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Good Bye, X-T1: I Sold my Fujifilm X-T1 Today – About Love for Dials and the Story Behind my Favorite X-T1 Image


Yes, I know you are here for rumors, news and all kind of information around the Fujifilm X world.

I get it.

And I promise, everything will go back to normal very soon here on FujiRumors, with breaking rumors and awesome news.

But allow me, just for one single article, to be a little bit more emotional and personal, and say farewell to my Fujifilm X-T1, which I sold today, and I feel kind of strange about it. Because I really loved that camera, which captured so many important moments of my life and followed me on travels all over the world.

Today, I’d like to honor the memory of my X-T1, and I thought the best way to do it, is to quickly share the story behind my favorite X-T1 image.

I was at Bokor in Cambodia with a very good friend (you know I made the fair trade Fuji X-shirts there, which raised 5K+ in charity).

We rented a motorbike and explored the area, when we stumbled on an abandoned Casino. It was a cloudy day, and the fog penetrated through the building, giving it a magic atmosphere.

I remember… my friend had my X-T1 and was taking some images, when suddenly I heard a kid running up the old dusty stairs.

I watched the scene, and I saw the kid hiding behind a wall.

Then I heard other Cambodian kids chatting and laughing, walking up the stairs too, and I finally got it: they are playing “hide and seek“.

I saw my friend totally focused on getting some nice shots with my X-T1 of this abandoned building, and I literally told her “Hey, give me the camera, I am going to take the best image or our trip“.

She handled me the camera without any hesitation.

I took the X-T1, placed myself in the right spot, put a rapid look at the ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture dials, adjusted the settings to my needs with a simple and fast turn of the dial, and before I even put my eye to viewfinder, I knew I had all the settings where I wanted them to be.

Oh gosh… those Fuji dials are pure love!

Anyway, I moved my eye to the viewfinder, framed the image… and waited.

I knew, something was going to happen. I didn’t know exactly what, but the shot was calling me.

And indeed, it didn’t take long, that the kid leaned out to check where his little friends are…. and there I pressed the shutter.

1 shot. I got it (image above).

So… that’s the story behind the shot. It was a mix of luck (a lot of luck) and intuition. And it’s the one X-T1 image, that I love most and I have printed big on my living room.

And that was it already.

Where is my X-T1 now?

Well, the person who picked it up today was a former X-Pro1 shooter, who later on switched to a Canon DSLR. But he told me he always missed Fuji, and now looked for an inexpensive way to buy back into the system. And he is getting back with my X-T1 :).

I know it will serve him very well, and if I should place a bet, in my area there will be soon yet another Canon DSLR for sale ;).

I don’t know if Georgi, that’s his name, even reads this blog. I didn’t tell him I run FujiRumors. And probably he does not even know FujiRumors exists. But you picked a great camera, Georgi, and I wish you all the best with it.

That was it, folks.

Now back… full power and non stop… to Fujifilm News and RUMORS ;)