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Fujinon XF200mm F2: Filter Size 105mm (no Drop-In Filter), Beige Color & Recap

Fujinon 200mm F2 Vs. CaNikon equivalent lenses

Fujinon XF200mm F2

Let’s go straight to the point:

According to our sources (thanks), what we have shared so far about the XF200mm F2 is all correct:

  • Unlike publicy shown by Fujifilm, the XF200 won’t be black, but tending towards “white” (more of a beige color). This is made to improve image quality, as we reported here
  • The Fujinon XF200mm F2 will require new teleconverters, because the current ones are only designed to work down to f2.8,. The first new teleconverter we will get is the 1.4x TC, as we reported here.

And now the new stuff:

  • Fujinon XF 200mm F2 filter size 105mm
  • Only screw-on front filter (no drop-in filter on the rear side of the lens)

In the comments on FujiRumors, many of you guys were sure that the final production version of the Fujinon XF 200mm F2 would offer a drop-in filter system, just as all his equivalent full frame telephoto lenses do, such as the Canon 300mm F2.8, the Nikon 300mm F2.8 and the Sigma 300mm F2.8. And it would make sense, since drop-in filters are cheaper than the big 105mm screw-on type filters.

But at least according to our source, this ain’t going to happen on the XF200mmF2. So you better start saving some money for the more expensive 105mm filters.

Other Fujinon XF 200mm F2 tidbits:

And make sure to….

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