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These Guys Switched from CaNikon to Fujifilm: “Why Don’t More People Go to Fujifilm?” + “I Feel More Creative with Fujifilm”


Weekend Fujifilm Switch Tales

Yes, I know, a Nikon Manager said that “Professional Photographers don’t use Fujifilm”. And yet, for some reason, I keep up reading stories and seeing youtube videos about photographers switching to Fujifilm.

And speaking of switching… something against a few nice switch weekend stories? Nope? Then here are a few of them :)

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From Canon to Fujifilm

As we reported in this roundup already, Mark Duffy borrowed a Fujifilm X-T2 from a friend and compared it to his Full Frame Canon 6D… and we already saw him quite surprised about the quality of the Fujifilm X-T2.

So his struggle began… should he do it? Should he really switch to Fujifilm?

Well, we got the answer in his recent video here, and yes, he sold all his Canon gear and is now shooting Fujifilm.

But before I highlight a few points he made, a special note goes to Mark’s unboxing video, which is by very far the best I have ever seen. Watch (and enjoy) it here at minute 0:39.

Some things he really likes about Fujifilm:

  • focus peaking for his landscape photography
  • the controls and functionality of camera/lenses
  • overal user experience
  • great menu and user interface
  • Canon looks like a dinosaur compared to the Fujifilm with highlight blinkies, focus peaking and Kaizen firmware update
  • the kit lens (XF18-55) is fantastic
  • Fujifilm cameras are underrated. Why don’t more people talk about? There is too much talk about Sony.

From Nikon to Fujifilm

Another guy, who is super happy to have switched from DSLR (Nikon) to Fujifilm is Gemini Connect.

He highlights also one aspect, which are the Fujifilm controls and the overall compactness, which makes him feel much more free than with his Nikon, and helps to boost his creativity.

At the end, my friends, somewhere inside we always remain kids. And it’s a well known fact that “fun” and “play” is the best way to trigger kids’ (and our) creativity.

And luckily, Fujifilm cameras are a whole lot of fun :)

  • his first Fujifilm was an X100S, and his Nikon DSLR’s started getting dust
  • compact size, doesn’t kill your shoulder, you feel free, especially with X100 series
  • brilliant JPEG’s thanks to Fujifilm film simulations… they basically photoshop images for you. Difficult to match the quality of film simulations by your own
  • shoots in low light very well
  • Given Fuji’s quality, I don’t see a reason for full frame
  • controls
  • I feel more free and creative with Fujifilm cameras
  • he will purchase the Fujifilm X-H1

You can check out his video here.