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Huge Deal on Think Tank Camera Backpack :: Third Party Battery Fraud? :: Cheap X-T2 L Brackets :: 5 Pieces in my Photo Bag (Accessories Roundup)


Think Tank Bag Deal

Big Deal on the Think Tank Trifecta 8 Backpack at Adorama. You now pay the bag $50 only instead of $140 here at Adorama. Limited time offer.



Andrey wrote me this via email:

Recently I opened DSTE 3rd party battery to find out it’s low capacity. Measured capacity was about 650-670 mah. Result – poor cells and a lot of space inside is not used at all and filled with spacers…! Fraud NP-W126 battery from DSTE and a lots of chinese brands.”

He measured the capacity by using a charger with counter. See this youtube video and below an image of the “naked” battery.

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