to hold on to their Canon or Nikon, because by doing so shows a gap in the Fuji armoury. They want to get everyone in and right now, justified or not, the majority of professionals will not entertain a system that does not have a full-frame option. There are some notable exceptions of course, but the smart thing is to appeal to as broad a spectrum as possible. For those who want small form APSC and value X-Trans and size there will be the XE line-up or XT. Those who feel they need FF and perhaps not so motivated by size, may well have this option in the not too distant future. I welcome this for sure. The lens road-map will follow and the whole line-up will continue to develop and evolve. It makes perfect sense as a long term marketing plan. The X200 is a part of this marketing plan as was the X100. It is a vehicle for advertising what they are capable of and showing the masses a little of their potential, thus forcing in to the public attention. It is all very very well planned and calculated and with this type of attention to their planning they will not fail.

        • Kalli

          @ allweather, i aggree with you and i will add the price factor too. Any camera above the XT1 will cost something around €/$ 1,400 to 1,600 body only. I don´t think many people will be willing to pay that much for a crop sensor one year from now. There are just a lot of very good camera around the €/$ 1,000 price tag……the last time i checked the price for the Sony A7 on amazon.fr it was selling for €1,143 body only.

        • nwcs

          Funny thing is that 35mm sensors account for 5% of sales overall. Most of the people “clamoring” are forum people and clearly not representative of the market as a whole. Fuji may be far better off catering to where 95% of the people purchase instead of the 5%.

          • Al Downie

            Thing is though, that those 95% who buy APSC just now are always comparing it to full frame. I agree that it’s a kind-of arbitrary and irrelevant value to set as the holy grail since film died, but it does feel ‘right’ to be working with a 50mm standard lens again. I really like it.

          • nwcs

            No they aren’t. The vast majority of people who buy APS sensor cameras probably never even heard of the term full frame. Just because a bunch of people posts on forums doesn’t make them representative of the market as a whole.

            I have a 35mm film camera and had FX cameras for 3 years. No magic for me. Younger people than me don’t have the nostalgia for film cameras or large sensors. It’s a rapidly shrinking market accordingly. And a camera company pursuing a strategy based upon self-selecting forum comments and wistful nostalgia will fail very rapidly.

        • DTB

          I agree with you. It makes sense to release the X-Pro 2 as a full frame MILC, as the X-Pro series will cost more than the X-T series, and most will not be willing to pay over $1500 for APS-C. And, to anyone countering with an E-M1 argument, it is overpriced.

          Also, a full frame X-Pro 2 would likely be around the same size as the X-Pro 1, which is perfect size in my opinion. The only disadvantage is that lenses will be bigger, though I doubt they will be as big as full frame DSLR lenses. If they introduce it at Photokina with a set of high quality fast primes (21mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm), it will undoubtedly be a far better option than Sony’s, especially if it comes with a 36mp sensor and no AA filter.

          • Flavio

            E-M1 overpriced? Mybe, but it is selling very well it seems. There is a market for professionally riented products with smaller sensors.
            Sensor size is not the only consideration for a potential buyer.

          • C. C.

            I’m countering with the E-M1 argument. Where do you get off as the expert regarding E-M1’s price? You don’t own it, so you don’t know. Unlike you, I actually own an E-M1,and it is NOT overpriced. It has an excellent sensor, it is feature-rich, weather-resistant, lightning-fast AF, and has the class-leading 5-axis IBIS which works with any lens you put on it. And, on top of that, it works great with the earlier 43 lenses – fast AF – because of on-sensor PDAF, along with CDAF. Next time, do your homework before spouting off.

      • miniTO

        If Fuji doesn’t show a commitment to its current XF lens lineup competing with Sony won’t matter as they are going to loose their current infant userbase..

        Full Frame is not the end all and be all and i strongly believe its the wrong move for Fuji at this point. If the X-Pro 2 requires a new lens line up I will most likely switch systems.

        • KrautHammer

          Here is something to think about though….

          Fuji really should push toward larger sensors. They have a great line of rangefinder and fixed lens folding medium format cameras. Pushing toward that end and keeping a price point of $5000 or less would put them back into a market they used to play well in and at this point in time companies like Hassleblad, Mamiya, Leaf, Phase One have dominated in the digital age.

          Maybe not a current X series, but it only makes sense for them to go in that direction. They have a large stake in the medium format game anyway – this seems like a logical and monetarily lucrative next step for them.

          • nwcs

            You do realize that medium format market size is decreasing more rapidly than APS and 35. It would be foolish for Fuji to go into that market.

        • You obviously haven’t looked at the number of lenses fuji has, and are on the roadmap. Maybe you think the x lenses are lacking because there’s no 300mm prime, but there are more than enough lenses in the lineup to satisfy 90% of this market.

          • miniTO


            I purchased a X-Pro 1 years ago based on that lens map which I obviously haven’t look at. Perhaps you don’t realize they are not compatible with a full frame sensor????

  • rearranged

    While I would welcome a FF ILC from fuji due to flexibility, I don’t really see any benefits in going full frame with the x100. If you keep the lens an f2 you loose the nice small form factor, if you make it an f2.8-f3 you loose your low light advantage to aps-c and in the best case gain some resolution.

    Of course it could be a test before going FF ILC just as the x100 was a test before going retro/aps-c ILC with the x-pro1/e1.

    • Frankie

      I Don’t really agree with that. Fuji has the technkcal knowledge to make a x100s like FFbody (maybe a bit larger) with a compact 35mm that could open to , well let’s say f1.8 or 1.4. See the voigtlander 35mm ff 1.4, for exemple, it is tiny tiny. This could be sticked to a x100s ff body ;)

      • nwcs

        Bad argument. Almost all MANUAL focus lenses are smaller than their AF counterparts. Fuji won’t put a manual focus lens on a x100s replacement. Look at the size of AF lenses in 35mm for comparisons.

        • Frankie

          ok you’re right but don’t tell me this couldn’t be done… I know about optical and physical limitations, therefore thechnology can be used to prevent a lens from being to big. If they did it with the x100/s… there’s something to work about here ;)

      • This is very optimistic. A 35mm f/1.4 FF lens as small as the current 23mm f/2. No chance!

    • KrautHammer

      You probably wouldn’t lose lo light advantage as the FF sensors have historically allowed for better high ISO performance than an APS-C counterpart. Also with a larger sensor, you have DOF changes, so more than likely people will be shooting with smaller apertures, thus having a sub f/2 aperture range does not become as important as it does in APS-C.

      Fuji has done a great job in processing their JPG files with the x-Trans sensor, so going FF they could really shake things up.

      • rearranged

        The FF Iso advantage is around a stop, so making the lens the same size but f2.8 would basically nullify the advantage.


        Aps-C 23mm f2, ISO 100 1/50th

        would create the same image, also in terms of DOF as

        FF 35mm f2.8, ISO 200 1/50th

        Lenses would also be around the same size.

  • 078Adam

    I think they said they would not do a full frame interchangeable lens camera, as that would nullify the current lenses. (don’t get confussed with Leica, whoes lenses can acomodate both, any lens can crop but not scale up without a loss of quality). A Full frame fixed, means one newly developed lens and does not make any of the other lenses redundent. As for a tilt screen, as long as it doesn’t upset the form (i.e. make the camera wider or heavier), then you can use it or not. (I’ve got one on a Lumix which is turned inwards and never gets used). Extra MP goes with a larger sensor keeping the same already developed pixels.

  • Alex

    dont know why would fuji place worse EVF into still not released camera

    • vam

      Maybe just smaller to keep the camera size down.

    • Paul

      It’d probably be the same EVF, but with different (smaller) optics leading to a somewhat smaller magnification.

  • xalaskan

    Of all the rumors… this is the most exciting to me ;)
    What I really need is a guess on the timeline for this.
    This… this is what I would like to get !

    • Andy

      Focal length would be interesting to know also…

  • JohnnyNoCa$h

    Sounds like someone’s wish list to me… I call BS!

  • Frank

    So if I just make something up and send it to you you will publish it as an unconfirmed rumor? This could be fun.

    • patrick

      They can be right or wrong. I invite you to check back the X-T1 rumors that came from new /anonymous sources…. they where almost 100% spot on (sometimes it’s worth to share them) ;-)

  • Renato S.

    I think that the corner EVF doesn’t allow for as good as X-T1’s EVF, even more since Olympus also opted for an in the middle EVF to achieve better results. The quality, refresh rate, etc. can be just as good but it won’t have the same magnification.

  • Renato S.

    If it’s an APS-C sensor, will it be a X-Trans version of Sony’s or Toshiba’s 24MP sensor?

    • me

      I believe it would be Sony- Toshiba APS-C sensor might be superior but it does not have on sensor PDAF.
      By-the-way, I’m having hard time to believe it will be a FF sensor since Sony would not like a direct competitor for the RX1

      • Harvey

        It seems to me that Sony used the RX1 as a springboard for their FF system, similar to how Fuji started out with the X100. I don’t think we’ll ever seen an RX2 now that Sony has a full system released. I’m thinking that the RX1 is dropping off Sony’s own radar slowly but surely.

        I would think their bigger concern would be in allowing Fuji to use their FF sensor to launch an X200 as a springboard for a potential FF product line in the future. I.e., Sony’s concern would be less about the RX1 and more focused on not allowing Fuji to gain a foothold in the FF market.

        • nwcs

          Sony probably makes FAR more money selling the sensors to other companies than in their own products. Especially considering the tiny market share they have in interchangeable cameras.

        • me

          I do not believe that Fuji will ever go FF.
          Fuji is putting all it’s money on the improved organic sensor, assuming it will be able to produce extremely low noise for APS-C size sensor with 16-24 MP.
          Selling lenses Fuji is creating customer base that might want to upgrade current Fuji cameras as long as the new camera supports legacy lenses.

          Fuji cannot afford such big investment as producing lenses and another mount as Fuji is struggling to survive.
          Previous investments in R&D did not yield any profit to Fuji and it’s impossible to explain to share holders why they should keep investing in R&D while losing millions of $.

          Anyway, Fuji is right in one thing – a few years from now the sensors tech will reach a point where FF sensor will have no advantage over APS-C or MFT.

          • nwcs

            Well, Fuji the company is very strong. Fuji the camera division accounts for about 1% of revenue of the company. The question is how long they will tolerate losses. Their last financial advisory indicates they hope for profitability at the end of the year. If so there may be no incentive for going FF contrary to wishful thinkers here.

            The other mirrorless players are all losing money: Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh, Panasonic, etc. So it’s about who will manage the market best not who makes FF fanatics happy (temporarily).

      • Renato S.

        But PDAF is a minor think that can be easily changed, if not, how come everybody does that? All recent sensors for mirrorless cameras got a later version with PDAF, which for me, it means that the tweak to achieve that isn’t that hard.


    How long is the sale/rebate on the lenses?

  • Color382

    For me it’s a little bit strange hearing that fuji will launch a FF on the X200.
    For me, the Fuji X range is really coherent in terms of IQ and form factor, and so the use.
    You have the Xq1, with it’s own form factor and IQ.
    Then the x20, with it’s own form factor and IQ.
    The XA1 being the link between compacts and mirorless.
    And then the X100s, Xm1, X-e2, X-Pro1 and X-T1 sharing the same IQ. So between theses models, you only have to choose about fonctionalites, build qualities etc. You can collect various cameras for different situations and have always the same IQ.
    With a FF x200, you have something else.
    The consitency of the fuji X range is for me the real thing of Fuj.

    • sidtw

      FF is stepping into a new market.
      I guess (could be wrong) that not many of us are going to sell their CPS-C x bodies to get a FF body instead. Lenses also would be different.

      The FF X system would be a complete new system. Different customers. Different market.

      • Al Downie

        Sidtw wrote: “I guess (could be wrong) that not many of us are going to sell their CPS-C x bodies to get a FF body instead.”

        I’ve just done that! After two years of fun with the Fuji (X100 and X-E1), I’ve finally given up on the autofocus system and have ordered a 5D3 and a bunch of L lenses. I used SLRs and DSLRs for many years before discovering the X system, and was just as delighted as y’all are now, but there are several reasons why I’m giving up on it:

        1) Yes it’s smaller and lighter, but once you start carrying more than one lens you still need a shoulder bag of some sort. Hadley small for the Fuji system; Hadley Pro for the DSLR system. Not much difference really, for a big lad like me.

        2) Autofocus. Dismal. Enough said. Have missed tons of shots because of it.

        3) Once on the Fuji bandwagon, it seems that everyone gets caught up in some kind of upgrade madness. The hype never stops, and everything is always the next best thing. And I’m sure that Fuji *will* eventually join the Full Frame market, and all the lenses that they’re now charging almost a thousand quid for will become a ball and chain around your necks. Sell them, or stick with APS-C forever! I hope my L glass will still be great in 15yrs time.

        4) Flippin’ flappy screens. Putting Fuji right back into the Point and Shoot market. Cheap and nasty.

        • Tom

          i agree with the AF, have the X-E2, while in good light with some lenses ist ok but at least in low light ist not enough for professional work. So as long as they don’t come up with some really big improvement i also stick with my Canon gear for most stuff.

  • 24mp is ridiculous. No 36mp = no buy!

    • Flavio

      Why limit yourself? Why not 50mp?
      Damn, what is it with you guys? What do you need 36mp for, you printing wall size?

      • Balthazar B

        36mp would be more like billboard size!

        • KrautHammer

          MP size versus print size is a topic that a lot of people do not really understand.

          They have been making billboard sized images from 4 and 6mp cameras for years. It has more to do with the viewing distance than MP.

    • john

      LOL, troll

  • Paul

    A tilting screen on a x100s would be a welcome addition, since part of the brilliance of this camera is stealth. And shooting from the hip like that would be wonderful.

    • Al Downie

      I don’t get this current trend for ‘stealth’ photography – furtively ‘stealing’ images of people. Seems really lame and ill-mannered to me. But.. have you seen this?


      Right up your cup of tea.

      • KrautHammer

        The “not being seen” is not about being “sneaky”, “stealthy” or “nefarious”.

        By not being perceived as taking an image, you tend to get a natural, realistic street shot.

        Sure, there are probably some pervs out there, but it is not as bad as the media would have us believe.

        • Harvey

          Agreed. Street/documentary photography is my main shooting style. Stealth is about getting a natural uninterrupted shot. I could care less if they know about me capturing an image after the fact. If it’s a good image, I don’t mind emailing it to them later.

          Claiming that someone is “stealing” an image by not being noticed is downright silly. Photojournalism and documentary photography have contributed more to humanity than other forms of photography throughout history. I don’t think there’s much debate about that. We capture life as it happens. Simple as that.

          • Al Downie

            “Claiming that someone is “stealing” an image by not being noticed is downright silly. Photojournalism and documentary photography have contributed more to humanity than other forms of photography throughout history.”

            Well, there’s photojournalism, and there’s pointing a camera at an unwitting stranger on the street and then putting their image all over the internet without their consent. Which is your ‘genre’?

      • Paul

        I shot at a wedding recently and it was wonderful for my camera not to make a sound, thats all I mean

    • Nick

      Tilting the screen is indeed a very welcome concept as long as it does not corrupt the form factor… I contemplated (And am still debating on) getting an XM1 for this very reason. In the meantime, I’ve decided to pull the trigger on an XE1 kit while I am awaiting the release of the XT1. After I’ve had the XT1 in my hands for a bit, I’ll be able to better decide on whether or not to replace the XE1 with the XM1 for it’s tilting screen.

      • Al Downie

        As it happens… I’m about to sell a black X-E1, 18-55, 35mm, 3x Fuji battery, Fuji accessory grip, thumb grip, black Billingham Hadley Small, IR filter for 35mm, lens hoods etc etc. All mint and boxed. If you’re in the UK and can collect from Cambridge, let me know! Otherwise I’ll put it all on eBay individually.

  • Sony is introducing the A6000 soon with APS-C 24mp sensor, with improved PDAF, I believe. It’d make more sense if Fujifilm used that as a base for it’s next generation X-Trans cameras.

  • ZF1

    Refresh rate is so high @ Fuji that I can’t buy anything. They shoot to fast for me!

    • SPASS

      I agree… I am done buying Fuji gear until they settle for a little… Whatever I buy will be outdated in no time.

  • Jo

    Hopefully they will pass on all the manual buttons and knobs from the X-T1 to the X200. I thinks that is a winning concept.

  • So……the xpro2 when it finally emerges will be 24mp, the evf of the xt1 with the equivalent size ovf, 2 card slots, weather sealed, 1/8000th shutter speed, 1/250th flash sync speed, flappy screen…that’s where we’re headed for sure….IMO

  • Milan

    While those improvements are all welcome, I’d like to see:

    – Image Stabilization: It is a great help in low light and video, while it helps having a more quiet image in the EVF while composing (even if at 35mm eq. the movent isn’t a big problem).
    – Better video: Not too important for this camera, but why not have good video when you can?
    – Bayer sensor: More practical. Better video. Faster performance OR less battery usage. Easier raw converting (yes, I use Linux and RawTherapee is the best option of raw converters, and it still doesn’t support X-Trans, so I can’t even think about a Fuji X camera except X-A1).

  • AdelphosChaz

    I, for one, do NOT want 24mp. Especially if it takes a hit in the low light performance. IF it was FF then obviously that makes sense but I don’t know about that just yet.
    What I do want to see is a 50mm equivalent version. I know they can’t go an release every focal length under the sun but a 50mm would have me sold before I even read the rest of the specs. I shoot 50mm 80% of the time and only shot about ten photos with 35 before realizing that and getting rid of my 35mm equiv lens. Great focal length and bread and butter for SO many people, but some of us just don’t like it haha

    Here’s to hoping. I’d probably cancel my X-T1 and sell my 35/1.4 if the X200 came in a 50mm :D

    • KrautHammer

      More than likely, it will be a 35mm or 40mm equivalent. Seems more in line with the field of view that current X100/X100s shoot at.

      • Harvey

        But why not diversify the line a bit with a 50mm? I would sell off my X100s in an instant for a fixed lens 50mm from Fuji (as long as it retains small form factor and silent shutter).

        • AdelphosChaz

          I don’t know that I would hardly every pick up any of my other cameras ever again if the X200 retained it’s silent shutter and all it’s perks and had a 50mm option. It would be sheer perfection for me. I wouldn’t even care if the lens was a hair bigger, although obviously most would prefer that it stay as small as possible. X200 in 50mm and I’ll buy in an instant, even if other specs didn’t improve over the X100s (which they obviously will).

  • Fujimoto

    There is nothing wrong with Fuji offering an APS-C line and a FF line, so if you chose APS-C and now say you are leaving Fuji because they are possibly offering a FF line, then a.) you are not leaving, b.) you were on your way out, or the most likely scenario c.) you never even owned a Fuji camera.

    • allweather

      Totally agree. Those who say “I am leaving Fuji if they come out with a FF body” are probably never going to be happy anywhere.
      The growing interest in Fuji’s digital X Series over the last few years is not a coincidence. It has been a very well thought out and coherent market strategy comprising of good analysis, research and implementation to try and give the customers what they want. They have use a gradual release strategy to gain interest and keep people talking whilst they build funds and market position. The X100 was there biggest advertising campaign and launched the X Series, but it was just that – a big advert or a teaser, showing what they were about. They have a very good model for how they market and release their products and they will continue this model I suspect. They do not release new upgraded bodies at such an alarming rate so as to scare off users, but maintain interest by staggering releases of lenses, software and bodies over time they keep the hype going. The X200 is the next phase. The FF phase. Repeat the same success model, whilst continuing to build and support the APSC line. Much as Canon do with EF and EF-S lenses and their FF vs APSC line. I for one would love to ditch my Canon FF gear and have a Fuji APSC (XP1) and FF (XP2) in my bag.
      Fuji has heard the critics. Canon and Nikon DSLR users say the AF is no good. Leica users say it is not FF. Well they have won over a lot of these users already despite the shortcomings, so what if the AF is now truly in the same field (perhaps will be proven with the XT1) and they produce a FF body? You would have to be missing the big picture if you did not think this was a corner of the market Fuji was aiming after as well. Fuji are a big, experienced company. Do you really think they want to play second fiddle to the big boys? I don’t think so. They have this all planned out from the start and are not done yet. Bring it on! I cant wait and look forward and trust them to do something great.

      • Al Downie

        “maintain interest by staggering releases of lenses”

        HAHAHAHHA!! Surely you mean: “Make people buy a new version of the same lens every 2yrs”?

      • sidtw

        I agree. Fuji has always wanted a come-back. They gambled with the X100, and luckily, just luckily, they hit the spot. They could have missed it. Now, it seems they urge for more.
        But FF again is a gambling. They are late. But late-comers can be successful. Because they learn from the errors of others. If they get it right, customer numbers grow. If they fail, Fuji’s camera division dies.

      • Frederic

        Interesting analysis. I agree with much of it assuming that SONY can work the kinks out of the A7 series and develop enough lenses for pro use. Still, Nikon and Canon have mind share in the pro and amateur markets and while I’ve read that many photographers have ditched their Nikon/Canon systems for Fuji the sales figures indicate that the big three dominate the market overall and will likely continue to do so. As you point out, Fuji is growing gradually and doing so I would say in an organic way. It is possible they may go FF and try to replicate the APS-C model but my best guess at this time is that they will continue to make the X-series in the APS-C format (at least what I’ve seen from Fuji itself) as the one that will dominate the 16-24MP markets. I’m guessing further the world will divide between 24MP and less versus 36MP and higher rather than FF versus smaller sensors. Each will have its prosumer and pro lines.

  • David B

    All the changes are quite logical. Everyone else with Apsc sensor is at 20+ megapixels already. The xe3 and xpro3 which I am sure based on Fuji record will come sometime in 2014 are to follow with 24mp. I was one of the ones asking for 24mp sensor.

    • Kalli

      Ähem…Xpro3? i am afraid we are not there yet…..

  • Trun

    For the time being, Fuji could keep the ILC line APS-C while offering a series of FF X200s with 20mm, 35mm, 50mm, & 85mm lenses versions. It would be a great way for them to boost profits.

    • allweather

      I suspect X200 FF followed by XPro2 FF with 21, 35, 50, 85 lenses and the ability for the camera to crop when using the XF lenses of today, therefore allowing a degree of overlap and usability whilst the lens roadmap grows.

  • Frankie

    Frankly, Fuji has done extraordiray job with the x line. And I wouldn’t be very interrested in a xpro2 ff. (moreover if I had a lot of apc fuji lenses)
    But I’m teased with this x200 ff. for my personnal use, an 35mm fixed on ff camera with the form factor of a x100s(even a bit larger) would be highly welcome ! Perfect combination with my future xt1 ;D

  • Fujimoto

    If the rumor is true, it’s exciting to think that the X200 exists in pre-production form at Fuji headquarters.

  • herstal

    No tilt screen, please.

    • AdelphosChaz

      Just don’t tilt it. It’s useful for those who shoot low or just like it and you don’t ever have to tilt it out of its original position from the package if you don’t want.

      No reason to be against tilt screen even if you don’t use it. It makes sense to offer current tech and for those who will say, well it’s less durable then, it’s something that can break . . . Haha lame reason for Fuji to leave it off. I doubt you’ll break a tilt screen you’re not even tilting because you obviously won’t use such a silly contraption like us noobs who do occasionally. Ha

    • Hmmm

      YES tilt screen, please.

      Go, go tilt screens. People who don’t want them, just don’t use them.

  • This x200 is certainly going to be full frame, for sure if its 24mp.

    • nwcs

      And if it isn’t 35mm?

    • Hmmm

      Why do you think that?

      There are several 24mp APS-C cameras out there, and they have very good image quality. There is no need to be FF.

      Personally I think APS-C is a perfect sensor size. FF is not necessary IMO, and APS-C helps keep lens size down a little.

      • gman

        You clowns with Apc format, its always been FF since film!

        • nwcs

          I think MF and LF people said the same about FF.

          • klehmann

            hahaha +1!

  • Arno

    Please… don’t tell me they’ll replace the OVF by a 100% EVF????

  • Charles Watts
  • I just ordered the 23 and the 35 from your website. Thanks for your hard work!

  • T2

    I believe Fujifilm will do this:

    Full frame sensor (20-24MP)
    X-200 (Fall 2014) – $1699-$1999
    X-Pro2 (Spring 2015) – $1999-$2399 body only

    APS-C sensor (18-22MP)
    X-T2 (Spring 2015)
    X-E3 (Fall 2014)

  • achates

    I would like to see a new fixed-lens camera that complements X100s instead of replacing it!
    X100s is great for 35mm ff-equivalent field of view that can easily achieve large depth of field with its APC sized sensor.
    If this new camera had 50-85 mm ff-equivalent field of view, than we would have a fixed lens camera that can really take advantage of a “full frame” sensor to give us shallow DOF.
    This way Fuji doesn’t irritate happy x100s customers like me, and has the perfect reason to release a new fixed lens camera with larger sensor!

    IMHO, pixel count is not as important as image quality under low light condition, and tilt screen is not as useful as improved auto focus and manual focus capabilities. I think tilt screen is not all that useful unless integrated with touch focus ability and a larger battery to sustain frequent use under well-lit conditions.

    It might be cool to have a tilt screen that give us a wait-level finder capability, but that camera should have a different model number, i.e., not X something. X-photographers like our cameras inconspicuous. Wait-level finder capable finder doesn’t do that in a dark street shooting situation.
    If you really want to go with outside the box thinking, consider a verticle sensor orientation so that portrait photographers don’t have to turn the camera 90 degrees to take a shot. To make it easy for other uses, include a landscape mode grip and tripod mount to maximize appeal while standing above the crowded digital camera market, literally and figuratively.

    • Flavio

      What do you smoke? Portrait oriented sensor camera with landscape grip? LOL!!
      Sorry man, don’t take it badly…but that has to be one of the funniest suggestions I’ve read in the last few months!!

      • EnPassant

        Fuji actually made 6×4.5 rangefinders for film like the GS645 that used portrait orientation of the frame.
        Knowing Fuji’s history is enough. No need to smoke anything.

    • nwcs

      Pros use a grip with a vertical button. Solves the problem in a much more elegant manner.

  • herstal

    OK, tilt it Fuji if you want to but, don’t smear details this time, leave raw files alone with no noise reduction AT ALL. This could be the real “poor’s man” Leica unless the pictures look like plastic paintings. Some of us print our photographs.

  • A FF sensor doesn’t make sense to me. Why create a larger sensor, that will of course need new lenses. This is working backwards. Because we know if the X200 gets a FF sensor that everyone will expect the X Pro 2 to have one. I say make the AF the best in the market and keep MP down to 18 at the most, then you’ll have a fantastic system, one I would stay with. If they do introduce a 24MP sensor then PLEASE allow for RAW small like Canon does. Thanks.

    • Chad

      A FF X200 would not require any “new lenses”.

      Sony has proved the concept with the brilliant RX1 and I am confident that Fuji could one up them with an X100 type body that includes a hybrid EVF.

      An X200 could easily be an addition to the fixed lens lineup, not a replacement for the X100.

      • Flavio

        I have to agree with otto von: People will expect a FF ILC after a FF X200. Look at what happened with the RX1 you mention: as soon as it was rumored people were already asking when the ILC version would be released…I think APS-C is the way to go. It would be absurd to make a new camera requiring a whole new lens line-up when you’re still developing a fantastic one for the existing system!

  • Bob

    24 MP? Perhaps the new Sony A6000 Sensor.
    Sounds good and no Fullframe;-)

  • If the rumors for FF is right I am cancel my order for 56mm lens.There is no reason to buy any more lenses for – XE 2 or the XT 1 cameras –

    • Harvey

      Keep in mind the X200 is in pre-production stages. Likely being released sometime in late 2014. The X-Pro 2 isn’t supposed to come until at least 2015. I.e. IF Fuji goes MILC full frame, it wouldn’t be for another 15-20 months realistically. Basing current purchases on what may or may not happen over a year from now doesn’t make very much sense.

      • tim

        At the prices Fuji is asking it makes a lot of sense! This is not throw away money … of course the 56 will still work on an APS-C, and probably also on a FF with a little cropping.

  • sterno

    while I patiently wait for the XPII, my x100 works as my only digital BUT I hope to use my Leica lens on a full frame and I hope its a Fuji XPII! Is there any insight on the XPII?? quiet…

    • Harvey

      X-Pro2 is a long ways off my friend. Fuji seems to be waiting for their next technological breakthrough (likely their new organic sensor concept) to release and X-Pro2. That technology is no ready for the lime light yet. Unless Fuji really delayed filing for the technology patent, it seems like they’ve still got a fair bit of work to do. FR posted this on organic sensor technology back in August: https://www.fujirumors.com/first-organic-sensor-to-be-used-in-cameras-from-late-2014-early-2015/

  • Splunge

    fixed 35 equivalent. kept simple. 24 mb. deal!

  • Splunge

    Or why not do like the brilliant Konica Hexar – a fixed af and one interchangeable(still w auto focus lenses. just a thought. Would be awesome.

  • JD

    In my opinion the x100s is an incredibly well thought out concept – why change anything because some people still belive full frame would have an advantage in this breed of camera?
    A truely useful feature, however, would be a high degree of weather sealing for the X200. Finally a real “no excuses” and “take anywhere at any time” camera! And if Fuji could invent a leaf shutter operated x-mount lens at -lets say – 75 mm focal length for stobist work – the x200 and the xt1 would be anything of equipment I need in my life.

  • Fujimoto

    It probably will not happen, but I would prefer a 50mm lens on an X200.

  • goodspeed

    Here’s what I think X200 should have:

    -23mm f1.4 lens (f1.2 if it’s technologically possible & still remain small)
    -same megapixels as the x100s
    -much much improved auto focus
    -much much improve manual focusing
    -focus peaking in various colors
    -larger magnification EVF like the X-T1
    -weather sealed body/lens
    -same size overall as the x100s
    -move the optical/electronic viewfinder to the center like the X-T1
    -additional dials on top of the camera like the X-T1
    -much much improved buttons (find the x100s buttons flimsy)
    -UHS-II support
    -Wifi support
    -GPS built-in
    -REMOVE video capability & mic
    -contacts on the bottom like the X-T1 for optional vertical grip w/ battery compartment
    -REMOVE the LCD screen (view everything from EVF/Optical
    -much much improved low-light sensor w/ lower noise

    • chris

      Some of your suggestions like removing the lcd screen, removing video capability is a no no for me. It’s not going to happen

    • jypfoto

      No real screen and you’ll sell maybe 100 units, if that. If you want to ask people to change their settings and go diving into a menu while looking through a viewfinder good luck with having people buy it. And a 1.2 or 1.4 lens will be larger, taking away from the compact frame.

    • mono

      Totally agree : FAST AUTOFOCUS !!!!
      That is the reason I sold my X100, I had beautiful landscapes but horrible portraits, anything moving was a nightmare.

  • Lance

    fuji would be spreading themselves to thin trying to tap into the FF market when they just started getting the ball rolling with their X line up. FF does not equal better.I really hope they don’t start using their time and resources on a sensor size that is slowly losing its benefits. just my non- professional opinion.

    • matt jones

      agree they would be diluting their customer base more than they would be expanding it. I wouldn’t want to be a Sony APSC Nex user with a kit full of lenses right now.

  • Olaf

    I’d like to see image stabilization (either sensor-shift or lens-based) and weather sealing, then this would be really a irresistible camera!

  • Milo

    FF? NO! I am cancel my order for 56mm lens.

  • Who is going to by now lenses if fuji plan for FF?

    • Harvey

      I’ll repost my comment from earlier, “Keep in mind the X200 is in pre-production stages. Likely being released sometime in late 2014. The X-Pro 2 isn’t supposed to come until at least 2015. I.e. IF Fuji goes MILC full frame, it wouldn’t be for another 15-20 months realistically. Basing current purchases on what may or may not happen well over a year from now doesn’t make very much sense.”

  • Weekil

    We discussing around a full frame X Pro2…
    …while possibly at year end will be seen the pro ($$$$) 2.8 zooms now on roadmap
    If the future XP2 goes full frame, something is not right in the fujifilm headquarter

  • Frederic

    Why full frame? Fuji has stated repeatedly they will not go full frame and has an expanding lens line designed for the aps-c size sensor to prove it. Let Fuji continue to develop the X-series:
    higher pixel count (24MP will produce a 17″ print at native 360ppi on an Epson printer – no need to go further in my view),
    add 4:3 format, GPS if possible
    flash systems including ring lights,
    perspective control lenses,
    improvements to usability (e.g. instant wake up from sleep, hyperfocal distance capability either on the lens or as screen simulation, auto iso with exposure compensation in manual mode) etc etc.
    Make it a truly professional system. All of the above keeping to the philosophy of smaller/lighter is better. I have read the reviews of the latest offerings from Sony, heard the impractically loud shutter for myself – I’m sticking with Fuji as the best of the compromises out there from a company that appears to be thoughtful, listens to its users and very much suits my kind of photography.

    • JAM
      • goodspeed


      • Aleste

        Very inspiring! Thinking about it, the problem is me. I take such crappy pictures, I don’t think FF is going to save me!

    • JAM

      A higher pixel count isn’t required to produce large print from 17″ or billboards. You just need a picture with good IQ. Unless you are dealing with expensive and rare art reproduction, it doesn’t really matter to most viewers.

      • Frederic

        You’re right. I was referring to a print size that did not need to be resized and implicitly I was also referring to the art market.

        • JAM

          Oh ok,gotcha. Why wouldn’t UPDIG guidelines or the Smithsonian guidelines work? (300 dpi)

          • 300 dpi is fine. In fact, 240 dpi is fine especially on naturally textured art paper.

            The 360 number for 17″ print just relates to a commonly used output. At 17″, a 24mp images produces immaculate results even if the image hygiene isn’t perfect.

            But a 24mp image also produces fantastic results at 30×20 (my preferred print size for art prints) where 16mp is just okay, if you don’t get close.

            The style of image I prefer to produce is one that looks graphical from normal distances but allows you to explore intricate detail as you get physically closer and you really just have to have more resolution. there are ways to work around it, panorama stitching, or just shooting another camera obviously.

            It would be great to recover these capabilities from the Fuji system, though. And provably, there is no actual downside. The 24mp Sony APS-C sensor is the best performing in every way that matters, and the very latest version from Sony, shipping in the A6000 is in a camera with 11 fps with subject tracking and 92% coverage of PDAF pixels. So as you can see, it’s basically everything anyone would typically ever hope for from an APS-C sensor.

            Personally, I believe that starting with the X200, that is the sensor Fuji will use and it will roll out in the X-Pro2, eventually X-T2, etc., etc.

  • chris

    Question is, how much would a full frame x200 cost? It will probably jump up at least $500 more

  • Hmmm

    I don’t believe this rumor.

  • AMK

    I really don’t get the I obsession with FF. I was recently looking at my old 35mm slides and frankly, the pictures are not nearly as good as what I get from my humble half frame sensor. I would venture to say that the FF is now better than what MF was back in the day. So… In the days of film… Were there these many voices arguing that nikon/canon needed to launch medium format cameras because 35mm was only a stepping stone?

  • Ok.vova

    I am appologize that if x200 would be FF so lense would be maximum 35 2.8 (to provide compact size) such lenses used by olympus mu2

  • I wouldn’t mind a FF X100, at 24 mp this camera would be very versatile

    – You can make it a 28mm lens with an adapter
    – You have 35mm FOV which is the most versatile focal length (if you had to have one lens, this would be it
    – Having 24 mp means you can crop to get 50mm
    – Being a FIXED lens camera would mean this camera would still be compact.

    BUT just because I want a FF x100 does NOT mean I want FF for Fuji’s interchangeable cameras. FF is NOT needed for the X mount cameras. The advantage of Fuji is keeping things small and lightweight. FF X100 would still be small and lightweight, a FF X Pro would be contradictory to Fuji’s current camera designs.

    • AdelphosChaz

      Just a friendly opinion that your opinion that 35mm is the most versatile is an opinion ;) haha just messing around mostly, but I personally find 50mm to be far more versatile for me and know many who would agree with 35 and many who would agree with 50, simply based on personal preference. I like <20mm and 50+ and don't do well with a 35 at all. Especially in the MidWest where the sidewalks aren't crowded. Makes sense in the city, being shoulder to shoulder, but around here you don't even walk on the same side of the sidewalk, even if everyone says a friendly hello :) ha

      • True.. But that’s why I said 35mm with 24mp means you can crop to 50mm, plus you have the advantage of going 28mm with an adapter. It’s more limited to start off at 50mm, as single fixed lens.

        • AdelphosChaz

          Unless you shoot a lot of portraits ha

          • Yes, but why get a RF style camera for portraits… That’s where SLR and longer lenses work better. And X100 is supposed to be for street. Just saying.

          • AdelphosChaz

            “Why get a RF style camera for portraits” “X100 is supposed to be for street.”

            Yes, and a lot of people who shoot street are interested solely in people. And a lot of people prefer 50mm ha this isn’t a fact thing. It’s opinion. Tell me there aren’t a million people who shoot 50mm only for street since its inception . . . That would be like denying that 35mm has been the bread and butter of many street/journo folks. You can’t sit there and say 35mm is a better focal length than 50. haha that is absurd because it’s not quantifiable. I love 50 all day long and hate 35 completely. Others are the opposite.

            “That’s where SLR and longer lenses work better.”

            Wut? haha 50 is great for “street portraits” and general street stuff. I didn’t say the X200 should be a 50mm for studio portrait work only . . .

            opinion, man. It is my desire to have a 50mm X200. It is not as likely as the 35mm equiv it has been. That’s fine. People state their desires and opinions. It is foolish to say one focal length is “better” than another. You can’t quantify that when debating 35 vs 50. Both have a ridiculous following/user base. It’s an opinion haha :)

    • I just want to interject here and point out that the X-T1 and the Sony A7 are almost exactly the same size. So I think you’re entirely off base about the FF imposing size issues.

      The bigger issue is cost, frankly. Even ignoring the fact that it will require a new mount since they made the X mount slightly too narrow versus E mount. The cost increase will not be tenable for Fuji at a time where they sell a statistically irrelevant number of cameras compared to the competition.

      In some cases lenses are a little bigger but, actually, in reality, most are about the same size as their equivalents as they don’t need to be as large aperture to achieve the same capabilities (or slightly better capabilities) on full frame. Telephoto lenses are basically the case where you can’t avoid a size increase without making the lens ridiculously expensive.

      So at the end of the day, the only strong arguments against full frame for Fuji are A) entirely new mount and lens lineup and B) cost of parts.

      Either one is enough on its own to entirely unseat any realistic chance of a full frame X camera.

      And frankly, the true measurable advantages of full frame are so minimal compared to what Fuji has done with APS-C that it would be very difficult to justify to anyone except those purely obsessed with full frame sensors themselves.

      Personally, I’d love to have an A7 based kit. In fact, I had an A7 for a few weeks in December before returning it and going with an X-E2. The fact is, the costs are not worth the payoff and the lenses being produced for that system are mostly unexciting (except the 55/1.8, that lens is AMAZING). The thing fuji has really accomplished with the X series is producing the first truly middle ground APS-C camera system. It has a large amount of professional capability with lenses that are faster than typical for APS-C (which puts them much closer to similarly priced full frame lens capabilities) while remaining quite affordable. Only Samsung comes close and only with a few lenses. Their cameras remain a distant cry of the performance of Fuji in imaging terms.

      Given how great the balance is on APS-C, it would be strange for Fuji to shift away from their strengths at this point. It would be financial suicide.

  • No way the X200 is full frame. I would make a sizable bet to any trustworthy person I personally knew who wished to make such a foolish bet. The vastly more likely situation is that it will be *EXACTLY THE SAME SENSOR AS THE NEWLY ANNOUNCED SONY A6000* which just happens to be a 24mp sensor with *92%* PDAF frame coverage. This new source is likely telling the truth on that aspect but without nearly enough emphasis on just how much wider the coverage will be.

    Since Fuji already uses Sony sensors with their own filters, it stands to reason they will adopt this newer one as well. Given the way things go with Sony and their sensors, I would expect to see the X200 announced in August or around there.

    Feel free to bookmark this comment as “claim chowder” for future consumption.

    • AdelphosChaz

      Agreed that the probability of FF is pretty low. I wouldn’t rule it out 100%, but maybe 98 :D I’ll gladly eat those words if I’m wrong but I obviously doubt I’ll have to.

      Although, if they were ever going to jump, it would make sense to test it with a X100/200/whatever succession simply because that’s where they started all this and that wouldn’t call for any new lenses just yet.

      Still don’t find it to be probable.

    • Xtrans uses 50% more photo sites than bayer for the same resolution. So for xtrans to be 24mp it would need the same sensor as a 36mp bayer. My guess is the X now uses the 24mp nex7 sensor to get its 16mp.

  • Kevin

    interesting. i think i only want to buy fuji now

  • Aleste

    With all these rumors, I am hesitant to jump off the fence! :) I am not rich nor do I make a living by taking photos so I must make my choice wisely. My dream cam is of course a FF X200 but when??!

    • AdelphosChaz

      Honestly, a perfect dream camera almost never lines up. Too many people with too many specific needs. So, grab the closest thing, embrace any limitations as creativity enforcers, and enjoy :) Sounds like you should grab the X200 and take some photos, FF or not.

  • Belicosos

    Going onto FF would be like starting all over again for Fuji like the introduction of the x100 and x-pro1. Its established itself with a market and I’m sure Fuji dont want to have to do what they did two years ago all over again. The market they have now is a growing market that understands their limits/needs in photography so Fuji isnt interested in giving gimmicks or chasing numbers. Canikon can do so because they’re so large. They can afford to be no.1 in every niche. All Fuji needs is to carve one of those out. Therefore I believe the next X-pro1 will be a continuation… and not mess what they have established… APS-C. They’ll do that perfectly.

  • donsantos

    My wish is 40mm f2 on full frame. It won’t happen though. I usually don’t get what I want.

  • Belicosos

    I’ve always like the idea of an interchangeable sensor. Imagine if you could choose between x-trans, x-trans II, x-transIII, bayer, ccd, organic, monochrome !!!

  • My vote for a 50mm lens or at least a 40mm, but please, no 35mm.

    • AdelphosChaz

      Agreed because I selfishly want a 50. Ha

      • I don’t agree, x100, x100s, x200 must be 35 1.4 FF and small

        • Or how about a medium format with f1.2 80mm that is pocketable…

          • Justin

            Been thinkin along
            the same lines Andy awesome

  • Someone write this for full frame bodies to see what the { photographers } want ?
    Maybe who knows.

  • If it comes out with a FF X200 mounted a 35 1.4 or 35 1.8 OIS, ISO from 100 to 56000, wifi, Split Screen and WR! (with good battery life..) .I’ll buy immediately

    xpro2 will be APS-C I’m sure
    but x200 is a different story

  • Andy

    X300 medium format, and stabilised. Now that would be a nice headline grabbing low volume flagship… and I think it would be a true classic in the making.

  • me

    This just in : Fuji’s X200 next sensor will be 24.3 MP with wider area hybrid AF that covers 92% of the imaging area.
    Upon release it will be the fastest auto-focusing camera in the market.
    and it will be announced in OCT (A6000 is released in April and Sony releases its sensors to others half a year after first release).
    Source: http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/live-coverage-sony-a6000-officially-announced/

    • Wrong sensor format…

      • me

        The original rumor about the sensor format was wrong,
        check me in one year

        • I just posted this elsewhere, sorry for the repost.

          Xtrans uses 50% more photo sites than bayer for the same resolution. So for xtrans to be 24mp it would need the same sensor as a 36mp bayer. My guess is the X now uses the 24mp nex7 sensor to get its 16mp.

          • me

            Thanks for the info, I did not know that.
            how did you come to it?
            Did you see it somewhere?

          • me

            I though you meant that it’s the wrong format – meaning not FF as originally posted.

          • That is just wrong.

          • I just did a quick search to find where I read that but can’t find it. it had something to do with demosaicing. For now I retract as I can’t verify :/

  • Gallery 90

    A tilting screen, adding to the bulk of the camera, is exactly what the X100 series is NOT about. And 24MP is a dog whistle to the Fuji X-system users who have adequacy issues. The combination of those two features sounds more like a fanboy wet dream that a “sourced” rumor.

  • Al Downie

    Regarding sensor resolution… I’ve never seen an Ansel Adams print larger than 3ft x 2ft, but thank goodness he made the effort to shoot on 10″x8″ film rather than 35mm. Regardless of all the mathematical pontification here and references to prints the size of buildings, I can’t imagine a 16MP APSC image would stand up to comparison. D800e images just might.

    • Philipp

      You are aware, a 16MP APS-C sensor got about the same pixel density as a 36MP FF one? (Actually APS-C got a little bit higher pixel density, since if I remeber right, the exact equivalent would be 15.3MP)… 24MP APS-C would be the equivalent to insane 54MP FF.

  • Sorry for asking a silly question, but everyone has noticed the huge rebates on most of the X lenses (designed for APS-c sensor). Doesn’t it mean there is a major new coming soon: for example, an FF camera/not fixed lens, or a new type of sensor, therefore second and brand new line of lenses, does it? I mean, sellers are sellers, not philanthropics: if they want to sell quicly the existing X lenses…or is it only because the next 16/50 f2,8 could replace all of the fixed lenses in this range? I mean, I’m really interested in switchinf from Nikon to Fujie, but I would like to be sure of the next future (the next few months).

    • I don’t think that is the reason. I think the driving force is Fuji and Sony fighting for market share.

    • Randolph_Knackstedt

      I used to be a cheerleader for a full frame fuji mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. But then I thought about how great the Fuji image quality already is. It already can compete with full frame in terms of detail and high iso performance.

      Unless Fuji can really elevate that with a full frame release, I don’t really see a reason for them to release another, more expensive system at a time when their APS-C X system is constantly evolving and gaining more users.

      I kinda like the idea of the X200 being full frame though. But, I think they could continue with the APS-C X100 series and take it to another level w/o having to go the more expensive full frame route.

    • Philipp

      I guess there is indeed something new coming. But I doubt it will be FF. I guess it will be much more ground breaking…an organic APS-C sensor. Why go FF if an organic APS-C sensor could blow any currently known FF sensor out of the water in regard to dynamic range and high ISO capabilities (by a tremendous margin)? The only advantage of a silicon FF sensor would be a bit shallower DOF…

  • GoetzSB

    As an architecture photographer I would greatly welcome the 24 MP. Too me this is more important than the whole FF vs APS-C discussion. The low pixel count is what is keeping me from switching totally to the much more handy (and just fun to use) X series.

    When you photograph architecture, which you traditionally do with a Hasselblad or now a Leica S, every pixel counts. A sharp line just has to be a sharp line even in a 3m x 2m blowup. Some day we will have 250MP sensors and the architecture guys will be the first to applaud it.

    Sure FF has the advantage that I can use my shift lenses at their original focal length. But if I have enough pixel I might just use a super-wideangle and then crop the image, without all the distortion and vignetting of the shift lenses.

    And yes, for architectural photography a tilting screen would actually be helpful.

    • Andrew

      If Fuji wants market share they only have to release bayer versions of their cams as a parallel line. I’m sure sales would triple and maybe the bayer buyers would migrate to x trans further down the road.

      • Andrew

        Sorry, That reply was for Dirk

  • JanIIISobieski

    Soooo x200 will be x100 with tilting screen better new lens and sony a6000 sensor with fuji x-trans color filter array? It make sens 24MP and wider pdaf detection area

  • mart77

    Really cant help think that this will be another incremental improvement with the bulk of the upgrades, such as 24mp being kind of irrelevant. The autofocus will probably be marginally better but advertised as “amazing”. I expect it will again be a nice little camera.

    I really think at some point nikon or canon will come along and just wee all over it with something affordable full frame and with blazing, real autofocus. I expect Nikon to make that.

    I hope its an improvement, I am losing faith in Fujis real world ability to improve their technology. They are releasing new bodies that are really interim upgrades but being plugged as new models. I dont think they have the technical ability of the bigger manufacturers. I wish they could do it, but I feel that the bigger makes will do something several generations ahead of what Fuji can manage. Lets see.

    • Harvey

      Yeesh. I predict that your post is going to be eaten alive. Your version of reality seems to be a lot different than what I (and many other people) see.

      I’m surprised that you’re expecting Canon or Nikon to release a cheap full frame with amazing autofocus when… Nikon’s Coolpix A still runs $1100 and they just released the DF – which has subpar autofocus for a nicer DSLR and is far from cheap. If that’s the direction Nikon is going then I’d say there’s not much evidence to your predictions. Canon’s cheap full frame is the 6D. Its autofucus is even worse than the DF’s unless you shoot using the center-point only. The Canon EOS M II isn’t even being released in North America. I seriously doubt that they are going to put more effort into an area where they continue to fail to gain a foothold in the market.

      All manufactures roll out interim upgrades to their cameras. The Canon t3i, t4i, and t5i are all basically the same camera. Sony’s new a6000 is an incremental upgrade to the NEX lineup, Nikon’s upcoming D4s, etc. Fuji does exactly what all other camera manufactures do.

      Fuji launched the X series with the X100 & the hybrid OVF/EVF not even 3 years ago. Since then they’ve developed a new sensor, digital split image focus aid, an entire lens system, and recently launched the X-T1 with the best EVF ever created (and also features newly improved focus tracking). I’ve got zero complaints with the speed Fuji is improving their technology. I’d say they are doing a damn fine job.

      • Harvey

        *edit I should have written “world’s highest EVF magnification and shortest display lag-time” above instead of simply “best EVF.”

    • Philipp

      Guess the term “organic sensor” doesn’t ring any bells then?…I want to see Nikon develop something groundbreaking like that on their own. Canon might be able to do it though…but there is no clue they are working on such technology. Well, it will be interesting to see whether Fuji/Panasonic or Sony will be the first to come out with such a sensor. I guess it will be Fuji. They seem to have quite some headstart…

  • XE11

    i dont remember reading anywhere that states any of the current fuji lens is aps-c only!? especially the later offerings are quite big, (like the 10-24mm)

  • Regarding this intense discussion – if fuji is not building the x200 yet, they will start now.

  • SLRist

    No way will it be full frame. It would make it too big. My guess is the same viewfinder and sensor as the X-T1. Weatherproofing and faster AF. That’s it. No flappy screen.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    why does a full frame sensor have to be “too big” ?..you people are daft…stop it

  • robertoalagna

    The sole thing that i want to see bigger on this camera is a huge optical viewfinder with a 1.0 magnification…

  • Stu_cj

    Not that an x200 would be any real interest to me (already having an x100s and an x-pro1) but please Fuji, don’t give into the horrible flappy-screen thing . -Full frame? nope, I have that on my 5d3 too and trust me, the difference between the output of my Fuji’s and my Canon is in most cases unnoticeable (and regularly the Fuji’s look better). The only reason I keep the Canons are useability things like speed, battery life, focus abilty etc (and having a bag full of lenses). If Fuji stick to the formula that has brought the x100/100s so many fans but improve on a few more details then flippy-flappy screens and larger sensors are not required.

    • S

      Newsflash: Fujifilm’s product strategy doesn’t exist to serve your personal needs.No one gives a fuck if their what they release doesn’t bode well with whatever you already own.

    • EricdH

      Oh yes a tiltable screen and some weather sealing would be fantastic.

    • papy

      We are trusting you … But 1.4 on full frame vs aps-c is quite a noticeable difference in terms of bokeh and also quality at extreme iso!

  • can’t wait! Hope will be released this month

    • Dude

      Highly, highly highly highly doubt that it will.

  • Super-S

    Better FUJI leaves it @ 16Mpx in combination with a FF-Sensor… that would be better for lowlight. I dont think they will put in a tilt-screen… no no.

    I dont believe most of this rumors this time…

  • John Fiebke

    They lost me at tilt screen.

  • steve

    I would love a flip out screen. The only thing that stoped me buying the X100 and X100s was the lack of one. I love shooting with a waist level screen. It suits my style.

  • I have zero interest in flappy screen, but some way of covering it when not in use would be swell.

    Also, a physical ISO knob please.

  • bigbrightvf

    All I want is 16-18mp Full Frame sensor & 35mm f2(or faster) lens.

    A 24mp aps-c sensor does nothing for me. Tilt screen does even less.
    In all the Fuji forums I frequent, I’ve never once heard anyone say they wished the x100s had more megapixels, or a tilt screen.
    That’s just not what this camera is about imo.
    Fact: A larger sensor & better/faster lens is the path to photography nirvana.

    • eric

      I totally agree with for the Mpx and FF.
      But the tilt screen ? Never heard anyone wish one ? Really ? Then count me in ! I’ve never cared for one before I owned the X-M1 and realised is it useful in a lot of situations (near the ground, street photo …) and if you don’t want to use it, keep it in place and I won’t break, go in your pictures way and IQ is not affected by a tilt screen.

    • Papy

      What Id like is a 40mm f2 full frame equivalent. ie a 27mm f1.4 apsc would be an absolute dream. And keep it flat! ;)

    • Right, people in marketing teams should get more involved in the products tjey’re selling instead of looking at other brands an runnig after them.
      Why don’t they just try to become good photographers…..
      All we need in an X 200 is a larger sensor with huge pixels to capture even more light; and a real AF action.

  • 24 MP znd a tilt screen in a X200 !!!!! Good I’ll save a lot of monney; not for me guys.

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