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FujiRumors Turns 11 Years Old Today – What Changed, What Not – And I Have a Few Important THANKS to Say to…


11 years ago I switched on the engine and started driving a road that I had no idea where it would bring me.

The fuel was my new found love for photography thanks to Fujifilm. The desire was to share this love with as many people as possible.

So I drove twisted and often tough roads to find fellow minded photographers. And luckily I found you on my journey, who made this travel more beautiful than I could have ever hoped for.

11 years are a long time, but quite frankly many things feel like exactly on day 1.

  • I still run this blog during breaks from my teacher day job (unless I am on paternity-leave)
  • I still live in the same little rented apartment in a 1,000 soul village in the Italian Alps
  • I am still as thrilled about the future of Fujifilm just as I was when I started this blog
  • I still feel I don’t have enough lenses ;)

Some things changed, though:

  • I married and became father
  • my old Mazda2 had to be replaced by an exciting Toyota Corolla Touring Sports
  • some typos you see are no longer caused by my bad English, but by my son randomly pressing the keyboard while I try to write articles ;)

And since I am just the engine running the blog, but you are the true soul giving it life, I want to say a few thanks to…

  • to Trusted, New and Anonymous sources who helped me to stir fire and excitement in the Fujifilm community by sharing accurate rumors. THANK YOU!!!
  • to supporters: may it be those of you, who use our affiliate links to buy your gear or those who share interesting Fujifilm tidbits with us
  • to readers for trusting FujiRumors and read us regularly to get your news and rumors
  • to those, who drop comments in our articles and keep this blog interesting with your opinions
  • to those who shared constructive critics, as they push me to improve and help me to see what I am doing wrong

11 years. Thanks for being part of it.

Love you all,

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