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Fujinon GF80mmF1.7: Fuji Guys, Focus Issues with GFX50S and More Reviews


The Fuji guys published another of their “spill the beans” episodes, this time covering the brand new Fujinon GF80mmF1.7.

Down below the video and a written summary of it.

  • the GF110mmF2 was his favorite portrait lens since it came out
  • GF80mmF1.7 is the fastest AF medium format lens
  • it’s fast aperture opens up possibilities in low light and also gives creamy bokeh
  • 63mm FF equivalent
  • autofocus is fast and accurate thanks to a powerful DC motor and high precision GMR sensor
  • it’s much smaller than the GF110mmF2
  • blown away by image quality
  • great eye tracking coupled with GFX100S
  • amazing amount of detail
  • GF80mmF1.7 easily resolves the 102MP
  • his new favorite lens for potraits

I will also share more reviews about this lens below, but arguably the best place to discover more about this lens is our giant Fujiilm GFX facebook group, where tons of new GF80mmF1.7 users share images and feedback about it.

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